WiP - Fall

  Ahh, fall. School. Cooler running weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. Cinnful Angry Orchard. Excuse me while I dig out my sweaters and tall boots - this is MY season.

And the best part? It's cool enough to have the windows open, but the breeze blowing through makes my people wrap up in quilts. I can't keep them folded up neatly on the couch anymore these days...and that's okay.

And so I have made some lists and I am tackling several projects in an attempt to cover more people in quilts. An admirable goal, I think.

I'm not good at working on one project until completion - but I broke down some projects into manageable steps, and try to finish a step before moving to the next step in the next project. It's working fairly well...although it's been a whooping two weeks.

So - Project One - finish something! Dr. Seuss Fresh Air - packed up and ready for the Christmas shipping pile.

Project Two - get the next thing ready for binding! Shivaun Place - trimmed and ready to go.

Project Three - piece the next gift quilt! Not-Quite-Flower is now a finished top and awaiting the next trip to the longarm rental.

Project Four - piece something for us! RSC Churn Dashes are moving right along with the sashing. And just generally making me happy to see them on the wall. That's the fun part of scrap quilts - these are a whole lot of some of my very favorite fabrics.

And finally, I made the next Minecraft block. I'm rapidly running out of ones I can make from my solids scrap bin - no brown is a severe limitation! So I'm making my list to order all the missing pieces. Anyway, this is a chicken. Only one because the Dude didn't order one for his quilt.

Now I am making up my list of steps/projects I want to accomplish this week - especially on Wednesday, my first child-free day in months! {I love you, fall.}

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Dr. Seuss Fresh Air - A Finished Quilt!

  And the first of several Christmas gifts is finished - in September! I know, crazy talk. Let's just ignore the fact that I started it as a pattern test way back in, um, March. All that matters is I'm ahead on Christmas right now.

I busted into my precious Dr. Seuss stash for this one - a delightful mix of cheery fabrics and light grey cross hatch {of course} to tone it down a bit.

I didn't do any fussy cutting/planning, which led to the cute Horton peeking out over there, and the not so cute Lorax creeping over in the corner.

I used the fabric with all the book titles as the cornerstones. And even managed to keep them all upright! {I mean, not in the picture. It's folded. Just admire my pretty corners!}

The backing is a minky from Joann's. It's a bit white for a little boy's quilt, but my step-nephew is not a baby anymore, so hopefully it'll be okay. {Who am I kidding? My boys get messier as they get older.}

Green Eggs and Ham - my favorite to read aloud

The Cat in the Hat - my least favorite to read aloud

Fresh Air - a Porch Swing Quilts Pattern

4 block version - 45" square

** Craftsy Sale - affiliate link **

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WiP - Rounding Up the Finishes

  Well, after "suffering" through spring break and actually suffering through a week of illness, I was more than ready to get back into the swing of things in my sewing room. I checked some major stuff off the list for once!

I finished a t-shirt quilt - full reveal will be after the customer has received it.

And I finished the Ripples and Reflections top! Whew, that was a biggie. It only took two hours to cut, assemble, and add on the last border pieces - the four corners, turning the whole thing on point. Of course, it only added 12 pieces...but they're long ones!

I have to go back and double check my math, but so far, it clocks in at 12 hours of cutting, 28 hours of piecing, and 1181 pieces. And that's before quilting! Which I'm just not going to think about for a week. Just need to bask in the glory of the finished flimsy.

And in other work, I quilted Fresh Air alongside the t-shirt quilt, only to roll back the first line and find this rats' nest. It's only about 10" to pick out, and I got to see how to rethread the longarm, so it was a learning experience. The rest of the quilt went well, so it won't take long to fix it. This is what happens when you try to do Christmas things in April!

I finished piecing and quilting my next mini - the Nerd one. It will be bound with the same silver crosshatch, and sent off to its new home this week! So, as usual - full reveal soon.

And while I was on a roll with binding, I put the same red dot from the t-shirt quilt onto Sail Around the World. Just have to stitch it down, and it will be off to its new owner.

And then, since I was overloading on finishes, I grabbed the Quilts of Valor kit that I've had a bit too long, cut out the sashing and borders, trimmed all the remaining blocks, and got that ready to sew. So there should be another finish this coming week. {Especially since I just have to assemble the top.}

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WIP - Some Flimsies

  I started this post last week, then while waiting for my mother to send a picture of the table runners I made her, I got sick. Then the Little Man got sick. Then the Dude got sick. So that, plus spring break, equals an unintentional blogging break. But we've all recovered {mostly} and I have stuff finished instead of cut out, so there's more to see now anyway.

{And the table runners photo? It's on my phone and I'm too tired to go downstairs and get it. So there's that.}

So, what I've managed to do in the last three weeks. {Four weeks? Man, I'm behind.}

A scrapbooking t-shirt quilt. Backing is already prepped, quilting is scheduled.

Then since it was nearly finished as a leader/ender, I put together Fresh Air. Planning on quilting it on the same day as the t-shirt quilt, which means I'll have a Christmas present done in APRIL. Seriously. Weird.

And during spring break, I went shopping with my mother-in-law, which yielded another Christmas present - this one for my sister-in-law. I'm making Shivaun Place by Sassfras Lane Designs...all because I mentioned Ripples and Reflections was almost done. ;) Everything is cut out and ready to be pieced. See, I didn't spend the entire spring break in the pool.

The palette of the week something that inspires you. I'm actually just trying to be inspired - my next mini swap is Nerds Craft It Better, and I got this Game of Thrones fabric from Spoonflower. Trying to decide how to best use it, and the colors that match it - the chosen colors go with Stark, Targaryen, Martell, Tyrell, Lannister, and Baratheon. I was going to go octagonal with it, but I couldn't decide on an eighth house, and really, Greyjoy is barely in the running for the Iron Throne. Their own kingdom, maybe, but not The Throne. {I know, this is just a bunch of nerdy words to some people. Anyway...}

WiP - Adult-ing

  Whew. This past week was filled with taxes and other business stuff that made me feel like an adult. {I have business cards in the mail - business cards!!} Which meant a little less sewing time. But now that I'm caught up on being an adult, I feel a little more organized for this coming business year. Which is a nice feeling. And should be rewarded with Starbucks.

Anyway, when I did sew, it was a t-shirt quilt...

...which is waiting for its utterly fantastic backing to come in the mail. The binding is made, quilting is scheduled...shipping is slow.

And I made these lovely blocks for Jennie's latest pattern release, Fresh Air.

And I finished off the top for the Cat Mini Swap. Those paw prints are only 2x2.5" finished! Next is embellishing a bit before quilting. Oh, and I have no idea how to quilt it.

I got a couple more strips together for Sail Around the World, and organized everything else so hopefully the final pieces come together quickly.

And finally, I started working on the second to last step of Ripples and Reflections. All the economy blocks are done - I just need to get them in the right color order and assembled with the right triangles. Wish me luck on that one.

And the color palette is...spring! It feels like spring here - warm and rainy - but it doesn't look blossomy yet. I'm ready to see growing things!

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