Bookshelf Quilt - Finished!

  Bear with me - this one has a bunch of photos! I'm just slightly pleased with how this worked out. A friend from our last assignment contacted me this fall about making a bookshelf quilt for her mother, and gave me a bunch of elements to include.

And so I did. This is for her mother, and is chock full of memories.

Like this cat, who can't keep its tail on the shelf. {Pattern is Pat Bono, which you can get by emailing Barbara like I did and asking nicely.} And yes, I "drew" a heart on the cat's butt on purpose.

Or that cat, with the giant fluffy tail. {Pattern by Sew Fresh Quilts, modified.} And pictures of my friend and her sister as kids, plus my friend's kids. And I really like that stack of books, courtesy of Fandom in Stitches.

{The kids, and the family picture in the next one, are courtesy of Annetta Blair Photography.}

I added a vase of roses, and a picture of the mom and her sisters. And the cardinals are a special addition just for my friend, representing loved ones who have passed.

My friend's sister, and the detail I put at the top of the bookshelf. It's subtle...very subtle...but I like it and I'm glad I didn't go for a plain straight "top shelf."

And this, I believe, is the wedding picture of my friend's grandmother. I debated quilting over the pictures, but ended up deciding quilting around them would look awkward on the back.

Because with a solid grey backing, every bit of the quilting shows up! I did loops and hearts and flowers in a rust-ish color thread.

The shelves and binding are Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2. The bookshelf "back" is a crackle from Joann's. Everything else is scraps.

And just in case the whole quilt wasn't enough to make me weepy {the two cats pictured are elderly, as is one of my friend's cats, so we've had far too many discussions about losing beloved pets recently}, the quote she chose for the label might have put me over the edge. It's from the dedication of "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" by CS Lewis. {And yes, I rewrote it after getting it wet. Oops.}

All in all, a very satisfying finish, in time for the holidays.


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