Fifteen Minute Challenge - Week 6

Finally, after two more fifteen minute sessions, I defeated the circle bag!
On Wednesday, almost the entire paper piecing class hovered over it during lunch, until we finally figured out how exactly the pocket side matched to the bottom to sew together properly.
Pattern is McCall's 6374, made about 2" taller overall.
On Thursday, I whipped together a pattern folder to go with it.
Which also folds into an easel for easy reading.
It tucks nicely into the bag for my sister to carry yarn and a knitting pattern.
And Friday-Monday, I was at my college reunion/mother's birthday party, so I got my daily 15 minutes in my hand sewing project, restoring my great-grandmother's quilt.
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Fifteen Minute Challenge - Week 5

Circle bag. That's it. 
Fifteen minutes, every day, stitching, seam ripping, pinning, reading the pattern, throwing it across the room.
It is still.not.working.
I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the bottom together. I suspect, despite sewing that darn circle five times, I've got the liner attached upside down. And just when I finally got the circle in with no bunching.
I'm taking a quilting class tomorrow, so I'm taking the stupid bag to see if my instructor can figure out how to finish it.
And then the next time someone asks me to sew a circle bag, I'm going to say, "Sorry, I only make square things."
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C.O.W. Purse - Finished!

Well, I can't say I figured out how to take good pictures of a purse, but I managed to take a couple decent ones.
(Just ignore the slight blur. I was laying across the guest bed with the camera dangling off the edge to get the shot. These are the only doors decent enough to take a picture on.)
It's a basic slouchy purse, about 16x12" with a 3" wide strap that's about 30" long. No pattern, just guesswork.
Inside there are three pockets; two on one side, one on the other. The bottom is about 2" deep - just enough for the paperwork or school work the recipient always carries.
The outside fabric is from Hobby Lobby. The inside bears a little explanation. My husband's squadron is a joint Air Force/Navy one. The Navy tradition is to call the Commanding Officer's Wife a C.O.W. Our COW is leaving soon, and I wanted her to be able to think of her year as COW whenever she opens this bag. :)
And on a semi-related note, yesterday my husband went from being a captain to a major-select. Woo!

Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 6

Second purse, same as the first - a little bit smaller and a little bit...well, mostly just smaller.
I was able to trim it down to 16x12 - a much more purse-like size. The bottom isn't as deep, but it should still work fine for the magazines and papers the recipient carries. Now I just need to add the detailing and straps and get it all together.
Planes, Stripes and Automo-dots

Hunter's Star: (new) seven blocks are completely together. Fifteen half-blocks with prints are done; three half-blocks with pink are done. Countless others in various stages. A LOT of math in this one.

Steelers Quilt: four blocks completely pieced. Two and a half partially pieced. Ran out of black Kona.
LQS Saturday Sampler: Almost done with March's block. Must remember to post March & February on Saturday!

Come Sail Away Quilt: it's back from the quilter and looking great! Just need to sew on the binding - I'm splitting it between the dark blue of the water and light blue of the sky, so it will be a little more complicated to line things up, but hopefully not that bad. 

Untouched This Week:

iSpy Sliced Coin Quilt Along
Layer Cake Quilt Along 

Awaiting Quilting: Bad Romance

In Planning:

Rudolph Quilt (the Dude)

Frolic Jelly Roll Sampler (me!)

Hunter's Star (my sister)


Second Snow White commissioned.
Knitting bag and pattern holder for my sister. Fabric should arrive this week.

This Week's Stats:

New Projects: 1
Completed Projects: 1
In Progress: 13
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