Daisy Chain - a Finished Quilt!

Hey - it's not a t-shirt quilt! So do you want to play "guess how long this was in progress"?


I believe I bought the fabrics for it the summer my husband was deployed - so 2012. I know it was from Mary Jo's while visiting my mother-in-law, and I know my own mother saw them soon after and declared she hated them. Even though I bought them because they reminded me of a bathing suit she had in the seventies.


I made most of the block parts in 2014, then it sat around for another 18 months before I slowly assembled it last spring. The pattern is Gypsy Girl by Anka's Treasures - although a different border, obviously. I decided after finally assembling the whole thing that I wanted it to float in the background.


Quilted it right before summer, with tight swirls on the blocks, and this...loopy...thing... on the outside border. I had actually meant to switch directions when I got to the corners, but I forgot and, well, now it looks like this.


Love the backing - a retro floral to fit with the 70s vibe I got from the front. And I debated binding it in the light grey to continue the float, but I found a mustard yellow blender at my LQS's sidewalk sale, so... Now it has a frame, and I think I prefer it framed.


My husband got me daisies because he knew I needed a photo prop. Or he's nice.


The binding definitely looks better against the back than the light grey would! And yes, I haven't filled out the label. I'm not positive I want to call it Daisy Chain, so I haven't committed it to ink yet.


WiP - November

  And here we come to the home stretch, the last bit of time to finish Christmas presents and crank out a few more quilts for the year. I'm right on schedule to finish off everything on time, although I might not get all the blog posts in time...secret sewing and all!

But first, the finishes!

Lollygagger - a baseball t-shirt quilt!

Crosscut - a finished mini!


Thnks fr th Mmrs - my own t-shirt quilt!

And then the mostly finished....


Daisy Chain is getting its threads clipped.


Two t-shirt quilts are pieced, backing prepped, and ready to be long-armed this week.


Boardwalk - which has been finished-to-borders for three and a half years - is finally getting those borders. First two are on, all the flying geese are pieced, and two of the geese borders are on! I just need to piece the last two and the corner pieces.

And that's my OMG goal for December, because it would be nice not to stall out on this now! Then I can quilt it sometime this winter and have a lovely spring quilt in time for the season.


My triangle mini is almost done! I'm stitching the binding at the moment...which apparently takes forever.


And in less-than-almost finished...I'm making an Army uniform memory quilt for my brother-in-law for Christmas. Obviously, the center and first border are done, and I'm cutting the next border now. There will be one more RWB border after this one.

And no, that's not a real heart on the bottom left. Just a last name covered.


And in maybe-I'll-get-to-this...I demonstrated my awesome t-shirt quilt skillz at my local Modern Quilt Guild a couple weeks ago, and got almost all of my husband's cross country stuff cut out. So maybe if I wrap up everything else, I can whip this together before Christmas.

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September - the Shuffling Month

And of course, I'm talking about my shuffling gait after a killer half marathon.

That's what the race director described as a "long hill." What he really meant was 2.5 mile uphill climb. And the guys at the mile eight aid station have a weird definition of "mostly flat from here." Luckily the views were amazing, because my butt is killing me.

In sewing, I did a lot of shuffling through various projects without really finishing much of anything.

Barely eked out a finish this morning as I stitched in the rest of the words on the Cinderella quilt and put the block back in. {My AYOLF goal.} That's right, one simple block repair took me all month. But it is done and it'll get a full finish post on Friday.

I also made my four churn dashes and one Ripples and Reflections step.

Finished the lovely Spin Cycle top.

And a small wall hanging for my mother's neighbor.

Made a whole bunch of daisy blocks.

Started the blocks for my IG-mini.

And quilted several quilts. Finally removed the cat from the bins so I could start binding, and prepping for the next round of quilting. I've got a lot to get through in October because I have a commission for November. But more about that tomorrow on the goal post!

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WiP - Agent Orange

{Giveaway back this way!} Like, actual quilting! At the long arm place! Oh, it felt so good. Except at the end when I had been on my feet for 6+ hours.

So, lots of stuff nearing completion!

 photo IMG_1786_zps98d1a157.jpg

And I'd show them to you, but I'd hate to have to make the cat move so I can unpack them...

Quilted Completely

Wee Wander, Neverland, and Denim Stars. Two of the designs are from Angela Walters' book, and I have to say, I don't usually like her "quilted to death" stuff - but her designs worked perfectly on my quilts. I am in total love with the boxy allover I did on Neverland.

Quilted Partially

Tennessee Waltz, Cardinal Charms - TW, I like the center design, but I need to do some picking out and decide what to do in the other blocks; Cardinal Charms, I loaded wrong and need to cut off a piece of the side and add it to the bottom...sigh.


A lot of the work was backings and batting and general prep for Friday, but I did manage to get in some piecing.

 photo IMG_1780_zpsfb071772.jpg

I dove into my orange bin to finish up the churn dashes for the month - the orange on the bottom right is my absolutely favorite.

 photo IMG_1779_zps6ee0f9c8.jpg

And while I was there, I cut a bunch of pieces for Jennie's Make It Do. CC says you can't see it yet.

 photo IMG_1781_zpsdf03daff.jpg

And a couple strips for my IG-mini. See, told you I like that orange piece.

 photo IMG_1782_zps7152aa37.jpg

I've also been making four-patches for my Fat Quarter Stars border - it's done to borders now!

 photo IMG_1784_zps49c8c241.jpg

And since this is already late afternoon, I might as well claim this one - Spin Cycle is a top!

 photo IMG_1783_zpsf23c6507.jpg

And through all this, my little stack of Daisy leaders/enders has been growing. Sometimes it feels like it's growing faster than any other project.

I totally forgot about the color palette last week, but I'm back and ready to go this week! Until it was France. Hmmm, France...um...oh! Palmiers are TOTALLY French. I buy them at the French bakery in EPCOT! That's, like, authentic! And I'm now hungry.

 photo palmiers100-palette_zps4e028900.png

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WiP - With Husband

Well, that was a fast-ending extension! ;)  photo IMG_1762_zpsb756a03b.jpg

Isn't this a nice sight?

Anyway, most of the week was consumed by having a husband. Specifically, one who thinks the "honey do" list is actually "honey, let's do this together!" So there's been lots of house progress {garage, filing, cleaning, sigh} and not so much sewing.

But I did get some {solo!} shopping in, and a bit of piecing, and a lot of planning. Longarm day, here I come!

 photo IMG_1764_zps15720642.jpg

The yellow daisies were the perfect addition to my daisy quilt. {Duh.} Blocks are coming along slowly, but they're not hard, so I expect them to be done as soon as I can give them full attention.

 photo IMG_1763_zps66432b94.jpg

I pieced together an easy set of Ripples and Reflections. Thought it was going to be a hard one, with all the triangles and bias edges and that weird trapezoidal cut, but it was done in just over an hour.

 photo IMG_1766_zps514950a9.jpg

And then there's the secret sewing. Oooooh, such a tease!

Speaking of teasing...I swear to you, the package will be delivered today and the giveaway will be up soon!

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