Jester Mama - A Finished Quilt

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In honor of the Fourth of July, I'm ending a 3-RWB-quilt streak with this lovely finish.


Our squadron commander is about to move, and the Key Spouses wanted to do something nice for his wife. Which meant I got a message asking, "Hey, so we thought maybe..." And so I put their thoughts into a quilt!

I'n not sure I managed to get the bottom of Oklahoma perfectly right - but my husband told me I was obsessing and everyone will know it's Oklahoma. I also think the panhandle is too short...but I'm thinking about redoing it for a pattern, so I have another chance to get it right.


The fabric is red, white, and blue, with a hint of gold - our squadron colors. And highly appropriate for an Air Force quilt! I used quarter yards and fat quarters of a few different fabrics (Americana fabric / low volume) and supplemented a bit with scraps. 


In case you ever wanted to where in Oklahoma we lived - pretty much at the bottom west, nearly in Texas.


The quilting is straight up my favorite part. I did upsie-downsie loops in the neutral blocks - kind of elongated wishbones. It meant I had to do a lot of starts and stops around the edges of Oklahoma, but totally worth it. Then I did organic orange peels in Oklahoma. (Organic is, of course, code for just vaguely aiming for the corners of the blocks.)


The backing was from my stash - I bought it at a sale a few years ago. Sometimes it's nice having something the exact right colors on hand! And the Stars and Stripes binding also came from stash.

And no, the quilt didn't have a name yet when I was taking pictures!



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Honor, Courage, Commitment - A Finished Quilt

Are you tired of red, white, and blue? Because I've got two retirement/change of command gifts to go!


This one is for a former commander's wife, to gift to another wife, in honor of her husband's retirement. (Did anyone follow that connection?)

Here's the fun part - my friend is actually Navy (the first time we were in Oklahoma it was a joint Air Force-Navy squadron), and is now stationed at the Naval school in Rhode Island, which my sister is about to move to with her Army husband. It's a small world...after all....


Anyway - the quilt, which I had a lot of trouble getting accurately colored photos of, is a disappearing nine patch. I used a fat eighth bundle and some quarter yard cuts to get it big enough. The original blocks were 9" to utilize almost every inch of the cuts - plus something that big goes together quite quickly!

Fat eighths - Red, White, and Free by Sandy Gervais

Other - Brambleberry Farm by Pat Sloan, American Honor by Western Denim & Dirt, America by P&B Textiles, Moda Nantucket


The quilting is loops and stars in variegated RWB thread. Just keeping with the theme. 


The backing and binding are Timeless Treasures Spin Dot - wide backing with no piecing and extra long binding strips, my favorite!


Pretty good name for a Navy retirement quilt! I voted for Anchors Aweigh, but...


Iditarod - A Finished Quilt

After almost exactly two years - which actually isn't a bad record for me - Dog Sled is a finished quilt!


This was a quilt kit, purchased in Alaska (duh), after my mother-in-law and I got slightly-less-than-sober at a cruise shore excursion. We were blowing glass at Jewell Gardens (our instructor now has his own shop in Skagway, if you're visiting) and wine was included with the after-snacks. And then they dropped us off downtown.


So clearly I recommend tipsy shopping with a fabric enabler.

The kit was easy to follow. The only problem I had was that there wasn't enough of the border fabric to do mitered corners. I tried making them out of HSTs, but it was not really that great. So no looking closely at the corners.

And yes, I know the black fabric is going in the wrong direction. They're ahead of everyone else and already turned around to go back. It was a deliberate design opposed to my usual oopsie design decisions!


The backing is this utterly fantastic Connecting Threads flannel that one of my Instagram friends named "the Patronus fabric." 


It's not the best match, color-wise. But it's the best match, Alaska-wise, so I'm quite happy with it. (Although it made picking a binding a little harder!)

And yes, I had to do some creative piecing to get the backing the right size. Directional backings are not my strong suit! 


The quilting is swirls to mimic snow, with some secret hearts in there. I haven't quilted those in a while - not since I bought my own machine - so that was fun!


I debated a few names - Dog Sled, First Place, Don't Shop Tipsy - but finally settled on a classic Alaska name. And I'm quite pleased with the finish - it'll be the one thing I make for me this quarter! 

I made some pillows and a table runner out of the scraps last year for both my mother and mother-in-law, since they both cruised with us. And now that I'm officially done, the rest of the scraps will be worked into my MIL's next commission, as well as in a strip quilt for the Dude.


Ballerina - A Mini Quilt Finish

Yet another sweet little finish - the second piece from my longarm lesson leftovers!


This was the second pantograph that I practiced, after the stars. I didn't even know they made pantographs like these - and I can't imagine actually using one. But I can see why we practiced it - it took a steady hand and lots of concentration to make sure we were going in the right direction.

I wasn't sure what to do with this one, since neither of my nieces dance any more. It's rather large to make into a slipper bag, and really a bit too wobbly to sell. 

Then my friend from a previous assignment mentioned that her husband is leaving for a year deployment...right before their daughters' dance recital. So I whipped some binding on it (Bonnie and Camille Scrumptious) and sent it on its way to cheer up a trio of little dancers.


And that's all I can salvage from the longarm practice piece, but I think I did well! On to bigger finishes next week - it's graduation and retirement season, so I have a slew of secret sewing to finally start sharing.

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An Apple A Day - A Mini Quilt Finish

And the second of my teacher gifts! Simple and sweet - I used the test block from my Apple A Day tutorial. Since I changed the size, it won't fit in my final quilt, so it makes the perfect teacher mini!

apple mini quilt

I quilted it up quickly with echo-cross-hatching, stitched on the binding, and voila! Teacher gift! I guess sometimes it pays off to have random apple blocks hanging out in the sewing room.


The back is a piece of blue Kona. The binding is the same as the sewing machine cover - I made the binding for a different project and changed my mind. So now it's getting used up wherever red works.

And both gifts were finished off with gift cards to the local coffee shop!


See also: Finish It Up FridayWhoop WhoopTGIFFNeedle & Thread ThursdayFinished or Not FridayShow Off SaturdayOne Monthly GoalFinish Along {list}