Cars Quilt - Finished!

And the first of the two quilts I made for the boys this Christmas. This is, actually, my oldest official UFO.


I bought the Cars panel way back in 2008 when the Dude was obsessed with the movie and I had just started quilting. I made a patchwork back for it at some point {and honestly, I'm very impressed with my seam matching from back then} and bought more and more fabric to be used with the panel, but it mostly sat around for years waiting for me to do something...anything...with it.

Along the way, shockingly {not}, the Dude lost interest in Cars. But then we got the Little Man, and I spent yet another year hearing Cars on repeat. {Seriously, I could quote the entire movie. I'm not joking when I say I've seen or heard it around 200 times by now.}


So I decided this was the year I was going to make that panel into a quilt. I did some Pinteresting and came up with this very basic design showcasing all the various prints. {Checkered flag, here I come!} I skipped the patchwork back and let the Little Man pick his minky, because obviously all my kids' quilt backs must be minky.


I started quilting it with a flame pantograph, then quickly realized I've forgotten how to use a panto and accidentally lined things up wrong. Oops. Sorry, kiddo. By that point, I had gotten the hang of making the flames and just switched to freehand.


The binding is another oldie - scrap from a t-shirt quilt from 2012. And I very, very, very barely had enough. Whew!


I feel a bit guilty because this quilt is so simple {compared to the Dude's Christmas quilt, another Minecraft one.} But c'mon - does this look like the face of a disappointed kid? Besides, he's already got his eye on my QST top - I've heard an awful lot about how much he "yike puh-pul dino." {The border fabric.}


I still have a lot of Cars fabric left {in fact, I made an One Hour Basket and still barely made a dent in the pile}, in addition to the old patchwork back, so there will be a couple Cars quilts to come. But for now, this one is done and I am pleased to cross this oldie off the list.