Cat Tails - Finished!

This one didn't linger too longer on the UFO pile. It was slowed down by the move, and a delay in getting more background fabric, but it got done just over a year after I started it. That's really not that bad, for me!

Cat Tails was born from this pattern, although I knew from the start that I didn't want any incomplete cats. That means, of course, I planned it out and knew how many fewer cats to make when I started the quilt.

Haha, yeah, right. I just merrily made cats until I was done with my fat quarters, and only when it was finally laid out did I realize that it was going to be HUGE.

But, you know, my family expanded this week with the finalization of my younger son's adoption, so we need a bigger couch blanket to snuggle all of us. See, I did have a plan!

I used Civil War reproduction fabrics because I love the rich tones with this pattern. I can't quite imagine it in the neon of the original pattern. Plus, I got to use some fat quarters that I got for free in shop hops, giveaways, or just didn't know what I was thinking when I bought them.

Weird blue ferny-thing looks okay as a cat.

If you care about matching directional prints, this is NOT the pattern for you. I normally care, but decided to throw caution to the wind on this one.

I used the same background fabric in several different projects, and to my horror, ran out with a half yard to go. And no one around here carried Dimples, which I thought was the most basic of basics! I ended up sending a scrap to the actual Dimples store, and they quickly matched it and sent it back to me. Excellent service!

I'm still not sure how I feel about the quilting. On the one hand, I watched a series of videos on swirls and I love the quilting in the background.

I knew I wanted to do more than an allover design with the cats, but I wasn't sure what. Because - ugh - the thought of changing colors so often, and all those threads to tie off...

After consulting with my long-arm rental place ladies, I decided on a spiky...thing in each cat. I don't love it, but I'm not changing it, so I'll learn to at least like it.

And it makes the back look weirdly impressive.

Wrapped it all up with a binding from the thrift store. It's more of a 50s reproduction, so the blues and reds are bit brighter than the cats, but I think it's a good frame.

Quilt Details
Fabric: various reproduction fabrics, Dimples beige
Backing: blue flannel
Binding: no selvage info
Size: 78x87"
Pattern: Kool Kats Kwilt {modified}