Flower - a Mini Finish

  This is just a quick, delightful little finish. I made the full quit for Flower for Christmas 2015. While testing the pattern for Porch Swing Quilts, I made one block correctly, and then overconfidentally sewed together five blocks without checking the pattern. They were, of course, wrong, and I was left with an extra set of Birds in the Air pieces. Those, of course, sat around for over a year before I decided to finally make that one block as a mini.

But once it was out again, it took no time to make it, quilt it in the ditch, and bind it up. And then I immediately sorted the scraps into the novelty and color bins. And now I declare this project finished! Since I didn't keep the original, it's nice to have a little piece of Flower for my wall. And one less leftovers bag in my to-make-mini-bin.

16" square

Fabrics: Samantha Walker Cowgirl, Amy Ellis Modern Neutrals

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WiP - Minecraft-y

  This week was all about finishing at least one of those stupid Minecraft quilts - Christmas is coming and I've got to get one of them in the mail!

So I buckled down and pieced all the Enderdragon/Enderman blocks {the black ones} and the skeleton {the grey one}, then sashed up the nine-block version. And bless his dear little heart - the Dude spent over an hour searching Spoonflower and arguing with me about the difference between "stone" and "cobblestone" - he now says that the cobblestone looks really good.

His version is now eight blocks, of 16. {Okay, 7.75. Still haven't finished that cow.} And I took it all off the design wall after this photo because I just need a break from staring at it all the time. Seriously. The Enderman will not stop looking at me.

Instead, I started on my next commission/bonus me project. A friend asked for a bookshelf quilt in jewel tones, and I bought this berry-ish bundle at my local quilt show last month. I'm using 9" squares to make the quarter square triangles, and the leftover bits to start producing some books for the shelves. I need to pull some more blues and greens into hers, but I now have a lovely stack of squares to run through as leader/enders to make my design wall a little happier.

And obviously those book blocks will be cut skinnier and scattered around the quilt so it's not all the same height of book. It's just the start! There's book stacks and leaning books and cats and family photos planned for this thing. It's gonna be good.

Oh, and I also started binding the Frozen quilts.

And I made the decision to not rip out all my good work on the side borders on the Woven Snowmen. Really, the only issue I have with it is that it's only 60". And you know what? That's big enough. It's not huge, but whatever - it's fine for a holiday season lap quilt. So I snapped a pic, printed it out, and popped it in a page protector, and I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt it.

Oh, yeah, and I put binding on Not-Quite-Flower and finished that one up. It's about time to start getting some boxes together!

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Not-Quite-Flower - a Finished Quilt!

  This little quilt was about a year in the making, and has a bit of an ignominious history with me. Jennie from Porch Swing Quilts emailed me some of her thoughts for spring patterns around Christmas, and Flower immediately jumped out as the star of the show.

Only, Jennie's first version was like my middle block, and her final version was like HER Flower quilt, with more background fabric. Which is a lovely version, and cuts better from a fat quarter. However, I liked the original, so I begged to test it anyway, since the pressing instructions would be the same.

So I made my one block, pattern was released, and the rest of my cut fabric sat around for a while. A long while. I finally pulled it out again over the summer, and overly confident in my own skills and memory, got to work on the rest of the blocks.

And ended up accidentally creating an entirely new block when I switched the color placement in the Birds-in-the-Air squares. And didn't realize it until I was five blocks in.

At that point, well, this quilt is for my niece, and I don't think she'll care that the blocks are slightly different, so I decided to forge ahead and stick the "correct" {but still not according to the pattern} block in the middle.

{Admire my perfect points. Seriously. I'm good.}

The quilting is all-over loops {surprise!} with horseshoes, flowers, and stars. My niece lives on a farm and shows horses, so I thought this Riley Blake line would suit her well. The light pink paisley was an unknown stash addition.

I experimented with putting the blocks with red on the outside corners, but ended up with them in the middle of the outsides. I think it draws the eyes in the right way. And I added the red cornerstones to the outside edges.

I think the binding is Jan Patek? It was a clearance score when I was in Missoula for the half marathon in July - I knew immediately the pink, brown, and stars would be perfect.

The backing is minky from Joann's, and I'd just like to say, Joann's has really upped their minky selection. It's not just those stupid bubble minky anymore. Now I just need them to go wider - I refuse to piece minky backings, so they're limited to the under 56ish" quilts.

And hey - I have the label ON...even if it isn't filled out.

56" square

And I promise, next round of Porch Swing Quilts pattern testing....I'll follow the patterns.

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WiP - Checklists

  This week ended up being a matter of checking things off the list, rather than exercising much creativity. Which...sometimes happens. And gets things done. Creativity can be overrated, after all...?

First, and I am happy about this one - I finished the churn dashes! And even better, I pulled a vintage sheet from my stash {on the bottom left corner} and it fit perfectly. So I got it all prepped to quilt today, and...

It's the one thing that didn't get quilted. Table runners, check. Flower, check. Churn dash? Try again next week. But hey - on Saturday, I'm taking a longarm class with Pam Clarke. Maybe I'll get some amazing inspiration and it was fated to be delayed?

In not-very-creative work, I made a cherry block - seen on the right - and slapped an old WiP on the design wall. I don't think it's ever made a blog appearance before. I'm just grabbing pairs and stitching them together every now and again.

And since I've already received my Lori Holt mini swap, I better buckle down and get those fruits into their jars!

And my main project after the churn dashes were done is this one - a Frozen panel with wide borders. I'm almost done with the last two corner blocks, so it's a fast finish. Takes no brain power. But whatever - a little boy in Illinois will be very happy.

Oh, yeah, I finished the Halloween scrap quilt, too. I forgot about that. I guess I should quit complaining - finishing isn't as much fun as starting, but finishing is worth celebrating. And to be fair, I ordered fabric for the Frozen quilt backs {yes, that's plural Frozen quilts} and for the Minecraft quilts, so retail therapy was achieved as well.

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WiP - Fall

  Ahh, fall. School. Cooler running weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. Cinnful Angry Orchard. Excuse me while I dig out my sweaters and tall boots - this is MY season.

And the best part? It's cool enough to have the windows open, but the breeze blowing through makes my people wrap up in quilts. I can't keep them folded up neatly on the couch anymore these days...and that's okay.

And so I have made some lists and I am tackling several projects in an attempt to cover more people in quilts. An admirable goal, I think.

I'm not good at working on one project until completion - but I broke down some projects into manageable steps, and try to finish a step before moving to the next step in the next project. It's working fairly well...although it's been a whooping two weeks.

So - Project One - finish something! Dr. Seuss Fresh Air - packed up and ready for the Christmas shipping pile.

Project Two - get the next thing ready for binding! Shivaun Place - trimmed and ready to go.

Project Three - piece the next gift quilt! Not-Quite-Flower is now a finished top and awaiting the next trip to the longarm rental.

Project Four - piece something for us! RSC Churn Dashes are moving right along with the sashing. And just generally making me happy to see them on the wall. That's the fun part of scrap quilts - these are a whole lot of some of my very favorite fabrics.

And finally, I made the next Minecraft block. I'm rapidly running out of ones I can make from my solids scrap bin - no brown is a severe limitation! So I'm making my list to order all the missing pieces. Anyway, this is a chicken. Only one because the Dude didn't order one for his quilt.

Now I am making up my list of steps/projects I want to accomplish this week - especially on Wednesday, my first child-free day in months! {I love you, fall.}

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