WiP - Almost, But Not Quite

  {Look, it's Monday! I'm posting on Monday!}

This last week had a bunch of things worked on, yet nothing really coming to a finish. Frustrating to post about, but after I finish the month's t-shirt quilt, I usually end up working on whatever I can/want to before the next deadline. Of course, some of these things have deadlines, too.


Like another t-shirt quilt. The top was made by a friend, for my high school band director. I volunteered to quilt and bind it. It'll be gifted tomorrow, so finish post after that.

And these Superman capes for my cousins' kids. The applique is done, they're stitched together - I just need to turn them, topstitch them, and do the clean-up work. And then make a Thor costume for my nephew for the same party.

And Ripples has a deadline. I sewed all the binding pieces together, but I haven't pressed it yet. Or trimmed the quilt top so the binding can be attached.

And I finished up the squadron baby blankets. But they need threads trimmed and a run through the laundry and delivered.

And speaking of deadlines - Shivaun isn't due till Christmas. I started quilting her after the t-shirt quilt last week....and the tension was messed up. Second time I've started a Christmas gift and will have to fix the stitches. I think Christmas is not a fan of being done early.

In non-deadline sewing I finished all the blocks to Taffy! But I haven't had a chance to lay them all out and make them a quilt top. Because since it's a Christmas quilt, I'm sure it will sabotage itself somehow.

And the palette of the week is "summer sippin'" - which to sweet Mormon Jennie is just lemonade. I....am not Mormon. Summer is for sangria. Lots and lots of sangria.

{Photo courtesy of Lori Barbely Photography.}

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Creeper Costume - Finished!

So, the Dude decided to be a creeper {from Minecraft} for Halloween. Sweet! We have a ton of cardboard around the house because we haven't finished unpacking. Grab some green markers, kid!

"But, Mom," he says with a pouty face. "I want to be able to sit in it!"

I shouldn't have fallen for the pouty face.

This costume was a bear to make. Six yards of various greens, the heaviest interfacing I could find, and it still doesn't hold the rectangle shape. My husband had to frame/reinforce the heck out of the head and shoulders.

Plus, he could barely walk in it. He could get his arms out the slits on the sides...but not easily. The head slit is between rows 2/3 out of 5, so it's front-heavy - we had to stack some leftover fabric behind his head to keep it from tipping over.

{Ssssssssssssssssssssssss BOOM!}

He did get a TON of compliments from other kids on the street, so there's that. I guess.

But people...just make your creeper costumes out of cardboard. Learn from me and don't fall for the pouty face.


End of Month Report - October

Last month, I learned the basic of long-arm quilting. This month, I put that skill to use...a lot!


I also finished off two Halloween costumes, Yoda...

and a Minecraft creeper...

{More on this one soon.}

I got 90% of the wedding guests to sign my sister's quilt squares appropriately.

Pieced and appliqued this rainbow boat quilt. Will be quilting it next week. {It's my NewFO!}

In life news, not much happened beyond my sister's wedding. We are still waiting for EP approval from Korea. The Dude was home sick for two days, and sweetly shared it with me. I've been running sporadically and hesitating on signing up for the Seattle half marathon.

Oh, and there's this.

Her name is Cookies and Cream, aka CC. She is a pain in the butt sweet little kitten. When she's tired. Which isn't often. The Dude is in love. {Tycho is not.}


Weekly Progress - The Wedding

This is a few days late because I am still hungover was traveling, doing laundry, and all the other stuff that comes with a weekend away at an awesome wedding.

The wedding {including my quilt squares} went off without a hitch, but pictures are delayed due to some computer issues. And the stuff taken with my phone is not worthy of posting. And since I'm having a zillion errors as I try to write this, let's just save the wedding for later, mmkay?


 {How Charming - Quilt in a Day}

Okay, Yoda was finished last week, but Yoda on a hanger isn't near as adorable as Yoda on a little boy who isn't taking it off.

Like it he does.

In Progress

Two panels of the Creeper costume. Still a little unsure on how this will work, but I'm plowing ahead anyway.

{Swoon - Thimbleblossoms}

Is that a quilted Swoon? Why yes, yes it is. Stay tuned!


Happy Halloween - from my Bald Eagle

Happy Halloween!
A bald eagle, made from felt and a basic hoodie/sweatpants pattern. The talons were kind of a fail - they were too big in an attempt to hide his shoes, so within five minutes of tripping over them, they were removed.

"Climb on the top of the ladder and pretend you're flying."
"MOM! You're not ALLOWED on the top of the ladder!"

The beak was stitched to one side of the hood and Velcroed to the other, so he could remove it easily.
{And this picture? Wonderful. We have struggled SO MUCH with reading, and it's finally clicking.}