WiP - January

  January was pretty much a vast wasteland of upper respiratory infections here. I suffered through a two week cold, had a whole week of healthiness, then the young petri dish brought home a fresh version and we all went down again with the crud...one by one...

I spent the last weekend disinfecting every inch of the house and spraying disinfectant in the face of anyone who coughed. {Okay, not that dramatic...but I did tell both kids not to touch anyone at school.} So my sewing was limited to a few blocks and adding the binding to stuff that was already close to done.


Like Flying Four - it was quilted back in June, so finishing it was pretty easy.


And my FMQ Sampler - just needed binding for over a year. It's a good thing I keep these things around, huh?


The other major thing I managed to do was finish the Army Medallion and quilt it. Which taxed all my energy for two days, so I haven't tackled tying off all the loose threads...or even unpinning it from the longarm zippers. Which is my OMG goal for February, because this was a Christmas present.


Oh! I did manage to put this together during my brief healthy period. Everything was cut out, so it just took 90 minutes to lay it out and stitch it together. Now I just need to get a backing and add it to the quilting queue!


I also pulled out my sister's wedding signature quilt and started peeling the squares off the card stock. Shouldn't be too hard to finish this one off, either.


Oh! And I finished my OMG goal! Added the last border, and even made the binding before putting it on the to-be-quilted pile. It needs a backing, too. It'll be shopping time soon. When I feel like I can face the public without disinfectant wipes.


Other than that, it was a few blocks when I felt like sitting down at the machine. Purple nine patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge....


...the mini for a pink Instagram swap...

...and my first Eternal Bloom.

I'm really looking forward to feeling better now, and getting some more things done. Please, please, let this current round of health last!

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Four Patch Frenzy - Finished!

Wonder why you never saw this quilt on the blog until recently? I pieced it on a whim about a year ago to test out a design in my head.

{Someday I will find a spot to take pictures that doesn't include my neighbor's very attractive chain link fence.}

And it was not a success, so I didn't share it.

{Oh, hey, look - it's my neighbor's trampoline!}

I mean, it's a nice quilt. Big blocks to showcase some nice large prints. Very easy to piece, as it's just a variety of four patches. I made it in less than a day.

{Ironically, there was snow on the ground this morning, so I could have gotten a shot without dead grass in it.}

But see the chain of little pour patches? Right, not so much. They could be a chain. They should be a chain. But since I didn't think much about color placement, they just kind of blend in.

So, lesson learned. And I'll take out my coloring book graph paper and try again. Well, after I finish the second one, because I went gung-ho on the cutting. Oops.

Fabric is A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey, although I think the red is Little Apples? The binding is Sherbet Pips, and the backing is an adorable bow flannel from Joann's. Perfectly matched - which, of course, means now I can't find it anywhere to have it for the second quilt.

I do think my quilting is adorable. A variation on my usual loops - they're little bowties! And most of them don't look like butts!

45" square


Weekly Progress - BOMs and UFOs

This week was a mixture of finishing and some block work. I'm still trying to settle on a good day to do my monthly BOMs...first Monday seems obvious, but...it just hasn't happened the first couple of months.

This is the 13th 12" block for the Fat Quarter Stars. I made the hourglasses before and decided not to use them because there wasn't any of the background fabric. I'm still not sure...but it's a block. And I found my list, so I can go ahead with the 9" blocks while I ponder this one.

Quilt Doodle Row-Along - I shrank the house block down to 10" to fit my plan. I think it will need a button wreath of some sort on the door!

And my weekly churn dash - it's really much brighter than the photograph! This was used as part of a dress for my niece, and it's just a very cheerful pink.


The wind was disagreeable for getting a good picture, but the Vera Bradley quilt is pieced. I'm backing-hunting and quilting this week!

And since I was on a roll, I put the borders on the Chunky Log Cabin. When I finished the top, I swore I was going to keep going until it was done...in November...2012... But I already have the backing, so this time, I swear, it's high on the quilting list.

I prepped the binding for Four Patch Frenzy, so that will get done this week.

And finally, the Reverse Heart project. It's been a leader/ender, so progress is slow, but slicing willy-nilly through my pink scraps has been fun.

I also stole back a storage table from the office and emptied two boxes of UFOs. Sure, technically it's just moving them from one holding place to another, but it's open wire bins. I can see them a lot better {and feel guilty} and they're separated out into their levels of done-ness. And I don't have to go digging through boxes trying to decide what to do next. So hopefully that will help move some projects to the done pile in the near future.


February Goals

I'm trying to decide if I should go big for February's goal, or be conservative since it's only 28 days. And I should spend some of those days cleaning out the Little Man's room.

But eh - I don't have a race until May 18, so I have all my training time to spend cleaning in the sewing room, so...

It's totally cheating, since it just needs binding, so it's pretty safe to say I'll get it done this month. Probably even this week.

I also want to get the binding on Four Patch Frenzy. But first I need to find the binding. Which I bought last week. And already vanished into the piles in my sewing room.

Which brings me to my next task - I want to spend 15 minutes every day organizing the sewing room. Because I lost the binding. And a table runner pattern, which I need for a class in March. And my list of stars for the FQS-Along - and I literally found it last week and lost it again. Aah!

Ahem. Anyway. That's about it for binding, unless I make headway in the pile of table runners.

I'd like to complete Cat Tails to a top, mainly so CC will stop attacking it. She finds fabric cats very offensive.

I want to make the top for the Little Man's quilt. I'm appliqueing a sock monkey, so I need to do some figuring and fabric ordering. The rest of the quilt is strip pieced.

I want to get as far along this project as I can - a friend sent me scraps from Vera Bradley, and I want to get the completed project back to her before we go to Korea in March. The grey {Kona Silver} is the background fabric.

And of course, keeping up with FQS, Celtic Solstice, Winter BOM, and Weekly Churn Dash - so excited this month is pink! I need to do some damage to my pink box. It's a little...overflowing. For starters, I want to frame these panel blocks for a wall hanging, and do a reverse heart quilt.


Weekly Progress - Tape(r)

Tape and taper contributed a lot to this week.

On my quilty finishes, I tried out batting tape. Usually I franken-batt with a zig zag stitch, but I wanted to try the tape to see if it was faster/better. Also because I just had to get that little triangle in place.

Verdict: eh. No faster. Feels like it's holding just as "strong." Kind of a pain to wrestle batting on the ironing board vs. through the sewing machine. {Note: I do have CC trying to claw her way up anything draped over the ironing board. YMMV.}

The taper led to an epic finish - knocking nearly ten minutes off my personal record.

And the taper also led to lots being done in the sewing room, since I was full of nervous energy and couldn't run it off.


Working on the binding!

{Those are bow ties...not butts.}

Don't even have binding for it yet. I took it to my long arm rental time as a backup, if-I-still-have-time thing. And then Flirt didn't happen, so I had time. Which makes me sad! Somehow I totally misjudged my backing for Flirt, so I couldn't quilt it. Planning on getting a new back and going back tomorrow! And maybe getting some binding for Frenzy. Eh.

Obviously I finished piecing Road to OK - that was a biggie.

After that was done, I worked on borders for Central Park Sudoku.

And a churn dash of the week - this leftover from Big Blue, my largest quilt ever, was an obvious finish for the month of dark blues.

And here's the four blues together!

{Don't mind the feet. The feet wouldn't move. Neither would CC.}
Then I pulled out another UFO, Cat Tails, pieced together the last few cats, and worked on the layout. It exceeds my design wall by a bit, but I think I have a plan worked out.