BOMs Away! - Eternal Bloom #2

  Whew. Guys, if I had started with this block last month, I'm not sure I would have kept going with this BOM. There was a lot of seam ripping, and it pretty much took me all of Saturday and Sunday to get it together.


I need to start counting total pieces and record this in my quilting bullet journal, just to see if it beats Ripples and Reflections. The centers of these pansies - including those HSTs - measure 3/4" finished!

It still needs green bias strips added {as does block 1...and pretty much all blocks till the end when I figure out how to do that...} But boy am I glad to have this one done for a month. As I was cleaning up, I noticed that the first block was #2, and this block was #8. Perhaps I should put them in order...


{Pam Bono's Patriotism's Eternal Bloom}

How about you? Work on any BOMs recently? Stab fabric with a seam ripper?