Bloomsday #2 - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

  This is the second of two still-unnamed Bloomsday quilts that I made for {and with} my friend. The shirts belonged to her sister-in-law, who died over the summer from brain cancer. She was my age, so...yeah. Not an easy set of quilts to work on.

My friend came over for a couple mornings and helped me press the fusible and cut them all out. It was nice to have someone in the sewing room to talk to! You know, other than CC.

The border and binding are the same grey as the backing of the first quilt. That one is for her father, and this one is for her husband. My friend's entire family always comes out for Bloomsday, and she'll be giving them both quilts then.

This shirt was a leftover piece from the other quilt, and depicts our famous Bloomsday runner statues from Riverfront Park.

We're big fans of the Bloomsday runners, as you can see.

I have a feeling that these won't have names until her entire family weighs in on it. Which is fine - I'll just bring the fabric pen to her Bloomsday breakfast.

The backing is utterly sumptuous grey minky, 90" extra wide from Shannon fabrics. The Dude had left his Minecraft quilt downstairs and my friend discovered that really, there's no better backing.

Quilting is loops and stars. Simple, but looks pretty amazing on the back.