BOMs Away - Jack's Chain Multicolor

  This is a new one for me! Every year, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge does the "regular" colors. Usually I add in a couple stripes or dots that don't fit into one color category during the black or brown month, since black/brown just isn't rainbow to me. But this year, the multicolors get their own official month! Woohoo!

I zoomed through my Jack's Chain blocks - backing from Lori's Forty and Quilts for Pulse. And that one on the far left is one of the first fabrics I ever bought, but I never use because it's too multi-colored. I need to give it a rainbow quilt to live in!

Then, since I had the scrap boxes out, I made a couple blocks for my Main Street Rainbow. I pieced together all the blocks I could earlier this year, but came to a standstill when I ran out of both the grey and colored blocks. Apparently my original plan was much smaller... I need another twelve or so colored blocks to finish it, and I need to calculate yardage for my sister to pick up some more of the grey. Luckily she has a nearby shop that carries every shade of Dimples, because I don't even remotely remember what colors I was using. {Whhhhhhhhhy do I not write these things down?}