WiP - Almost, But Not Quite

  {Look, it's Monday! I'm posting on Monday!}

This last week had a bunch of things worked on, yet nothing really coming to a finish. Frustrating to post about, but after I finish the month's t-shirt quilt, I usually end up working on whatever I can/want to before the next deadline. Of course, some of these things have deadlines, too.


Like another t-shirt quilt. The top was made by a friend, for my high school band director. I volunteered to quilt and bind it. It'll be gifted tomorrow, so finish post after that.

And these Superman capes for my cousins' kids. The applique is done, they're stitched together - I just need to turn them, topstitch them, and do the clean-up work. And then make a Thor costume for my nephew for the same party.

And Ripples has a deadline. I sewed all the binding pieces together, but I haven't pressed it yet. Or trimmed the quilt top so the binding can be attached.

And I finished up the squadron baby blankets. But they need threads trimmed and a run through the laundry and delivered.

And speaking of deadlines - Shivaun isn't due till Christmas. I started quilting her after the t-shirt quilt last week....and the tension was messed up. Second time I've started a Christmas gift and will have to fix the stitches. I think Christmas is not a fan of being done early.

In non-deadline sewing I finished all the blocks to Taffy! But I haven't had a chance to lay them all out and make them a quilt top. Because since it's a Christmas quilt, I'm sure it will sabotage itself somehow.

And the palette of the week is "summer sippin'" - which to sweet Mormon Jennie is just lemonade. I....am not Mormon. Summer is for sangria. Lots and lots of sangria.

{Photo courtesy of Lori Barbely Photography.}

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WiP - Cutting Shirts

  This week was full of exciting things like cutting down shirts.

Okay, not so much, but they're all cut, prepped, and pieced as far as I can until the fabric I ordered shows up. I'm kind of excited about this one - I got the Haunted Mansion wallpaper from Spoonflower. It's subtle, but so very Disney.

Until that shows up, though, I'm at a standstill on the t-shirt quilt, so I pulled out Shivaun Place and prepped a block to see how it looks. And the answer to that is - pretty darn cool. The pattern adds little shoo-fly blocks with the sashing, and I'm trying to decide if I should go scrappy {using the block fabrics} or go with another fabric all together.

And through this, I pieced one Taffy block and started another as leader/enders. At this point, I could finish it off quickly, as I have four blocks left {including this one} - but they're easy L/E to have around. Between Shivaun and the t-shirt quilt, I might just have it finished by the end of May anyway.

I also did boring things like quilted the baseball love block from last week, and prepped the backing for Ripples and Reflections, and picked out the loose stitches on Fresh Air, but...that's pretty boring stuff. I start quilting R&R this week, so that should actually be exciting!

And my color palette just continues my nerdiness. Jennie said "fascinating." Of course I thought of Spock. {Note: if she makes next week "logical," you're getting Spock again. If she makes the week after "doctor," you're getting Dr. "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ..." Bones.}

WiP - Some Gifts

  Once the t-shirt quilt was out the door last week, I went through my checklist and started pulling out some gifts I have planned for the rest of the year. Might as well get them done before I start yet another UFO, right?

And so, the binding was attached to Sail Around the World, and she went off to live with our former commander.

A decision was made about Spin Cycle, and she went off to live with a dear friend who had a stillborn baby the same week the quilt was damaged.

And with my personal quilts finished and mailed off, I pulled together a top for Quilts of Valor. This was a kit, so I didn't make the blocks {although I did make several disappearing hourglass blocks that are in someone else's kits, somewhere.}

And then I started on my nephew's birthday present. He's a baseball player. Don't know if you could have guessed that one! I think this will be a pillow rather than a wall-mini.

And through all the finishing, I used Taffy as a leader/ender. Which didn't even lead to a single finished block. But all the HSTs are created, so the blocks should go together quickly now as L/E.

Oh, and I finished and mailed my Nerds mini swap, but it went to England so it'll be a while before the reveal.

And then I busted into my next t-shirt quilt box and sketched up a plan. With a Disney focal section in the middle. Love! Time to get cutting!

And the color palette is May the Fourth, because Jennie loves nerds. Although I agree with her husband - TESB is the best movie of the trilogy. Best lines, best action, best ending, no Ewoks... Yeah, I'm wearing my Star Wars skirt proudly today.

WiP - Bits and Pieces

I'm charging right through my to-do-before-I-get-eaten-by-deadlines list right now, which in some cases means starting projects just to drop them. {Speaking of deadlines - you have until Thursday at midnight PST to enter my pattern giveaway!}

Sorry, Five Spot. You get one block, then it's on to the next pattern with much harder pressing instructions to work out!

Sorry, Ripples and Reflections. Even though I peeked ahead and saw ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS in step eight, you have to wait a month. {136 pieces, 1 hour 50 minutes. I told my MIL I'm keeping track and I think she thinks I'm trying to guilt trip her. Me? Never!}

Sorry, Taffy. Even though I'm three blocks away from finishing. I promise, you'll be the first one I get back to!

But hey, congrats Catching Fire{flies}! You get to be totally done!

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Taffy - a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

Woohoo, it's time for a blitz of pattern reveals and giveaways! Are y'all ready? Now, as I'm the foster mama for these patterns, I'm probably not supposed to have favorites.

{Jennie's finished Taffy in Wee Wander.}

But let's just say Taffy is the only one who had new fabric purchased for it, and you can draw your own conclusions.

But alas, I am speedy, but not that speedy. I made it halfway through my Christmas Taffy in mostly Deb Strain's Be Jolly.

I think one of the reasons I like this one is the block pressing instructions. Y'all, I got those HST nested perfectly. It's kind of genius. Okay, it's not kind of genius. It is genius. I'm modest.

{And yes, even the best pattern editors turn a block around now and again!}

You can read more details over on Porch Swing Quilts - she's 75" square...you know, when you actually finish it. Uses fat eighths, which I love, because you can, um, use fat eighths...but also go less scrappy and use fat quarters like me. Or go totally scrappy like I did in Make It Do.

Taffy is for sale over at Craftsy - $5 for this week only!

But wait! There's more!

I'm giving away a copy of the pattern! And if you win, you totally have time to make it for Christmas. Really. I promise. It's not that many HSTs. To enter, leave a comment with your opinion on pressing instructions. Are you a "press everything open"? Do you like seeing nested seams on patterns?

And then go over to Jennie's blog and enter her giveaway, too!

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