Barefoot Really Rocks - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  Another t-shirt quilt for a friend! This one gets me all sniffly - Leah volunteered at the Barefoot Republic Camp for several years and asked for this quilt to be used on her daughter's bed when she goes to camp in a few years. I cry!

And then I make! Since it needed to be twin size and there were only ten shirts, front and back, the shirts are cut a bit bigger than normal.

With an additional border to bump it up to the right size. It's actually a nursery print from Joann's - you never know where you'll find the right fabric!

The quilting is loops and stars - kind of like the border.

The backing is this straight up fantastic Patty Young from Joann's - it's busy and really brightens up the colors on the front.

Oh hey - a filled out label!


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