Christmas Charm Dash - a Finished Quilt

And the last one for Christmas in July! This is my Charm Dash pattern, which on a whim while writing, I thought it might look good with two colored churn dashes. Which meant I had to run to my local quilt shop and hope they had an acceptable selection of charm packs!

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

I didn’t set out to get Christmas ones, but the Vintage Holiday ones said Christmas would be a good theme. So I agreed and pulled some matching Grunge to go with them.

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

The pattern went together in a jiffy (it’s nice like that!) and before I knew it, I had two Charm Dashes! And no time to quilt it before mailing it to Lori for its cover shoot. Oops. I sent it anyway and put it on the corner of the cover. Did you notice it wasn’t a finished quilt?

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

After that, I never got around to finishing it until this mini-Christmas-in-July thing I’m doing. That’s a good enough reason, though, so it went on the frame. Finally!

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

I used backing that I bought with my friend and neighbor, Jess, at a Spokane Quilt Show several years ago. It was a good price and she convinced me that Christmas flannel was always worth keeping on hand. And eventually, she was right! I also quilted Monday’s table runner while the backing was on the frame.

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

I used a variegated pink thread to quilt it with double loops, and you totally…can’t tell that the color changes. Plus the thread kept breaking - it was one of the spools I got with my machine, and it clearly does not agree with the machine. I had to do a lot of weird stitching to keep from hitting seams, which caused the snapping. I’m planning on getting rid of the thread - and the couple other spools I got with it - because I know which brand works (Omni by Signature) and I don’t want to fiddle around trying to make this thread semi-work just because it was free.

Christmas Charm Dash by Katie Mae Quilts

And there you have it - two Christmas quilts and a table runner! A nice little collection that’s actually ready for the holiday. Although I also bought a couple of Christmas layer cakes while I was in getting binding, for a scrappy class I’m taking in September, so the cycle of unfinished Christmas projects will likely continue.

Fabric: Bonnie and Camille Vintage Holiday / Moda Grunge Pink / White / Green

Backing: Riley Blake Doodlebug / Binding: B&C Little Snippets

Pattern: Charm Dash by ME!


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Wavy Nine Patch Border - a Tutorial

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop! Hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict, we’re about halfway through a whole bunch of tutorials to get you started on Christmas quilts and presents!

My tutorial is for a wavy quilt border - no, not THAT kind of wavy. I’m a firm believer in properly measuring for borders. {See this post explaining how!} My wave is from the layout of the nine-patches in the border.

I tried it out in the last border of my brother-in-law’s Army medallion, and while I liked the ease of piecing {every block is the same, yay!}, I wanted to see if I could get a more defined wave.

I can, but....I can’t get the seams to nest. I mean, I could. But each side of the border is a different set of pressing instructions, with four different blocks. So you would end up with Block A, Pressing Variation 1, make five; Block A, Pressing Variation 2, make 5; etc. In order to not complicate things beyond control, press all seams open. I KNOW. Trust me, it’s not my first choice, either.

The other complicating factor is your inner quilt size, obviously. These are 6” finished nine patches, so the inner quilt has to be a common denominator of that. Mine is 60x60”, to use an even ten blocks around the border. {Not counting corners.} I used a 7x7 layout of 8” finished blocks and a 2” stop border to get to 60x60.” Also, if you go bigger or rectangular with your quilt, the corner blocks may change.


Fabric Requirements

If you don’t want to go scrappy, like me!

Red - 22.5” or 5/8 yards {exactly, so if you want wiggle room to square up, get a bit more}

Aqua - 20” or 5/8 yards

Green - 22.5” or 5/8 yards {again, exactly}


Cut nine 2.5” strips of red and green. Subcut to {134} 2.5” squares.

Cut eight 2.5” strips of teal. Subcut to {128} 2.5” squares.


The Blocks

I know, a lot of them look alike. The difference is subtle but it matters!

A - make ten.


B  - make ten.


C  - make ten.


D - make ten.


Corner 1  - make two.


Corner 2  -make two.


The Layout

Just go slow and make sure you’re aligning the blocks correctly. I built one side at a time and kept my blocks stacked and labeled. {And then labeled the sides, too!}

And then attach them to your quilt! And you have a lovely wavy border!

My inner quilt is a double four patch, using these instructions. It’s a wee bit chaotic, but hey - so is Christmas, right?


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