WiP - September

Oh, September. I always thought once I got the kids to school, I would settle back into a routine and get caught up on all the stuff I just never got around to this summer.

Hahahahaha - clearly I forgot that I had to actually train for the half Ironman. And that you just don't feel like doing much after biking for four hours. I have no idea how people train for these things with an actual job.


But. Anyway. That's done. Not done well - I actually am considered a "technical did not finish" - I covered the distance but not within the time limit. The heat bested me - starting the run at 1 pm when it was 94º just...wasn't going to happen.

I'm definitely glad I tried - the cross training alone has made my running better and injury free...if you don't count the injuries I got falling off the bike. I need a lot more bike time before I attempt to avenge the course - shockingly, just because everyone knows how to ride a bike doesn't mean you actually do it well.


And when I wasn't training or racing... I finished a t-shirt quilt that will remain sorta secret until it's home with its new owner.


I finished our guild's quilt for the Pulse nightclub victims and first responders.


I cut out another t-shirt quilt and started piecing it together.


And I actually quilted my own t-shirt quilt! With my very favorite fabric of the last year as the backing. Only the tension was off for the first half of the first row, so I have to pick it out and re-quilt it. So it's really not any closer to being done until the next time I go to the longarm rental. Times like this, I wish I had my own!

So, that's it. Not the best showing - especially if you remember that I meant to have Lori's quilt done and delivered. {Screwed up the backing order. Sigh.} But hey - I've suddenly got a lot of free time, so I'm ready to move on to October!

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Today is the International Day of Peace, so I figured it was a good time to dust off the blog and write about this quilt.


Orlando is one of my second homes - I lived and worked there one summer in college, and still have friends there. So when the Pulse nightclub shooting happened, and the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild organized a quilt drive for the victims and responders, I knew I wanted to get involved.


I took the lead for my local MQG {InMod - we're just starting!} and asked for 10" or 5" blocks from the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial. I used low volumes to square them up, and pieced it all together in a somewhat scattered fashion.


One of our other guild members quilted it with straight lines in the hearts - even the little ones! - and meander in the negative space.


It's backed and bound in the brightest rainbow fabric I could find.


In the end, I had five leftover little hearts, so I pieced them together with a bit of inspirational fabric, on which I will write our guild info. And stitch it down. On the airplane, on my way to Georgia to race a half ironman. {AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!} I'm racing with an Orlando friend, so she will hand deliver it to the Orlando MQG next week.


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WiP - August

Well, so much for getting things done over the summer. The Dude went back to school today {MIDDLE SCHOOL!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??} and the Little Man starts next week.

And honestly - though there wasn't much sewing, there was a lot of racing {one triathlon, one triathlon relay, and one open water swim race just in August} and a lot of Pokemon family time. Okay, really, Pokemon. But when you're spending time with your family at a park, does it really matter why?

But anyway, I did manage to finish off some things - which were pretty close to done already.


I pieced together this top in the first week of August....then let it sit until yesterday before putting on the borders. Sigh. But it's dropped off at the LQS to go to Quilts of Valor, so that brings me to three for the year and right on track with my goal of one per quarter.


And in things not-finished - I started working on this kit from our Alaska trip last summer. It was a pretty easy make, once I got a hang of the direction of the half-rectangle triangles. The, um, empty spots would be the ones I didn't get the hang of. Luckily it's batiks, so I think I just need to flip a few things around to fix those spots.

And yes - the center strip of dogs are running in the "wrong" direction on purpose.


The only other thing that I worked on was the quilt for Pulse - blocks donated by my local Modern Quilt Guild. I'm adding low volume strips to bring them to a common size before layout.

This will be my OMG goal for September - which is totally cheating because it's due to Orlando by mid-month, so I kind of have to finish it. But hey, the only other things I will get done this month will be two t-shirt quilts and Lori's fortieth birthday quilt, because it has to be delivered at the HALF IRONMAN I'M DOING AT THE END OF THE MONTH.

So, um, I need to go on a bike ride now.

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