BOMs Away - Greenery {Again}

  Since I had my green bin out earlier this month, I found myself cutting out a few extra strips and squares. And then a few more. And then I dove into my pinks, since Flamingo is the Kona color of the year, and I knew pink and green played together well after my Abstract Watermelon. Green and pink happen to be the scrap bins that I can't get the lid on, so...

...before I knew it, I had a top! Well, maybe. I made a top. It's 35" square, and I could easily toss borders on it now and declare it a perfectly fine baby quilt. doesn't feel done. And my pink and green scrap bins are still overflowing. And there's plenty of pieces in those bins that haven't made it into this quilt. {Each fabric is only used twice, as an inside square or an outer box.}

So, for the purposes of the Greenery Challenge, this is a top. Woohoo! For the purposes of me, it might grow a few blocks.

{Or I'll put it in a box, forget about it, find it in five years, and then come to the decision that I should have given up at baby quilt size. You know. Whichever.}

And that's what I did with my "extra" Block of the Month Monday in May.  How about you? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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