BOMs Away! - Celtic Solstice June

Well, my weekend was kind of a bust...

Literally, the Dude busted his wrist while wiping out on his bike. After a couple hours in Urgent Care, it was determined to be "badly bruised" but not broken. So, a splint, some mom cuddles, ice cream, and couch time watching The Imitation Game. And not so much sewing for me.

I did find a few minutes to play with the border layout for Celtic Solstice - I realized last month that I couldn't continue the coral diamonds all the way across and also "finish" the Tri-Rec part of Block B.

So I tried some plain blocks in the blank spot. It works. The corner would be fine as a plain block too.

It's boring.

Then I tried finishing the Tri-Rec in Block A, too. This is a definite no. It lessens the effect of Block B, it gets weird with Block A at the corner, and it just looks wrong.

Then I tried square-in-a-square blocks. {They're just scraps, not even sewn together. Just thrown up there to see the effect.} And dang it all if I don't like this one the best. And I can do one in the corner and it will flow nicely from side to top to side to bottom. And it's not like this quilt doesn't already have eleventy billion pieces. What's another billion in the border?

So, yeah, instead of any progress, I just added to my workload this month. How about everyone else? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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