Catching Fire{flies} - Finished!

Yes, I'm starting to do finished posts on Wednesday, because Jennie is monopolizing my Fridays with pattern releases. If you come back, there will be a giveaway! But first, MY quilts. Especially THIS one.

This one is my deployment gift to the boys. Mostly because I couldn't justify buying the fabric for any other reason. I finished the top while my husband was deployed, quilted it while he was home, and I'm giving it to the kids just in time for...yay, another deployment! I love this sixty-days-on-sixty-days-off stuff.

I used a fat quarter set of just the boy fabric, obviously. Heaven forbid there's any PINK. The frames are from the amazing border print, the "pictures" fussy cut from two of the fat quarters. I wanted to offset this section, but I ended up not being able to justify the cost of half yards, and very few online shops sell quarter yards. Sigh. If you want to see it in action, check out Lyn's. {She asked permission to copy me.}

This is hands down my favorite section. The Dude learned to ride on a white horse - we both miss Walter! As you can see, I used a wishbone quilting design - simply across each row, and around the border. It's a motif from Angela Walters' book on freemotion quilting. Now, this is going to be all kinds of contradictory - I didn't think I'd like the book because I don't like "quilted to death." It looks very nice and I admire the technique, but I like my personal quilts done looser. Turns out, it's really super easy to, well, make the motifs bigger. Who knew?

Angela even includes how to do the corners with this design! And can we all pause for a moment and admire my mitered corners? I learned the technique just for this quilt. And it looks pretty damn amazing.

The backing is this adorable fox from Joann's. Mostly so I can walk around asking, "What does the fox say?" to annoy the Dude. Binding is more leftover strips of the border fabric.

I Red-Peppered the binding again - actually, this was the first one I tried, and didn't catch the stitches with a 3/8" binding. So I ripped it out and did a 1/4" one, with a zig zag stitch because I've been having issues with the backing rolling with this technique. It was the perfect mix - the 1/8" made a huge difference and the backing stayed where it should be.

Are they fighting over it already? Yes, yes they are.

Luckily we've settled into a daytime-Little Man / nightime-Dude arrangement.

And CC-never.

No, really. Keep off, Bad Kitten!


Fabric: Wee Wander by Sarah Jane