Around the World Blog Hop

Just a short jump from Idaho to Washington in the blog hop that's wandering about the world. I don't know who started it, or when, but I've enjoyed reading the posts! I was nominated by Wonder Woman, Jennie from Porch Swing Quilts, who is pretty much my quilty soulmate.

1. What am I working on?

Oh boy. Well... I'm trying to get a lot better at working on a project from start to finish, without having too many in progress at one time.

 photo IMG_1768_zps43c615e1.jpg

That being said, I'm working on finishing my Fat Quarter Stars for a tutorial for the Finish Along. And a couple of blocks for my Instagram mini-swap. And my Daisy Chain. And pattern testing for Jennie. And I just got the fabric to border my Spin Cycle.

 photo IMG_1772_zpscd7a403e.jpg

And a ton of prepwork for a longarm day.

Okay, so I'm doing a little bit too much right now.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Simple. I don't have a genre.

 photo IMG_04091_zps8b8a6180.jpg

Seriously, I love a whole lot of different stuff. I adore my Cat Tails, which is a novelty-esque twist on a classic block {the Snail Tail}, done in reproduction fabrics, with a bunch of negative space. I like my Swoon. I like my Flirt. I like my Skorca. I think Ripples and Reflections might be my greatest quilt ever.

 photo IMG_1769_zpsaf963cfb.jpg

{All on my couch right now. Covered with cat hair.}

So I don't think I fit in with the modern quilters or the traditional quilters. I just make what I like. {Or what my mother-in-law likes.}

 photo petonquilt_zps37569cd4.jpg

I will say that I'm the best damn t-shirt quilt maker out there. Approved by four out of five pets. {And the fifth pet is CC and she is just contrary.}

3. Why do I create what I do?

To keep busy. I started sewing at the very end of our last assignment in Spokane, where I went from having a job to having a baby. My husband deployed often and I needed to fill my time somehow. I put binding on a cheater panel for a friend, then made a couple baby quilts, grew. Quilting kept me busy through a long deployment, a short deployment, countless TDYs, the exceedingly long wait for our adoption completion...

Plus, it satisfies my need to be creative, literally covers my family and friends in love, and now that I'm selling t-shirt and custom quilts, brings in some egg money. Which I promptly spend on half marathon fees.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Once again, I'm all over the place. Sometimes it's the fabric - like Daisy Chain, I bought a few daisy prints, then looked through my Pinterest and decided on a pattern. Sometimes it's the pattern - I knew I wanted to do Avignon Picnic long before the right jelly roll came along.

Sometimes it's nothing and everything - I scoured my IG mini-swap partner's Pinterest and noticed a lot of hexagons, and suddenly it was obvious that it had to be a triangle log cabin hexagon. Just because.

Writing...well, it's 9:30 the night before this is due, and I haven't even started gathering the pictures yet. Some things haven't changed since college. ;)

And now I nominate Heidi from Red Letter Quilts, who is even more eclectic in her tastes than I am. I'd also like to honorably mention {without the pressure of an additional blog post} Lyn from What a Hoot, who is finishing her dissertation, and Kate from Life in Pieces, who is dealing with some family issues.

And if you stick around, I have some nice stuff to give away on Friday!