WiP - January

  January was pretty much a vast wasteland of upper respiratory infections here. I suffered through a two week cold, had a whole week of healthiness, then the young petri dish brought home a fresh version and we all went down again with the crud...one by one...

I spent the last weekend disinfecting every inch of the house and spraying disinfectant in the face of anyone who coughed. {Okay, not that dramatic...but I did tell both kids not to touch anyone at school.} So my sewing was limited to a few blocks and adding the binding to stuff that was already close to done.


Like Flying Four - it was quilted back in June, so finishing it was pretty easy.


And my FMQ Sampler - just needed binding for over a year. It's a good thing I keep these things around, huh?


The other major thing I managed to do was finish the Army Medallion and quilt it. Which taxed all my energy for two days, so I haven't tackled tying off all the loose threads...or even unpinning it from the longarm zippers. Which is my OMG goal for February, because this was a Christmas present.


Oh! I did manage to put this together during my brief healthy period. Everything was cut out, so it just took 90 minutes to lay it out and stitch it together. Now I just need to get a backing and add it to the quilting queue!


I also pulled out my sister's wedding signature quilt and started peeling the squares off the card stock. Shouldn't be too hard to finish this one off, either.


Oh! And I finished my OMG goal! Added the last border, and even made the binding before putting it on the to-be-quilted pile. It needs a backing, too. It'll be shopping time soon. When I feel like I can face the public without disinfectant wipes.


Other than that, it was a few blocks when I felt like sitting down at the machine. Purple nine patches for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge....


...the mini for a pink Instagram swap...

...and my first Eternal Bloom.

I'm really looking forward to feeling better now, and getting some more things done. Please, please, let this current round of health last!

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Flying Four #2 - A Finished Quilt

  Second verse, same as the first...I mean, pretty darn close, at least.


This is Flying Four - again. Back in May, I pattern tested this for Jennie at Porch Swing Quilts, and made the full twelve block version. Then, my son's teacher announced he was having a baby girl, so I ripped off four blocks and made it into a baby quilt.


And then I made another four blocks into a second quilt, quilted it the same day, and then it sat foreeeeeeeeever until I really just needed a finish to call January a win. {There's been a lot of sickness in my house this month. I really needed one win.}


The backing is the exact same Maywood flannel fabric as the first one, except in yellow. And it's every bit as soft and lovely. The binding is a green polka dot - I did, actually, want to use the same binding as the first one, but I can't find it right now. And I rather like the green on this version, anyway.


The whole time I was prepping this photo shoot, I kept thinking there was one last thing I was supposed to do. No, not write the label...goodness knows, I never remember that. But this time I even forgot to stitch it down! Quickly remedied.


WiP - October

  You know how when you make plans, everything always gets thrown off by some stupid little thing?

Yeah, mine's the weather, this month. I actually got a bunch of things done - but it's literally rained almost every single day, so it's nearly impossible to take finished pictures. It's raining right now, bringing October to a close with the highest rainfall total since 1880, so even these pictures are washed out with terrible flash. Sorry.



Woven Snowmen - with deep fog behind it.

RunDisney - yep, those are rain clouds back there.


And then the baseball t-shirt quilt is bound and ready for cleanup work.


Lori's Fortieth Birthday quilt {and my t-shirt quilt} are quilted, trimmed, and ready for binding.


My second-to-last t-shirt quilt of the year is cut and ready to piece. {I'm storing WiPs in pizza boxes now. It's awesome, and I'm not even joking.}


The only thing that really suffered was my leader/ender. I put together a bunch of parts of 4², but I just wasn't feeling the colors while the weather was so dreary. It felt like forced happiness. Is that a thing with fabric?

So I started fiddling around with my leftovers from Curious Dream by Angela Pingel - which is an awesome Alice in Wonderland line coming soon and I made the bunting for the Look Book. I've got some elongated flying geese. And I'm not sure where I'm going with them. But I'll keep making them until I get tired of them, I guess!

I also made a nifty little mini in a triangle workshop for my modern quilt guild - you can see it on Instagram. {Because I forgot to take a real picture.} And that's going to be my OMG Goal for November - I don't want minis sitting around when they're the easiest finishes ever!

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WiP - June

Ah, June. The wonderful month when the children and I try to work out how we will co-exist 24/7. I've got to hand it to you homeschoolers! We're finally getting into a schedule with plenty of library stops and plenty of Netflix. Wait, I mean, just the library. The Dude definitely isn't almost done watching every episode of Anamaniacs, ever.

Ahem, anyway! There was sewing! Two full finishes!


Casie's T-Shirt Quilt!

And then there were finished tops!


California Girl Hourglass! My OMG goal - and y'all...it almost didn't get done. I was about 1.25x20" short of the white fabric for the stop border. That's right - I considered quitting over a 1.25" strip of fabric.


Finally I noticed the white-on-white fabric I'm using for 4√2, and decided that no one would notice that tiny bit. Right? So it's a top! Finally! Only been in progress since 2012.


And then I finished the log cabin using the leftover fabrics from my Saturday Sampler 2011. Yikes. Talk about some old projects, here. Technically, this one was never started until last year - I just saved all the leftover bits and pieces since 2011.


And then I did some entirely new things! If you don't count the fact that Lori has been buying and sending me the fabric for this one since, um...you know, let's just not talk about that. And yes I worked so hard on the layout and still managed to get those aqua hula girls next to each other. Ugh.

Anyway, all the parts are assembled {this quilt combines vertical and horizontal pieces} and all I have left is sewing together some long sashing strips and big chunks.


And as a leader/ender, I'm sewing together a Floating Star for Quilts of Valor. Super easy - most of my squares are already paired or four-ed, and just waiting to become rows. And I swear, I've seen the tutorial somewhere online, but the kit didn't come with much info.


And I made four demonstration heart blocks for #quiltsforpulse, being organized by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. Our guild is making them in 5" and 10" sizes {tutorial here!} and I'll be working on the assembly at our sew day in July.

And that's it! I've also been doing a lot of cleaning, but who really wants to see the bags of batting that I separated into quilts or pillow stuffing?

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Flying Four - a Finished Quilt!

That's right - finally! A finished quilt! And get ready, because I actually quilted four tops on Wednesday, so the finishes are about to start rolling in. I'll try to pace myself.


This one is for the Dude's teacher, so it had to be first finished, because the last day of school is today! The last day of fifth grade - excuse while I go to the corner and cry a bit. I HAVE A MIDDLE SCHOOLER.


Since December, I volunteered in the classroom once a week, so I got to know his teacher and classmates fairly well. And when he announced that he and his wife were expecting a baby, well, the end-of-year gift choice became obvious.

I was wrapping up pattern testing for Jennie when I found out, and it was a fairly easy decision to chop Flying Four into individual blocks and make a couple baby quilts instead. Actually, I originally did six blocks, but the proportions were off, so I cut it down to four.


The quilting is one of my favorites - sometimes it's just a scrolly double-C sort of thing {technical term} and sometimes it's a hidden heart. Baby quilts get loads of hidden hearts.


The backing is a Maywood Woolies, which is definitely the nicest flannel I've ever worked with. I want to follow-up with his teacher on how it looks after a year of use. That's not weird, right? The binding is an old Anna Griffin collection - I remember buying it in Oklahoma, which is at least three years ago. {When you date things by state, you're a military spouse.}

The fabric started as a fat quarter bundle of Bella by Amanda Murphy, and then I pulled from my own scraps and fat quarters to add in more Easter colors. And by my own, I mean, that purple Pearl Bracelets is from my neighbor Jess. Y'all need a quilty neighbor to share with.


The blue Pearl Bracelets were leftover from my nephew's quilt. The Dude picked the blocks he wanted and did the layout, and using the four that included his cousin's fabric was a deliberate decision.


And the full back - this is where the kids and I got sneaky. With the help of their gym teacher, the class signed and decorated the back. A fun reminder of the class that was "there" through a good portion of the pregnancy.


48" square

{And still nameless. I'm letting the class decide today.}

Pattern available here.