Berrylicious Dinos - A Finished Quilt!

  It is interesting that this first quilt of 2016 is a study in contradictions.

It is for me - and yet, I never use deep berry toned fabrics, and nor do I like dinosaurs. The original fat quarter bundle was curated by Charming Lulu, a local /online fabric shop, mostly of Manor House fabric. I added in a slice from Tula Pink's Elizabeth, a fat quarter of Cotton+Steel butterflies, then plenty of bits and pieces from my extensive Pat Bravo stash. The borders are Lizzy House's Natural History.

The blocks were "built" as leaders and enders as I pieced together several quilts for other people in November and December...which still probably makes it one of the fastest quilts I've ever made for myself.

Although I had the pattern pinned for ages, I've never actually used just a top/bottom border before. I definitely like it! {Also, I didn't really follow the pattern at all - just the inspiration. I made normal quarter square triangles and sashed them. It was a little more complicated for the setting triangles, but it worked just fine.}

The sashing and skinny border are both shot cotton.

For the quilting, I tried the popular graffiti quilting, and failed miserably. I think I echo way too much, and I don't really know that many different quilting motifs. This quilt has swirls, paisley-thingies, hearts, and flowers. Still, though it is very busy, you can't really "see" it on the quilt, so it works fine. {Not offering it to customers any time soon, though!}

The backing is a last minute purchase with the bundle - Lulu had remnants by the cash register. Who can pass up 5.75 yards for $22? Especially in sort-of-matching colors to my bundle? It's probably not what I would have picked if it hadn't been right there for the right price - but it was and it works, so I'm not complaining.

It's Nordika by Jeni Baker, and in case you couldn't guess, I used it for the binding, too. Which I debated, because the aqua really isn't a part of the front, but I think it looks perfect now that it's on there.

And so, even though I have heard a lot about how much the Little Man "yikes puh-pul dino quilt", this is all mine to enjoy as I buckle down on some t-shirt quilt orders.


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WiP - the Best Laid Plans

  Well, I had great plans last week - a full day of quilting and a Zentangle class, plus the usual amount of piecing and moving along on Christmas projects. And then Tuesday night, a massive windstorm swept through my town and took out the power for 85% of the population. We were lucky enough to get power back the next morning, but school was cancelled for the rest of the week, and we had friends over almost every day, borrowing our electricity and showers.

If you watch this news story, the church we go to is to the right of the camera. Makes me grateful that we live in a fairly new development with no large trees!

So anyway, the quilting day was cancelled, and piecing has been on and off between visitors. I was able to work on the bookshelf quilt {below} for a friend, but just the straight book piecing. I wasn't about to tackle paper pieced cats without my full concentration!

And sharing the design wall is my gorgeous quarter square triangles, pieced as leaders/enders. I'm already thinking about the sashing. Fast and fun!

And then I fixed the cow Minecraft block, and made a ghast. What's a ghast, you ask? I have no idea. Pretty sure it's a bad guy. Apparently the grey is his tears. Seven blocks to go!

And I played around with my 60º triangle ruler for a bit. It'll end up being a tablerunner for my husband's holiday party White Elephant exchange.

And finally, I finished binding the girl Frozen quilt. I still need to stitch down the label, and check for missed spots in the machine binding, and bind the boy one - but these should be finished and mailed this weekend! Phew. Long before Christmas.

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WiP - Minecraft-y

  This week was all about finishing at least one of those stupid Minecraft quilts - Christmas is coming and I've got to get one of them in the mail!

So I buckled down and pieced all the Enderdragon/Enderman blocks {the black ones} and the skeleton {the grey one}, then sashed up the nine-block version. And bless his dear little heart - the Dude spent over an hour searching Spoonflower and arguing with me about the difference between "stone" and "cobblestone" - he now says that the cobblestone looks really good.

His version is now eight blocks, of 16. {Okay, 7.75. Still haven't finished that cow.} And I took it all off the design wall after this photo because I just need a break from staring at it all the time. Seriously. The Enderman will not stop looking at me.

Instead, I started on my next commission/bonus me project. A friend asked for a bookshelf quilt in jewel tones, and I bought this berry-ish bundle at my local quilt show last month. I'm using 9" squares to make the quarter square triangles, and the leftover bits to start producing some books for the shelves. I need to pull some more blues and greens into hers, but I now have a lovely stack of squares to run through as leader/enders to make my design wall a little happier.

And obviously those book blocks will be cut skinnier and scattered around the quilt so it's not all the same height of book. It's just the start! There's book stacks and leaning books and cats and family photos planned for this thing. It's gonna be good.

Oh, and I also started binding the Frozen quilts.

And I made the decision to not rip out all my good work on the side borders on the Woven Snowmen. Really, the only issue I have with it is that it's only 60". And you know what? That's big enough. It's not huge, but whatever - it's fine for a holiday season lap quilt. So I snapped a pic, printed it out, and popped it in a page protector, and I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt it.

Oh, yeah, and I put binding on Not-Quite-Flower and finished that one up. It's about time to start getting some boxes together!

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