California Girl Hourglass - a Finished Quilt!

  This is what I affectionately call my deployment quilt. And by affectionately, I mean...not very much at all. The jelly roll was purchased in 2012, when we were living in California for training before my husband's long deployment. Most of the blocks were pieced in the summer of 2014, during another deployment. And now that he's deployed again, I figured it was about time to finish it off!

The pattern is Cluck Cluck Sew's hourglass. There's certainly plenty of ways to do these, but this was the tutorial I used. Although I have a triangle ruler, so I used that instead of a template.

The fabric is Fig Tree's California Girl. It is, of course, long out of print, but the new Coney Island is a near match. In fact, I considered one of the corals in Coney Island as binding, but I found something in my stash instead.

The quilting is more block and border work from Pam Clarke's books. It's freehand so it's a bit imperfect, but it looks great overall. And it was fairly easy to do!

The backing is Nature's Palette from Free Spirit. And even though the binding and the white were purchased years apart - they're both Painter's Canvas by Laura Gunn! I debated a more boring green/blue binding that would match the backing, but Instagram overwhelmingly voted for the coral. And they were right.

Tried to take some flower pictures, again, but my tulips are refusing to cooperate, AGAIN. We had a snow flurry yesterday morning  - can you blame them? I don't think we're going to have spring at all, at this rate.

So I took the Little Man to a playground after therapy, for the sole purpose of scouting out photo locations.

Of course, expecting the three-and-a-half foot member of the family to help in photoshoots is a little unrealistic.

In fact, he pretty much drank his juice box and then complained that I was taking too long. And then the quilt fell out of the tree. So, yeah. I'm trying! But sometimes the backyard is just easier.

WiP - June

Ah, June. The wonderful month when the children and I try to work out how we will co-exist 24/7. I've got to hand it to you homeschoolers! We're finally getting into a schedule with plenty of library stops and plenty of Netflix. Wait, I mean, just the library. The Dude definitely isn't almost done watching every episode of Anamaniacs, ever.

Ahem, anyway! There was sewing! Two full finishes!


Casie's T-Shirt Quilt!

And then there were finished tops!


California Girl Hourglass! My OMG goal - and y' almost didn't get done. I was about 1.25x20" short of the white fabric for the stop border. That's right - I considered quitting over a 1.25" strip of fabric.


Finally I noticed the white-on-white fabric I'm using for 4√2, and decided that no one would notice that tiny bit. Right? So it's a top! Finally! Only been in progress since 2012.


And then I finished the log cabin using the leftover fabrics from my Saturday Sampler 2011. Yikes. Talk about some old projects, here. Technically, this one was never started until last year - I just saved all the leftover bits and pieces since 2011.


And then I did some entirely new things! If you don't count the fact that Lori has been buying and sending me the fabric for this one since, know, let's just not talk about that. And yes I worked so hard on the layout and still managed to get those aqua hula girls next to each other. Ugh.

Anyway, all the parts are assembled {this quilt combines vertical and horizontal pieces} and all I have left is sewing together some long sashing strips and big chunks.


And as a leader/ender, I'm sewing together a Floating Star for Quilts of Valor. Super easy - most of my squares are already paired or four-ed, and just waiting to become rows. And I swear, I've seen the tutorial somewhere online, but the kit didn't come with much info.


And I made four demonstration heart blocks for #quiltsforpulse, being organized by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. Our guild is making them in 5" and 10" sizes {tutorial here!} and I'll be working on the assembly at our sew day in July.

And that's it! I've also been doing a lot of cleaning, but who really wants to see the bags of batting that I separated into quilts or pillow stuffing?

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WiP - Focus (or Not)

I had trouble focusing on anything this week. I blame my husband - first his deployment was extended, then it wasn't, then the return date changed, get the picture. I had trouble deciding what I should work on - something that can be quilted if he comes home? But then if he doesn't...? So it looks like I bounced all over the place in the sewing room this week...because I did.

 photo IMG_1755_zpsb4b2f7e0.jpg

I made a wall hanging for my mother's neighbor. She gifted me with a lot of her fabric and projects, which I don't really understand because she's a much better quilter than me! This was from a kit, Angel Song by Northcott.

 photo IMG_1756_zpsd59db1e6.jpg

I chopped up a bunch of fabric I bought while on vacation, only to discover that (4.5+2.5+2.5)*2=19, and 19"≠half yard. No huge deal - I just need to find another daisy print to get the last few 2.5" strips. Preferable something lighter because I forgot to think about what three dark prints look like together. {See: middle right.} Oops.

 photo IMG_1753_zps25b6d30e.jpg

I did secret sewing! Yes! Finally! I have a secret, nanananabooboo! Okay, it's just a tutorial, but whatever. I did some secret shopping, too. I'm doing three {eep!} Instagram mini-swaps - one regular, one Doctor Who, one Disney. I've got a solid plan for the regular, and vague plans for the DW and Disney.

 photo IMG_1752_zpsd451d604.jpg

I made my churn dashes. These are hardly scraps - I bought them last year to beef up my oranges for the rainbow chevron quilt. But they're pretty and the quarter yards are slowly shrinking into true scraps. {CC is still mad at me for taking her to the vet for a booster shot.}

 photo IMG_1754_zps222d09ec.jpg

And since I've been all over the place, I've added a bunch of leader/enders California Girl Hourglasses.

I also worked on a lot of house stuff - all the things I swear I'm going to do while he's deployed but never get around to. Like folding laundry.

 photo IMG_1744_zps55eacfe0.jpg

And happy Chuseok! It's the Korean harvest festival, or Korean Thanksgiving. The Dude is suddenly realizing the benefit of an international brother: "Wait, so we get two Thanksgivings? And two New Year's? What else?" I explained Children's Day and blew his mind.

And I didn't forget about the giveaway! I promise to have it together as soon as my package arrives. {What, other people plan these sort of things before making the big blog switch? Nonsense!} It looks like Bloglovin' made the switch easily. I still can't figure out Feedly. It's my preferred reader, but man, it is not user friendly sometimes. So if you're a Feedly user, sorry. I think you have to refollow.

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WiP - Cluck Cluck Sewing

Last week, I went to Seattle for my birthday. We got to do some nerdy things like see the Icons of SciFi exhibit at the EMP, while wearing Doctor Who shirts. We did some fabric shopping, which I covered in Friday's post of finishes.

And now we are happy to be home with no plans for the next week and a half before school starts. 

Except putting together the garage shelves and getting that organized. That'll probably take me a while!

Anyway, since we were away for part of the week, the sewing time was a little less. What I did do was almost entirely from Cluck Cluck Sew. Apparently I like her!

I calculated and cut the sashing for Spin Cycle {a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern.} With less than a half inch to spare. Eek! I had to size it down to 2" instead of 2.5" because, well, obviously I didn't have enough for 2.5"!

My churn dashes are made from the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial. These scraps are from the quilt I made the Little Man's foster family and the Sunkissed pillow. This catches me up for August!

Leader/ender project? Cluck Cluck Sew double hourglasses. Added just a couple more last week, but with Spin Cycle going together this week, there will be lots of ender-ing!

And my non-CCS project - I put together the columns for Gigi's quilt. The flannel shredded like CC in a paper bag, the pillowcases were so very thin that I had to interface them, and the stretchy denim behaved like...stretchy denim... But it's together and it looks great and I'm so glad it's at least to the flimsy stage!

I took Christmas Stars to Seattle, so I still got some hand stitching done while I was away. But I am, officially, the world's slowest hand stitcher. I turned the third corner, so I'm almost done. Maybe this week! {Wait, it's my monthly finish goal. Definitely this week.}

Palette of the week is "favorite." I decided, after my sister was a pain via text while I was picking her baby quilt colors, to use the fabric panel I'm cutting apart for her nursery. Because no one in the quilt store knew what "Neverland" consisted of.

This is what we ended up with - pretty close! I've got a quarter-log-cabin pattern sketched out for it.

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This week was Vacation Bible School at our church, so I got a little less sewing time, but a lot more craft time. Somehow every time we find a new church, they automatically put me in the craft room for VBS. Weird. ;)

This is the pile of crafts the kids brought home. I'm most excited about the Jesus sign - we had one in our house growing up, and now I have my own! I mean, the Dude has his. I guess. Technically.

In the afternoon, I tried to stick with making five blocks a day for the flannel stars. I failed by the end of the week, but with a final push on Saturday, I got them finished and laid out with the pillowcases and jeans. All the columns are stitched together now; I just need to put it all together.

I also finished the inside patchwork for Cardinal Charms. Unfortunately, the consensus is my friends hate me don't think I should be lazy, and it really needs a stop border before the blue cardinals. I'm hoping I have enough leftover of the cream with red dots from the above quilt.

I made some awesome candy cane stripe binding and attached it to the front of Christmas Stars. Now I just need to get some hand stitching time.

I finally pulled a couple more Weekly Churn Dashes together. A couple darker greens this week, since I did bright greens during dark green month.

And my new leader/ender project - California Girl Hourglasses. I just have to say, it is great to have a L/E project that I love, because it makes me want to work on my other projects to add blocks!

Also, everyone say "Hi, CC!"

On Sunday evening, I had finished all my weekly projects, and it wasn't quite time to start dinner. I didn't want to drag out a big project, and clearly I wasn't going to clean anything, so I started playing with the leftover corners from Wee Wander.

But then the girls ended up in the same place on opposite sides, looking like the creepy twins from The Shining, and the boy is really a faceless body catching fireflies, and maybe they're not catching fireflies but SOULS. And now something so very sweet is kinda creepy.

On another note...the color palette of the week...purple! I know Jennie's a big fan of Frozen, so I counter with the much better recent princess movie.

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