May - The Family Month

A little earlier this month, when my husband said he was going to take the Dude to see Godzilla, I said the good movies don't come out until May.

It might have been May 16 when this conversation took place.

So... I also didn't notice May was pretty much over by this morning. So this is a bit rushed during my precious Daniel Tiger distraction time.

Cat Tails - and my family! My AYOLF for the month.


Running T-shirt Quilt - all but the two hardest blocks are pieced! They require very careful cutting, so I saved them for last. And I need to wiggle around the color placements to break up the darks.

Weekly Churn Dashes - a lovely set of green. It was hard to choose this month; I really like my greens!

Cardinal Charms - my NewFO - I started this Christmas quilt as my leader/ender, since it's easier to have out than Celtic Solstice.

And I made a running skirt for the Portland Rock'N'Roll Half Marathon...a mere 7.5 days after getting back from Korea. YEAH. That was insane.

Other than that, this month has just been getting to know my toddler and making this new family dynamic work. We're slowly getting there. Most things are good, other than communication. And I know that will come...eventually. And since most other things are good, I can't really complain.

But I'd really like him to learn "more" and stop slamming his plate on the table.


Weekly Progress - Back from Korea

So, yeah, the adoption/new toddler thing was my major progress within the last two weeks. {Three? How long has it been since I posted one of these? I may be sleep deprived.}

Also, I finished Cat Tails. Don't be too impressed - it was done to the binding before I left, and it took three days to do 90 minutes of binding. The Little Man and I are slowly working out a routine of distract/sew/distract/sew/stop fingers from pushing buttons/sew/sing a silly song/sew/distract/give up.

I finished all the blocks for Spin Cycle and set them aside. Not because I'm too lazy to sash them - but because Bonnie & Camille named their next collection after me, so I'm waiting for its release to decide on borders and put the whole thing together.

And I made a running skirt in Half Fanatics colors for my half marathon on Sunday. Yes, that's right - I ran a half marathon on Sunday. When I scheduled my races back in December, I really thought I was cutting it close with the January one. Never once did I think I would be coming home within a week of the May one.

Finished some quiet book pages before I left. The button one was the biggest hit.

In piecing, I started to catch up on my green churn dashes.

And started my leader/ender, a simple charm pack tessellation-esque thing.

And finally, in planning, I started on a t-shirt quilt order - they came very well labeled! All the shirts are measured and the design is worked out, so now I have to wait for nap time to get some steady stitching done.

Nap time is the BEST.

Cat Tails - Finished!

This one didn't linger too longer on the UFO pile. It was slowed down by the move, and a delay in getting more background fabric, but it got done just over a year after I started it. That's really not that bad, for me!

Cat Tails was born from this pattern, although I knew from the start that I didn't want any incomplete cats. That means, of course, I planned it out and knew how many fewer cats to make when I started the quilt.

Haha, yeah, right. I just merrily made cats until I was done with my fat quarters, and only when it was finally laid out did I realize that it was going to be HUGE.

But, you know, my family expanded this week with the finalization of my younger son's adoption, so we need a bigger couch blanket to snuggle all of us. See, I did have a plan!

I used Civil War reproduction fabrics because I love the rich tones with this pattern. I can't quite imagine it in the neon of the original pattern. Plus, I got to use some fat quarters that I got for free in shop hops, giveaways, or just didn't know what I was thinking when I bought them.

Weird blue ferny-thing looks okay as a cat.

If you care about matching directional prints, this is NOT the pattern for you. I normally care, but decided to throw caution to the wind on this one.

I used the same background fabric in several different projects, and to my horror, ran out with a half yard to go. And no one around here carried Dimples, which I thought was the most basic of basics! I ended up sending a scrap to the actual Dimples store, and they quickly matched it and sent it back to me. Excellent service!

I'm still not sure how I feel about the quilting. On the one hand, I watched a series of videos on swirls and I love the quilting in the background.

I knew I wanted to do more than an allover design with the cats, but I wasn't sure what. Because - ugh - the thought of changing colors so often, and all those threads to tie off...

After consulting with my long-arm rental place ladies, I decided on a spiky...thing in each cat. I don't love it, but I'm not changing it, so I'll learn to at least like it.

And it makes the back look weirdly impressive.

Wrapped it all up with a binding from the thrift store. It's more of a 50s reproduction, so the blues and reds are bit brighter than the cats, but I think it's a good frame.

Quilt Details
Fabric: various reproduction fabrics, Dimples beige
Backing: blue flannel
Binding: no selvage info
Size: 78x87"
Pattern: Kool Kats Kwilt {modified}


May Goals

I don't really have many goals beyond, um, getting and then getting to know my toddler. I think that might keep me busy this month.

But hey! I can be unrealistic anyway!

In old news, there's plenty of binding to do, especially Cat Tails, which will be my Blogger's Quilt Festival entry and therefore my AYOLF goal.

Ripples and Reflections needs to be started since the official one-year-countdown to my MIL's 60th birthday starts in a few weeks.

St. Paul's Cross should be an easy one to do a few steps here and there. Save me the slow frustration of hating paper piecing when I'm only doing it in spurts.

And if I move enough things through the columns of my spreadsheet... {Yes, I have a spreadsheet tracking quilt progress. Doesn't everyone?} 

I think I'm going to call the Cardinal Charm Tessellation the new leader/ender project. I want it for Christmas for my FIL, and it'll take a while as a l/e. But mindlessly sewing squares to corners is a good l/e.


Weekly Progress - Not in Korea

I was supposed to be leaving for Korea this week. But, I'm not... So my sewing plans changed up a little.

Goodnight Monkey - I did finish the Little Man's quilt.

And I quilted Cat Tails and allllllll the table runners.

And then, since I now had another week, I thought about prepping something else to quilt. But, eh. I decided to spend this coming week on a couple of projects for my boys, and cleaning up the sewing room, rather than rushing through some backings.

So, in other sewing...

Bound one of the table runners to donate to my church's silent auction.

Weekly Churn Dash - I'm almost positive this one was in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Maybe. Gah, is purple over already??

But while I'm complaining, I also pulled out some of the good purples from Fractured Four Patch and made a couple more RSC'13 blocks. Sad that I don't have enough of any of these for churn dashes.

Spin Cycle - three blocks added. Four to go! {Oh hey - it's Bad Kitten!}

And then I realized I made it all the way to the last week of the month with no NewFO! Oh no! Hmm, what to pick, what to pick?