WiP - January

  January was pretty much a vast wasteland of upper respiratory infections here. I suffered through a two week cold, had a whole week of healthiness, then the young petri dish brought home a fresh version and we all went down again with the crud...one by one...

I spent the last weekend disinfecting every inch of the house and spraying disinfectant in the face of anyone who coughed. {Okay, not that dramatic...but I did tell both kids not to touch anyone at school.} So my sewing was limited to a few blocks and adding the binding to stuff that was already close to done.


Like Flying Four - it was quilted back in June, so finishing it was pretty easy.


And my FMQ Sampler - just needed binding for over a year. It's a good thing I keep these things around, huh?


The other major thing I managed to do was finish the Army Medallion and quilt it. Which taxed all my energy for two days, so I haven't tackled tying off all the loose threads...or even unpinning it from the longarm zippers. Which is my OMG goal for February, because this was a Christmas present.


Oh! I did manage to put this together during my brief healthy period. Everything was cut out, so it just took 90 minutes to lay it out and stitch it together. Now I just need to get a backing and add it to the quilting queue!


I also pulled out my sister's wedding signature quilt and started peeling the squares off the card stock. Shouldn't be too hard to finish this one off, either.


Oh! And I finished my OMG goal! Added the last border, and even made the binding before putting it on the to-be-quilted pile. It needs a backing, too. It'll be shopping time soon. When I feel like I can face the public without disinfectant wipes.


Other than that, it was a few blocks when I felt like sitting down at the machine. Purple nine patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge....


...the mini for a pink Instagram swap...

...and my first Eternal Bloom.

I'm really looking forward to feeling better now, and getting some more things done. Please, please, let this current round of health last!

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WiP - December

  Well, I got alllllllmost everything I wanted to do, done, in December. Except, you know, the one major quilt that was a Christmas gift. {In my defense, I'm still waiting on a uniform to finish it. Everything else is done!}

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I never got around to writing a blog post, but I made this cute little pillow cover from leftover HSTs that have been hanging around, trimmed and pressed, since 2012. It took me an hour. So...perhaps I should not let the rest of them linger. It was a gift for my Modern Quilt Guild's holiday exchange.

And I made some progress on some other projects, trying to at least advance a project by an entire step before putting it aside.


As mentioned, the uniform quilt is completely cut out, with even the final border pieced and ready to go, once I get the last uniform. CC approves.

I pulled out the Alaskan dog sled quilt, fixed the half dozen backwards blocks, and put it together. It still needs a border or two to finish it up, but it's close!


And speaking of a border or two, I added the last two flying geese sides to Boardwalk, groaned when I realized it had yet another border, sucked it up, got more Kona White, and added the fourth one took a nap. So, yeah, that's my OMG goal, rolling over from December.


Finally, I switched up my leader/ender project and pulled out my Rainbow Scrap Challenge from, um, 2013. But apparently the greys with pops of color are just what I need this season, and it's rapidly coming together. So that's nice. If I can keep it up.

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WiP - November

  And here we come to the home stretch, the last bit of time to finish Christmas presents and crank out a few more quilts for the year. I'm right on schedule to finish off everything on time, although I might not get all the blog posts in time...secret sewing and all!

But first, the finishes!

Lollygagger - a baseball t-shirt quilt!

Crosscut - a finished mini!


Thnks fr th Mmrs - my own t-shirt quilt!

And then the mostly finished....


Daisy Chain is getting its threads clipped.


Two t-shirt quilts are pieced, backing prepped, and ready to be long-armed this week.


Boardwalk - which has been finished-to-borders for three and a half years - is finally getting those borders. First two are on, all the flying geese are pieced, and two of the geese borders are on! I just need to piece the last two and the corner pieces.

And that's my OMG goal for December, because it would be nice not to stall out on this now! Then I can quilt it sometime this winter and have a lovely spring quilt in time for the season.


My triangle mini is almost done! I'm stitching the binding at the moment...which apparently takes forever.


And in less-than-almost finished...I'm making an Army uniform memory quilt for my brother-in-law for Christmas. Obviously, the center and first border are done, and I'm cutting the next border now. There will be one more RWB border after this one.

And no, that's not a real heart on the bottom left. Just a last name covered.


And in maybe-I'll-get-to-this...I demonstrated my awesome t-shirt quilt skillz at my local Modern Quilt Guild a couple weeks ago, and got almost all of my husband's cross country stuff cut out. So maybe if I wrap up everything else, I can whip this together before Christmas.

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Weekly Progress - Finishing Some Tops

I finished THREE tops last week - and one is already basted and in the process of being quilted. It's really amazing what you can get done when there's very little to clean in your house.

I'm also focusing on getting one project done to completion before starting another, so there's less out to clean up if we have a showing. Weird how that helps.

And so...

Raiders T-shirt Quilt - quilting to Arrested Development episodes

OSU/Packers/tennis quilt - top done. Took about 90 minutes...but I think it's a pretty good design given the randomness of the fabrics.

Boardwalk - top done...mostly. I really like the borders of the pattern, but I don't have the necessary fabric. So it's going to marinate in the "finished tops" pile until I decide what's next.

Design Wall - the second random top. This one is OU/Steelers/Angels, which luckily means a lot of dipping into my scrap bags.

RSC - finished off green {April}. 

And woo - June is yellow, which is already an organized bin with a couple blocks cut out! Which means I should probably catch up on May's blues...

School is out, but VBS is in session, so I should get a good bit more checked off the list this week. As long as there's not too many interruptions for showings...


End of Month Report - May

It's been a busy month, with a whole lot of successes. I'm quite pleased with May!

Family: The house is on the market! And the showings continue...

Cat: Wedge is doing pretty well, minus the fact that I'm now hand-feeding him. Plus, he's a whole new cat - my scaredy cat now sleeps with the Dude, ventures outside {with me}, and doesn't hide under beds when the doorbell rings. Do cats have bucket lists?

Adoption: Our I-600 was approved! Again! {The first time it's for "any orphan" - now it's specifically for William.} Still waiting to hear timeline news. And I have an agency in Washington already waiting to update our home study - luckily they think we'll only have to redo the actual home portion of it, not the whole thing.

Running: I did the Red Dirt Half last weekend. It was not a good race physically or mentally... Now I'm done for the "season" and getting ready to start the summer of speedwork.


Three finishes! And one almost finish...

Raiders T-Shirt Quilt - basting while watching the new episodes of the best show that was ever cancelled by Fox. {There's actually a lot of competition for that one. Says the Futurama/Greg the Bunny/Firefly/Undeclared/Andy Richter Controls the Universe/Kitchen Confidential/Titus fan.}

And one done as far as I can, as the recipient is still deciding on border fabric.

And that takes care of #1-3 on last month's list.

#4 was finish one of my personal tops...any of them...

And it was Boardwalk! There's a series of borders, which I like, but I don't have the fabric for them. So I don't know yet if I'll end up getting some and finishing it, or just finishing it as is. But the main top is done, so I am happy for now.

And just to throw another top into the mix, this is the first of two really-quite-random tops. This one is OSU/Packers/tennis. {And a NewFO!}

The second will be OU/Angels/Steelers, and is based on this quilt by From the Blue Chair.

RSC - finished the green blocks! Which means I'm only a month behind now!

June Goals:
1. Finish the two really-quite-random quilts. 

2. Finish the three t-shirt quilts orders. {Raiders/above-mentioned-family/family that hasn't been started yet.}

3. Finish Saturday Sampler so I can participate in A Season By Hand. Seems appropriate for an Amish quilt, right? However, this is inaccessible in the storage unit, so it only gets done if the house sells.

4. Finish Cat Tails. This actually is accessible so it might get done. Especially since I'm out of the neutral centers for the RSC blocks.