October - the Pattern Month

I think the biggest thing about October was the pattern testing! Oh, wait, I ran two half marathons. I suppose that was big, too. Last one for the fall season is Vegas, and I'm so looking forward to the drinking running.

But yeah, this month, I tested and brutally edited Jennie's patterns. Make It Do is already out, and the next three will be released every Friday in November, with a big finish right before Thanksgiving!

Taffy will have to count as my NewFO, because I'm way too lazy to go downstairs it's way too dreary to take a picture of Something New.

So that's what I've been piecing for the last couple of weeks, in addition to...

Ripples and Reflections Part 6 {and I still can't lay it out and get any idea on the quilt! Soon!}

And three out of four churn dashes. I don't have enough brown scraps, and I don't feel inclined to go buy a color I don't like or use anyway. I'll be digging into my "floral too large to count as any one color" bin to finish these off, I think.

And I finished the top for my Instagram mini-swap. Now I need a quilting plan. Like, soon!

I finished Gigi's Memory Quilt. Which reminds me, I need to stitch the label on before my MIL takes it east!

And I finished my Spin Cycle. It's perfect. I know. You're jealous.

And lastly, Summer Drinks!

So a pretty successful month - some new starts, the utter joy of wielding a red pen, and a nice set of finishes. November should be pretty similar, with pattern releases, a bunch of quilts that just need some binding, and another mini-swap quilt to work on. Oh, and a commission t-shirt quilt coming in!

My goal for November could be a lot of things {ahem, mini-swap deadlines} but I'll narrow it down to my nephew's baby quilt. Shower is before Thanksgiving, quilting is done, and the binding is already prepped!

And now I feel kind of bad that this post has no pictures of CC, so I'll leave you with my kids, at least. The Dude was Steve from Minecraft, which required nothing but a big head. {I learned from last year.} And the Little Man was Tigger, fourth generation - my mother made the costume for the Dude, and it has now been worn by all the grandkids around age 2-3.


WiP - Back in Focus

Whew, it's much easier to work in a clean space {you know, minus all those Lego Duplos I keep stepping on} with a solid schedule. I can actually get things done!

Like the Denim Sawtooth Star quilt for my husband's grandmother. I admit, I wasn't a huge fan of making it, but now that it's done, I can't stop touching it.

Make It Do is down to the last borders. And a good pressing. I think things are about set with Jennie's pattern for a full reveal soon!

I pieced all the little bits for a Round and Round pocket panel for my Weekender, and then realized I completely underestimated how much background fabric I had left. And it's gone - none on Etsy, eBay, Google...even from the very few stores that may have had it. So now I'm trying to decide how it looks against a grey background. The grey flowers is the body of the bag, but I think there's red piping in between them.

So I can't decide if it looks like I planned badly...or if it's okay that the dots pop out as much as the stars...?

And then, inspired by Debbie's amazing Spiraled series, I played with my leftover Snowball HSTs. Last time they were out, I found one missing, which meant I wouldn't be able to have a perfectly matching set of pillows. So I had to let go of the symmetrical and just play...and it was FUN!

This won't be the final design. In fact, I think I'm going to pull it apart and make one of each solid color, because the near-solid reds blend too much. But it's nice to just move things around.

This week's color palette - rain. Okay, I'm a little more focused on the umbrella. I've wanted to make a red, black, and white quilt forever now. They just look so good together!

Oh, and there was no BOM work because I ran a half marathon on Sunday. Yes, my second in two weeks. No biggie. ;)

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WiP - Sneezes

I have been hit with allergies - both mine and the boys - so this week has mostly involved wiping noses and complaining about sinuses. I also, as usual, have too many projects going and end up unfocused due to the fabric piles everywhere. Yesterday I did a big clean up of the sewing room, and my calendar, and planned out weekly goals and finishes, in an effort to get back on track. Hopefully it will help in this coming week...

I did finish the inside of my Make It Do top. Now a couple round of borders, and it's done!

Which brings me to my next thought. I did MID from scraps, and it took forever to find the right sized pieces. I don't precut scraps - I like to have options - but I also realize I have some common sized scraps and those could be sorted.

So I did. Since Kate at Life In Pieces is bringing back the Fifteen Minute Challenge, I'll work on these for 15 minutes every day. Then maybe I'll be in good shape for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge instead of spending half my Sunday digging through the bin!

But as you can see, my brown box is the most anemic one, so I had trouble coming up with something for the Churn Dashes. The one of the top left is two fabrics {same line...Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais...which I will never stop loving...} and the bottom one is actually one of my sister's. I just don't use brown. So some time this month, I have to go digging around and see what I can come up with for the fourth one.

IMG_1891Something I've been working on in September! I guest-posted today at the Finish Along about how I got the mojo back to finish this project...mostly by eliminating half the blocks. But I love how it finished up, and I never use patchwork borders, so that's fun and different.

Oh, and I trimmed up the edges of Gigi's quilt and started binding prep.

And last but definitely not least, I fixed the bottom right block and declared Cinderella done! For good, this time.

The color palette of the week is "October" - and to me, October is race season. The crisp fall air is the best time for running! And you know there's something seriously wrong with you when you read about races over the weekend and wish you were there...even though you raced last weekend, and Spokane's half is less than a week away!

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WiP - Cluck Cluck Sewing

Last week, I went to Seattle for my birthday. We got to do some nerdy things like see the Icons of SciFi exhibit at the EMP, while wearing Doctor Who shirts. We did some fabric shopping, which I covered in Friday's post of finishes.

And now we are happy to be home with no plans for the next week and a half before school starts. 

Except putting together the garage shelves and getting that organized. That'll probably take me a while!

Anyway, since we were away for part of the week, the sewing time was a little less. What I did do was almost entirely from Cluck Cluck Sew. Apparently I like her!

I calculated and cut the sashing for Spin Cycle {a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern.} With less than a half inch to spare. Eek! I had to size it down to 2" instead of 2.5" because, well, obviously I didn't have enough for 2.5"!

My churn dashes are made from the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial. These scraps are from the quilt I made the Little Man's foster family and the Sunkissed pillow. This catches me up for August!

Leader/ender project? Cluck Cluck Sew double hourglasses. Added just a couple more last week, but with Spin Cycle going together this week, there will be lots of ender-ing!

And my non-CCS project - I put together the columns for Gigi's quilt. The flannel shredded like CC in a paper bag, the pillowcases were so very thin that I had to interface them, and the stretchy denim behaved like...stretchy denim... But it's together and it looks great and I'm so glad it's at least to the flimsy stage!

I took Christmas Stars to Seattle, so I still got some hand stitching done while I was away. But I am, officially, the world's slowest hand stitcher. I turned the third corner, so I'm almost done. Maybe this week! {Wait, it's my monthly finish goal. Definitely this week.}

Palette of the week is "favorite." I decided, after my sister was a pain via text while I was picking her baby quilt colors, to use the fabric panel I'm cutting apart for her nursery. Because no one in the quilt store knew what "Neverland" consisted of.

This is what we ended up with - pretty close! I've got a quarter-log-cabin pattern sketched out for it.

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This week was Vacation Bible School at our church, so I got a little less sewing time, but a lot more craft time. Somehow every time we find a new church, they automatically put me in the craft room for VBS. Weird. ;)

This is the pile of crafts the kids brought home. I'm most excited about the Jesus sign - we had one in our house growing up, and now I have my own! I mean, the Dude has his. I guess. Technically.

In the afternoon, I tried to stick with making five blocks a day for the flannel stars. I failed by the end of the week, but with a final push on Saturday, I got them finished and laid out with the pillowcases and jeans. All the columns are stitched together now; I just need to put it all together.

I also finished the inside patchwork for Cardinal Charms. Unfortunately, the consensus is my friends hate me don't think I should be lazy, and it really needs a stop border before the blue cardinals. I'm hoping I have enough leftover of the cream with red dots from the above quilt.

I made some awesome candy cane stripe binding and attached it to the front of Christmas Stars. Now I just need to get some hand stitching time.

I finally pulled a couple more Weekly Churn Dashes together. A couple darker greens this week, since I did bright greens during dark green month.

And my new leader/ender project - California Girl Hourglasses. I just have to say, it is great to have a L/E project that I love, because it makes me want to work on my other projects to add blocks!

Also, everyone say "Hi, CC!"

On Sunday evening, I had finished all my weekly projects, and it wasn't quite time to start dinner. I didn't want to drag out a big project, and clearly I wasn't going to clean anything, so I started playing with the leftover corners from Wee Wander.

But then the girls ended up in the same place on opposite sides, looking like the creepy twins from The Shining, and the boy is really a faceless body catching fireflies, and maybe they're not catching fireflies but SOULS. And now something so very sweet is kinda creepy.

On another note...the color palette of the week...purple! I know Jennie's a big fan of Frozen, so I counter with the much better recent princess movie.

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