WiP - Sneezes

I have been hit with allergies - both mine and the boys - so this week has mostly involved wiping noses and complaining about sinuses. I also, as usual, have too many projects going and end up unfocused due to the fabric piles everywhere. Yesterday I did a big clean up of the sewing room, and my calendar, and planned out weekly goals and finishes, in an effort to get back on track. Hopefully it will help in this coming week...

I did finish the inside of my Make It Do top. Now a couple round of borders, and it's done!

Which brings me to my next thought. I did MID from scraps, and it took forever to find the right sized pieces. I don't precut scraps - I like to have options - but I also realize I have some common sized scraps and those could be sorted.

So I did. Since Kate at Life In Pieces is bringing back the Fifteen Minute Challenge, I'll work on these for 15 minutes every day. Then maybe I'll be in good shape for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge instead of spending half my Sunday digging through the bin!

But as you can see, my brown box is the most anemic one, so I had trouble coming up with something for the Churn Dashes. The one of the top left is two fabrics {same line...Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais...which I will never stop loving...} and the bottom one is actually one of my sister's. I just don't use brown. So some time this month, I have to go digging around and see what I can come up with for the fourth one.

IMG_1891Something I've been working on in September! I guest-posted today at the Finish Along about how I got the mojo back to finish this project...mostly by eliminating half the blocks. But I love how it finished up, and I never use patchwork borders, so that's fun and different.

Oh, and I trimmed up the edges of Gigi's quilt and started binding prep.

And last but definitely not least, I fixed the bottom right block and declared Cinderella done! For good, this time.

The color palette of the week is "October" - and to me, October is race season. The crisp fall air is the best time for running! And you know there's something seriously wrong with you when you read about races over the weekend and wish you were there...even though you raced last weekend, and Spokane's half is less than a week away!

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WiP - Agent Orange

{Giveaway back this way!} Like, actual quilting! At the long arm place! Oh, it felt so good. Except at the end when I had been on my feet for 6+ hours.

So, lots of stuff nearing completion!

 photo IMG_1786_zps98d1a157.jpg

And I'd show them to you, but I'd hate to have to make the cat move so I can unpack them...

Quilted Completely

Wee Wander, Neverland, and Denim Stars. Two of the designs are from Angela Walters' book, and I have to say, I don't usually like her "quilted to death" stuff - but her designs worked perfectly on my quilts. I am in total love with the boxy allover I did on Neverland.

Quilted Partially

Tennessee Waltz, Cardinal Charms - TW, I like the center design, but I need to do some picking out and decide what to do in the other blocks; Cardinal Charms, I loaded wrong and need to cut off a piece of the side and add it to the bottom...sigh.


A lot of the work was backings and batting and general prep for Friday, but I did manage to get in some piecing.

 photo IMG_1780_zpsfb071772.jpg

I dove into my orange bin to finish up the churn dashes for the month - the orange on the bottom right is my absolutely favorite.

 photo IMG_1779_zps6ee0f9c8.jpg

And while I was there, I cut a bunch of pieces for Jennie's Make It Do. CC says you can't see it yet.

 photo IMG_1781_zpsdf03daff.jpg

And a couple strips for my IG-mini. See, told you I like that orange piece.

 photo IMG_1782_zps7152aa37.jpg

I've also been making four-patches for my Fat Quarter Stars border - it's done to borders now!

 photo IMG_1784_zps49c8c241.jpg

And since this is already late afternoon, I might as well claim this one - Spin Cycle is a top!

 photo IMG_1783_zpsf23c6507.jpg

And through all this, my little stack of Daisy leaders/enders has been growing. Sometimes it feels like it's growing faster than any other project.

I totally forgot about the color palette last week, but I'm back and ready to go this week! Until it was France. Hmmm, France...um...oh! Palmiers are TOTALLY French. I buy them at the French bakery in EPCOT! That's, like, authentic! And I'm now hungry.

 photo palmiers100-palette_zps4e028900.png

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Weekly Progress - BOMs and UFOs

This week was a mixture of finishing and some block work. I'm still trying to settle on a good day to do my monthly BOMs...first Monday seems obvious, but...it just hasn't happened the first couple of months.

This is the 13th 12" block for the Fat Quarter Stars. I made the hourglasses before and decided not to use them because there wasn't any of the background fabric. I'm still not sure...but it's a block. And I found my list, so I can go ahead with the 9" blocks while I ponder this one.

Quilt Doodle Row-Along - I shrank the house block down to 10" to fit my plan. I think it will need a button wreath of some sort on the door!

And my weekly churn dash - it's really much brighter than the photograph! This was used as part of a dress for my niece, and it's just a very cheerful pink.


The wind was disagreeable for getting a good picture, but the Vera Bradley quilt is pieced. I'm backing-hunting and quilting this week!

And since I was on a roll, I put the borders on the Chunky Log Cabin. When I finished the top, I swore I was going to keep going until it was done...in November...2012... But I already have the backing, so this time, I swear, it's high on the quilting list.

I prepped the binding for Four Patch Frenzy, so that will get done this week.

And finally, the Reverse Heart project. It's been a leader/ender, so progress is slow, but slicing willy-nilly through my pink scraps has been fun.

I also stole back a storage table from the office and emptied two boxes of UFOs. Sure, technically it's just moving them from one holding place to another, but it's open wire bins. I can see them a lot better {and feel guilty} and they're separated out into their levels of done-ness. And I don't have to go digging through boxes trying to decide what to do next. So hopefully that will help move some projects to the done pile in the near future.


Weekly Progress - Finishing Machine

What do you do when you used to devote hours to running and now you're firmly in your taper?

A lot of sewing.

This coming week will be even more productive in the sewing room, with a whole three miles to run and no strength or cross training. Oh, and a measly little half marathon at the end of the week.


Pieced the inside and started on the borders. Are those borders? When you're continuing part of a design into the first border, does it really count?

These are my very oldest scraps - my mother made dresses out of this material when I was in middle school. Let's just go with over twenty years old. I wore the dress to a handbell concert in Washington DC, and fell off the stage at the Old Post Office. Ah, memories.

Fat Quarter Stars
It's hard to come back to a project like this when you can't remember where you're at. I don't remember if I'm done with the online quilt along, where my list of the 9" stars is, and...so I made this star. At some point before next month, I'll try to figure out where the heck I am with this project!

Quilt Doodle BOM
And then I started a new BOM. Technically, it's a row-of-the-month hosted by Quilt Doodle, but she said it's winter-themed, so I'm hoping to make one block a month for a January-ish wall hanging for my mother. The blocks are 10" and the wall hangings are supposed to be about 30x40", so it should work out.

Obviously Mr. Snowman will be getting button eyes.

And Celtic Solstice is still a leader/ender project. I went back and forth on turning the chevrons to make a star, and not piecing the second block until I was really sure. But after seeing other people post their various versions, I'm sure I want the star. So here it is!


Weekly Progress - On UFOs

I have not started anything really new in ages. But I need to get somewhere with all these projects before I can start something new!

T-shirt quilts are not very creative. But they force me to be very precise in piecing. And they pay for more creative quilts.

Design Wall - LQS Saturday Sampler 2011

I'm working on this because I have to - it has a date with the long arm and needs to be in a box by Christmas. But all that white space and the simple layout makes the blocks pop.

Grandmother's Choice, block six. I like this one. I don't like #7, and I really don't like #8. But this is a BOW about choice. So...I'm going to do the blocks I like, and appreciate the work the designer put into each week even if I don't make the block.

 Fat Quarter Stars - I made two 12" blocks - Weather Vane and LeMoyne Star - from my shop hop collection. Then I figured that if I was going to get my sister's block book back to her, I should start doing those. So, my first 9" block - Air Castle.
Technically, Weather Vane and Air Castle aren't stars, but they are kind of star-like.

UFO Busting

 Oh, Skorca! I mowed the backyard on Sunday to put off quilting this UFO...talk about a bad sign. I think I need something different than one UFO day a week - because I will come up with a hundred excuses to not sew that day! This week, I'm going to try quilting for an hour each day. That should, hopefully, take care of Skorca, and then maybe I can move on. 

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization

 I only folded fabric once in the past week. The cutting table? Covered. The sewing table? Piles on the corners. Felt boxes are on the floor from a kid craft project, I have a giant basket of t-shirt scraps... I need to DO my 15 minutes this week!
Oh, and my other deadline project. Crazy as the idea was, this is actually coming along nicely. The base of the costume is done - now I'm adding the layers.