WiP - Quilting and Whatnot

  Man, who would have ever thought that getting into the routine of being lazy for summer would be so difficult? After three weeks home, I think we finally got the balance between library trips and outside time and sewing and the bare minimum of chores. Whew.

So, does this mean I'll catch up on the blog? Maybe...but for now...

I wrote the finished post for Ripples and Reflections! So if you still need to see the details on that, check it out.

I quilted! A lot! Actually, new to this stack is a t-shirt quilt and a baby quilt pieced by a friend. But adding to Shivaun Place and Fresh Air and some little things...it looks like I need to have some binding time soon.

Specifically, the t-shirt quilt. Looking pretty good right now!

And I've been piecing and editing a pattern for Chelle's Quilts. This is a good one! Very fast scrap buster, or fat quarter buster, or toss in a charm pack or two...I've used the whole gamut of fabric cuts in mine, and pretty much emptied my Halloween fabric bin.

And I {finally} finished my Animal in You swap project. It'll get its own post soon - probably after I finish up the Broadway one.

Oh, and I ran a half marathon in there, too. With no running whatsoever in between Alaska and Missoula. That was a terrible plan, and my knee is still yelling at me about it. I started some light running today and recovery is going to be slow. Frustrating.

And the color palette of the week! Um, surgery recovery? {Good luck, Jennie!} I haven't had surgery since I was five, so I'm gonna assume they gave me rainbow sherbet. They better have.

Also, while I was searching for a photo, I came across a recipe for Rainbow Sherbet Muddy Buddies. Um, yeah. Making that.

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Ripples and Reflections Quilt - Finished!

  Y'all. This quilt. It's...probably my best. And will remain my best for a long while. And that's okay, because I kinda like it.

And even better, I got to do her photo shoot in Alaska, where she blended perfectly with the fireweed and scenery.

Except for Denali - that mountain was camera shy! We managed to spot it between clouds on our last day, but it was washed out in my photos. I believe it's right in the center of the mountains here. Of course, I could just be saying that to convince you we saw it. {We really did!}

But seriously - the greens and pinks! Love! Even though it took twelve hours to cut out all the pieces from thirteen different fabrics. Scratch that - I had to cut out one of the fabrics twice, because I went out of order and mixed up the greens. Never go out of order on a project like this.

There are approximately 1200 individual pieces in this. Each {of 11} monthly step took between 1-5 hours to complete, for a total of 28 hours piecing, plus an additional 3 hours on quilting and binding prep.

A little bit of background {in the picture and in this paragraph - ha!} My mother-in-law drove with me from Oklahoma to Washington when we moved in 2013. We stopped in Sun Valley, Idaho, to visit Craters of the Moon Natl Park and Hemingway's grave. Popped into a quilt shop, and my MIL was hooked the moment she saw this. It's totally her colors, and she adores batiks. I said if she buys the kit, I could make it for her 60th birthday, May 2015. Challenge accepted!

Why yes, if I'm going to make you walk to the edge of a skinny little probably-not-structurally-sound dock, I'm going to take a picture of it. If only to prove that these are definitely my mother-in-law's colors.

Look at how nicely it hangs on a queen size bed! Perfectly planned.

I think needs some matching pillows and bedskirt. The quilting is loose curly-Qs and swirls, with some oversized flowers and hearts thrown in. Lots of fun to quilt.

I really wanted the quilt hand bound, but I was running out of time before vacation and stressing myself out. Then I realized - why? Why stress about something when I know that my friend actually enjoys hand binding, and she's fast at it to boot? I don't think I could have made a better decision - her stitches are darn near invisible.

Ripples and Reflections


Pattern: Ripples & Reflections by Laura Shifrin Designs

Kit: Sun Valley Fabric Granary {they still have one kit available, if you want to make your own!}

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WiP - Alaska

  Whew, it's been a while, huh? We went to Alaska for vacation - which was amazing! - and then I came back with a nasty head cold. So it's taking a little longer than I expected to get back to real life. I'm determined to do something resembling a catch-up this week, though, so...

Trip highlight: first, that amazing quilt behind him. Denali has artists in residence, and the artwork, including several quilts, were awe-inspiring. This was up at the Eielson Visitor's Center - totally worth the four-hour one-way bus trip.

Second, as the Dude was inducted into the Denali Junior Ranger program - literally, at this very moment - the ground shook. It was a 5.8 earthquake. That's some timing that the Dude will remember for the rest of his life!

And then there was the before-we-left project, a mini quilt for the Dude's teacher. He picked the blocks {math is his favorite subject - can you tell?} and the fabrics. The blocks are only 4", so it's a very small mini at 11x16", but his teacher loved it, especially how much it reflected him.

And then the biggie - I finished Ripples and Reflections! Well, I shouldn't say I did. I ended up paying a friend who actually likes hand-binding {weird} to do the last step. But she is done, and I took her to Alaska for delivery to my mother-in-law, and snapped some photos while the scenery was good. Finish post coming soon!

I also sketched out the next t-shirt quilt and did some hand stitching, neither of which is particularly photographic. And before I left, I finished the quilting on Shivaun Place, made six Superman capes and a baby Thor costume, quilted three baby blankets for my church ministry, and finished all the squadron receiving blankets. Whew. I really needed a vacation!

And now we need to get into the swing of summer vacation - hopefully with less coughing!

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WiP - Almost, But Not Quite

  {Look, it's Monday! I'm posting on Monday!}

This last week had a bunch of things worked on, yet nothing really coming to a finish. Frustrating to post about, but after I finish the month's t-shirt quilt, I usually end up working on whatever I can/want to before the next deadline. Of course, some of these things have deadlines, too.


Like another t-shirt quilt. The top was made by a friend, for my high school band director. I volunteered to quilt and bind it. It'll be gifted tomorrow, so finish post after that.

And these Superman capes for my cousins' kids. The applique is done, they're stitched together - I just need to turn them, topstitch them, and do the clean-up work. And then make a Thor costume for my nephew for the same party.

And Ripples has a deadline. I sewed all the binding pieces together, but I haven't pressed it yet. Or trimmed the quilt top so the binding can be attached.

And I finished up the squadron baby blankets. But they need threads trimmed and a run through the laundry and delivered.

And speaking of deadlines - Shivaun isn't due till Christmas. I started quilting her after the t-shirt quilt last week....and the tension was messed up. Second time I've started a Christmas gift and will have to fix the stitches. I think Christmas is not a fan of being done early.

In non-deadline sewing I finished all the blocks to Taffy! But I haven't had a chance to lay them all out and make them a quilt top. Because since it's a Christmas quilt, I'm sure it will sabotage itself somehow.

And the palette of the week is "summer sippin'" - which to sweet Mormon Jennie is just lemonade. I....am not Mormon. Summer is for sangria. Lots and lots of sangria.

{Photo courtesy of Lori Barbely Photography.}

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WiP - Rounding Up the Finishes

  Well, after "suffering" through spring break and actually suffering through a week of illness, I was more than ready to get back into the swing of things in my sewing room. I checked some major stuff off the list for once!

I finished a t-shirt quilt - full reveal will be after the customer has received it.

And I finished the Ripples and Reflections top! Whew, that was a biggie. It only took two hours to cut, assemble, and add on the last border pieces - the four corners, turning the whole thing on point. Of course, it only added 12 pieces...but they're long ones!

I have to go back and double check my math, but so far, it clocks in at 12 hours of cutting, 28 hours of piecing, and 1181 pieces. And that's before quilting! Which I'm just not going to think about for a week. Just need to bask in the glory of the finished flimsy.

And in other work, I quilted Fresh Air alongside the t-shirt quilt, only to roll back the first line and find this rats' nest. It's only about 10" to pick out, and I got to see how to rethread the longarm, so it was a learning experience. The rest of the quilt went well, so it won't take long to fix it. This is what happens when you try to do Christmas things in April!

I finished piecing and quilting my next mini - the Nerd one. It will be bound with the same silver crosshatch, and sent off to its new home this week! So, as usual - full reveal soon.

And while I was on a roll with binding, I put the same red dot from the t-shirt quilt onto Sail Around the World. Just have to stitch it down, and it will be off to its new owner.

And then, since I was overloading on finishes, I grabbed the Quilts of Valor kit that I've had a bit too long, cut out the sashing and borders, trimmed all the remaining blocks, and got that ready to sew. So there should be another finish this coming week. {Especially since I just have to assemble the top.}

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