BOMs Away! - Eternal Bloom

  So, this post contains a long story and one bear with me. It's worth it!

Lynette at What A Hoot! has been hosting a BOMs Away! linky every Monday for, well, years, probably. And I've been participating for years, because I really enjoy Blocks of the Month, whether it's a steady block every month {like Rainbow Churn Dash} or a complicated quilt broken down into monthly steps {like Ripples and Reflections.}


Okay, I lied about one picture. Because I like showing Ripples and Reflections off. Anyway, I finished this back in June 2015, and then I took 2016 off from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so eventually I found myself missing the monthly block experience.

Then when one of my local quilt shops had their closing sale, I saw a basket of these block pieces and managed to count out all but one of blocks. I picked up an extra packet, figuring I could find the instructions on the internet somewhere...

...only to realize it was by Pam Bono. Which is cool - I pieced her cat into my bookshelf quilt, and I like her instructions. Only, she died under tragic circumstances a few years ago, and a lot of her stuff has simply...disappeared. So, yeah, if anyone happens to have a copy of Patriotism's Eternal Bloom somewhere....!

Anyway... So I made a block, pulled at random, which happens to be block two.


And wow, is it ever gorgeous. I mean, I'm a sucker for a black background, but I really had no idea it was going to be THIS GOOD. The colors just pop off the background, and the piecing was easy even with teeny tiny pieces. I am so excited about this quilt now!

But wait - I can't link it to BOMs Away, because Lyn has been dealing with extreme {awesome} sewing for her daughter's wedding, and she hasn't had time for BOM work or blog work since August. So, I tentatively reached out to see when she would be back...

...long story short, now I'm co-hosting BOMs Away with her. So, yay! She's probably not going to be back until February, and I only have one other BOM project {RSC'17!}, so this will be every other week in January.

So feel free to link up any BOMs projects - weekly, biweekly, monthly, whatever!