BOMs Away - Christmas in July

Is it bad that one of the reasons I’m doing Christmas in July is to pretend that it’s not so darn hot out here? It’s not as bad as last year, but it’s still SO.FREAKING.HOT. Let’s look at Santa and some snowflakes instead…

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Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

I actually almost didn’t even make this in Christmas colors. It’s a good old trusty Ohio Star (one of my favorites!) and it would have looked perfectly awesome in red, white, and blue, with a hint of gold. But then Sarah reminded me about her Christmas in July blog hop, and I remembered that I have several Christmas tops that really ought to be quilted, and I decided to go all in on Christmas in July.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

Aww, Santa is so awesome! I almost didn’t use this - I didn’t have enough to do both the centers and the corners/borders, like the pattern called for. But then I decided Santa was just too good to pass up, so I did the corners in a similar aqua blue. So the spirit of the pattern is there!

And the pattern! Totally well written. She makes the flying geese my favorite way (no wasteful stitch and flip!) and there’s block piece sizes along the way - I hate it when the pattern just says it’s a 6” block without breaking down that the flying geese are 2.5”x3.5” unfinished. Or whatever that proper size would be. I like to make sure everything is trimmed and good to go before putting the block together.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

The book overall is the same way - loads of clear instructions, good pictures - and bonus for me, a lot of nice general patterns that use Christmas fabric or applique to make them Christmas. That means you can just make the Friendship Star quilt in any color if you just want a Friendship Star quilt. (But the applique is very complimentary to the designs, so definitely do those, too!) And there’s a nice variety of project sizes - table runners and bed runners, up to full size quilts.

It was pretty hard to get pictures, because my kitchen is not…photogenic. (It’s summer and my kids are home and I swear every time I wipe the table, there’s a new cherry stain.) I made my runner one block shorter than the book since my table is pretty small, but it’s still overwhelming. Oh well - that just means I’ll have to steal my mother-in-law’s table sooner rather than later. (But not the white fabric chairs. The cherry stains, people!) I suppose I could have left off the aqua outer border, but I love how it frames the whole thing. So I didn’t.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

The deets! Santas are Michael Miller, aqua chevrons are Riley Blake, binding is the rest of the Tasha Noel from Friday’s finish. (And I do mean every bit of the leftovers. I have about 1” left!) Backing is Doodlebug Designs from 2011 (no, I don’t want to talk about my backing stash) and I very efficiently quilted it at the same time as this upcoming Friday’s finish. Everything else came from my Christmas scrap bin.

Christmas Table Runner by Katie Mae Quilts

Oh, and the quilting! Again, tough to get a good picture, but I was inspired by a picture on Instagram. I did the straight line quilting with the horizontal lock on my longarm. (Yes it took forever. No I couldn’t have aligned it to stitch vertical, I had limited backing fabric left.) Then I switched to my regular machine and added in the waves. The original design was a wave, but I inverted and made mine more like parabolas. (Or not, I googled and that's not what they are. Lava lamps. They're lava lamps, okay?)

Anyway…! If you’ve made it this far and you’re just here for the BOMs Away link - sorry. It’s right here. And if you’re new here, we have a pretty loose definition of “block of the month”, so… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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WiP - New Blog

Actually, it's more of a new website than a new blog. I'm still working on updating the followers' links - I think Bloglovin' has successfully transferred, but not Feedly. And let's not go poking around in the website-y portion just yet. I'm getting there. This is the first post I'm writing in Wordpress, so if it's all funky...I blame Wordpress, not me. There will be a giveaway to reward you for sticking around!

{And don't even get me started on getting comments emailed to me for response. I'll get there. I promise.}

Anyway, there was some sewing around here this week, too. Most of it you got a sneak peek of yesterday, but here's a quick summary.

I made a cat mug rug-ish thing for Barbara of Cat Patches - we visited her in her camper and totally exhausted her with the enthusiasm of the kids. The cat is based on Oh Fransson's Catvent and the scraps were courtesy of Lori.

And I finally finished stitching the binding and declared Christmas Stars done! Well, minus stitching the hanging sleeve in place, but obviously I'm not going to do that until the night I want to hang it.

And I made four blocks for Step Three of Ripples and Reflections. And they were the WORST. Three hours and forty minutes of cutting, stitching, unstitching, restitching... But they are done! And I have two weeks before I need to tackle another step...thank goodness.

And I assembled Spin Cycle! So glad I went with no cornerstones - I love how it looks with solid sashing. Now I'm pulling together my order of Miss Kate for the borders. {And my Weekender via Jennie. And...some other things. Was that a giveaway hint? Yes, yes it was.}

Once I was done with those, I looked around the sewing room for something to do next...and came up with nothing. My husband's deployment was extended, so now I'm back to not being able to long-arm for the foreseeable future. Which means I couldn't focus on what to do next, since it won't be finished any time soon anyway.

It was so bad that I cleaned the kitchen. Really.

Eventually I decided to work on my not-yet-born-nephew's quilt. {My sister objects to me calling him fetus-nephew, but refuses to tell me what his name will be.} That took all of one day.

So I decided to trim the HSTs leftover from my Layer Cake Snowballs and start fiddling with layouts. Because it's obvious that I don't have enough Kate Spain Christmas stuff. Must.add.pillows!

I think I lean toward star layouts, huh? And yeah...I lost one at some point. Crud. That's not helping my funk.

Well, maybe the palette of the week will help! Theme: Disney. Oh, that's an easy one. I think I saw the Lion King four times in the theater when it first came out. And I forced the Dude to go with me when it was re-released in 3-D. And we saw the Broadway show on tour. Hands down, best Disney movie ever. Don't even argue.

And I have a secret reason for choosing this particular palette - I joined an Instagram mini swap, and my partner's favorite colors is one of the above. And it's not a color I use, so I didn't know what to put with it. Now I have a plan!

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Christmas Tree Skirt - Finished!

It's Christmas in July! And an order fulfilled long before it was due!

Of course, that does make it difficult to take pictures, as there's no Christmas trees around. Or snow.

It's made entirely from my Christmas scrap bin - lots of Rudolph and the Grinch and Kate Spain and Sandy Gervais.

I alternated Kona, solid pieces of Christmas fabric, and pieced sections. Made a good dent in the scrap bin...until I tossed the backing scraps in.

Made some ties for the cat to play with. Um, I mean, to close up the back.

Not my first time making bias binding, but my first time sewing it in a circle. It was a lot easier than I thought! And bias binding really is a dream - no fraying and manipulates so easily.

Quilting is just simple straight lines along the wedges. I don't do it often anymore, and it was nice to just follow the lines.

I used the Sew Crafty Jess tutorial, which was very well done. However, in the future, I'd just buy a wedge ruler. {And there will be a future, because this is totes adorbs and I want my own.} I spent so much time making sure the ruler was lined up on the template and not enough time making sure the rotary blade wasn't lined up with my thumb. Owie.

Quilt Details
Fabric: Christmas scraps, Kona Bone
Backing: blue snowflakes from Joann's
Binding: Christmas stripe from Joann's
Size: 60ish" round

WiP - Diversity

I'm still bouncing all over the place this week, but at least I have some finishes to show for it! And some new skills to boot.

I quilted and bound my sister's Christmas tree skirt, and bound Central Park Sudoku. Making bias binding wasn't a new thing, but attaching it in a circle was. And it wasn't that hard!

Then I practiced a mitered border on a little panel piece from my husband's grandmother's stash. It worked okay... I went ahead and put the mitered border on my Wee Wander quilt. I'm so glad I learned the technique, because this is perfect. Straight borders wouldn't have cut it with this amazing border print.

I finally - finally - finished cutting my MIL's Ripples and Reflections, and made the first block. I'm keeping track - 1 hour to sew, 41 pieces.
And since working with Christmas, modern fabrics, 80s fabric, novelty fabric, and batiks wasn't enough for one week, I started one with homespun-style flannels.
When digging through Grandma's stash, I found two pillowcases with a design and her name and her husband's. And then I felt immense guilt because I've had the denim from her husband's jeans for three years and haven't made her a quilt yet. What kind of person puts off Grandma's quilt??
So I whipped together a plan, dug out these flannels from a kit, and got started!

And in between all this, I cut another neutral jelly roll for my vacation sewing. This is a new one to me - Plaster of Paris - that's very Grunge-like. The real jelly roll is California Girl, bought during my husband's last deployment. Fitting that I should work on it during this one!

Oh, yeah, and my Weekly Churn Dash. This is just a Joann's print, nothing special, but I love the pattern of the white dots and the random blue flowers.

And the design palette of the week! Orange, and I love the matching Kona names. {Photo courtesy of the EPA. Really!}

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WiP - Flimsy Finishing

The month of doing whatever continues, with a bunch of finishes!

First, I finished off the Christmas tree skirt for my sister. Waiting on a backing decision, and I'll probably quilt this at home so I can take it east with me.

Then my aunt made a decision on her final border and I finished up the Tennessee Waltz. And it was totally the right decision. This one will be quilted on the longarm, so not for a while yet.

And lastly, I ordered Wee Wander as a deployment gift for the kids, received it on Wednesday, and whipped it into a top by Sunday. Okay, it's not a complicated top, and it still needs to be trimmed, but I really enjoyed fussy cutting the adorable kids.

I'm going to miter the fabulous border, which I've never done. Debbie {A Quilter's Table} suggested Amy's Creative Side's tutorial - I've read it and I think I'm going to try on something smaller first. I don't want to mess up my lovelies!

And then there's my Weekly Churn Dash. The Dude and I bought this fabric during an Oklahoma Quilt Shop Hop a few years ago. He has pretty good taste.

Jennie {Porch Swing Quilts} is starting a palette linky. As it is Rainier Cherry season out here, I have one red thing on my brain. {Photo courtesy of Rainier Fruit Company.}

And finally, I cut 2.5" strips for a jelly roll quilt while I'm on the East Coast. Jelly rolls are easy travelers! This one is Hello Luscious by Basic Grey, with the cream Grunge from the same line, and it will become Avignon Picnic.

Of course, all these finishes leave me wondering what to do next...

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