WiP/FMC - Spring Cleaning Fever

How come Spring Fever only manifests itself as entirely new projects? I really need to clean/organize the garage and the office...yet I'm Googling how to paint tile in the kid bathroom. I planted grass seed, but watching grass grow isn't as exciting as my neighbor's new sprinkler system.
But, as we'll be lucky to sell for what we paid, there will be no upgrades. Maybe I should glue fabric squares on the bathroom tiles for now.
This week, I cut the background for Hotel Kit #3 (KateBob) and the first border. That kit's done now, as the second border will be determined on the fly.
I also finished cutting the focal fabrics for Hotel Kit #4 (mason jar picnic quilt). I made two test blocks and can't decide which I prefer - 1.5" or 2.5" corners. Opinions?
Non-QA Quilts: 
 Airplane Dreams - done!
Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - none
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - new blocks to make

 LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - medallion rows done - time to sew the rows together!

Granny Squares {mine} - 12/16 done. I realized I'm going to run out of the blue solid with 2 blocks to go. Sigh. It'll give me time to get the corners on and start sashing everything before I can get to the city on Sunday.

Untouched This Week:
Awaiting Binding:
Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - in progress
New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 1
In Progress: 11

Airplane Dreams - Finished!

This is the first of two baby quilts I made for a friend who refuses to find out the gender of her baby. I don't do neutral.
The pattern is "Raspberry Dessert" by Jaybird Quilts, in the May/June 2011 Quiltmaker. Except I thought it was Raspberry Dreams, which really makes no sense. Who dreams about raspberries? ...but that's how the name Airplane Dreams came about.
The center squares are all airplane fabrics - mostly Robert Kaufman.
The blue dots are Moda, the dark blue stripe is something I've had stashed for ten years and replicates itself in my scrap bin, the colored squares - no idea, selvage was gone - and the light blue is a Joann's solid.
The binding is Pop Parade by P&B.
The back is minkee - love it for baby blankets.
The quilting...not as loved. The blue solid had so much possibility, yet I ended up picking out three different attempts. I wish I could free motion quilt, but alas, my OCD-ness has never let me doodle.
A glamour shot?
{Remind me to trade quilting lessons for staging lessons with Lori.}
Measures 48x48"

Sunday Stash Report - Week 16

Well, I really was trying to keep the net stashing under 50 yards. I blame my friends.
The LQS gives 15% off for your birthday for you and a friend. I generously offered to be Elissa's friend. I needed one more food fat quarter for my picnic quilt...and Poetica is just lovely...and what really hurts is over five yards of my usual neutral. Youch.
And then, my bad-influence-running-friend sent me four 1/2 yard cuts from Hawaii. {She also sent me the link to the 20th Anniversary WDW Marathon registration. NO. I don't care how awesome the medal is. I don't want to run for six hours.}
That brief trip to the quilt shop hooked her, though. She's taking sewing classes now just so she has a reason to buy fabric again.
I'm making her a pillow cover as a thank you, and asked her favorite color combo. She said purple and teal/turquoise. Oh, you mean, the Poetica I just bought? Hi, fate!
I did finish Airplane Dreams, so backing and binding, out!

And the Unnamed Baby Girl top.

Used this Week: 5.35
Used Year to Date: 41.81
Added this Week: 10.16
Added Year to Date: 96.08
Net Used for 2012: (54.27) yards

Uh, new goal...make it back below 50 before I hit 100?

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WiP/FMC - Focus

News Flash: when you work on one project at a time, instead of flitting between five of them, you can finish things a lot better. Go figure.
 Kit #4 is for a mason jar picnic quilt - I've been collecting the food fabric for a couple years now. I have the yellow for the jar lids, and the "wood" for the shelves to add this week.
Kit #5 will be Funky Wrenches. I need to figure out and buy the background yardage. It's definitely not going to be Kona White! {Which I have on hand and is too bright.}

Non-QA Quilts:

Airplane Dreams - 50% quilted! 

Unnamed Baby Girl Quilt - block #3 of three. Baby shower is Saturday, so there will be a reveal soon!
Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - none
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - new blocks to make

LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - Blocks done, center medallion started

Untouched This Week:
Awaiting Binding:
Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - in home interview was last weekend. I think it went well. Except for the Dude's interview. The kid who hasn't finished his sandwich in a week (but manages to eat his cookies, of course) told her that I don't pack a big enough lunch for him. Which would be humorous, except he's 45 pounds, so he could actually pass as a starving child.
New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 12

Sunday Stash Report - Week 15

I won a Sewline marking pencil at a LQS. So I had to pick it up...and...
The panel is Coffee Cat Cafe. It has a black cat on it. Of course I needed it. 
I actually have some plans for my coffee fabric stash - I love Kate's coffee cups, so I'm going to shamelessly steal them for a table runner. I just threw away my seriously gross floor mat, so I'm going to use some of the panels for that. Soon.
And the Pez... I will be kitting it for the summer to make these Funky Wrenches. It looks so great in brights, and I don't have very many brights. So... I needed them.
I also picked up four quarter yard cuts at my other LQS for my Saturday Sampler. And the backing for one of my baby quilts.
Which is in the quilting process, so I'm counting the top out. Catnapping is apparently part of the process.

I also made two OSU ribbon blankies this week, and three burp rags.

And, while I was cutting a kit from a giveaway win, I discovered they were fat eighths, not fat quarters. Which works perfectly fine for the quilt, but I'm not going to let twice the fabric linger in my report! ;)
Used this Week: 2.79
Used Year to Date: 36.46
Added this Week: 4.69
Added Year to Date: 85.92
Net Used for 2012: (49.46yards

Really, really close to 50...but not quite!

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