Weekly Progress - #economyblockalong

I know, I know - I'm not a cool kid on Instagram. In fact, I can't even be if I wanted to, since someone {not naming any names but it starts with C and ends with...C} knocked my phone to the tile floor. Buh-bye, fancy phone. Hello, old phone.

Anyway, the owner of the Vera Bradley fabrics and I had many discussions over the best use of the fabric. Eventually she came up with this picture.

And I laughed, because of the super trendy Economy blocks. And then I laughed some more when I realized I owned the book with the pattern. So with a bit of fiddling to make it work with the sizes I had, I came out with this:

That was the biggest project of the week, though I managed to put the binding on this:

And as a leader/ender, put together this:

The panel pieces were already cut out, so I just paired them up with some 1.5" strips and whipped through to a finished project. Two, actually - the second one needs to be quilted and bound.

I also went though my pink bin and cut out my pieces for the weekly churn dash - sadly, no Sandy Gervais Valentine's! Mostly because I use them so much that only the smallest of scraps remain.

This one is Chez Moi, and ended up in Twinkle and Frolicking Pinwheels.

And I started cutting down scraps into 4" and 3.5" squares for a reverse heart quilt. It will be...very pink. I hope my eyes can handle it.

Road to Oklahoma - Washington Style - Finished!

So...this quilt. Bittersweet, on so many levels.

See, our son in Korea lives with a foster family. It's about the only thing that's helped in the almost-two-year process of bringing him home - at least he's not in an orphanage, and from the pictures and videos, his foster mom seems to being doing a great job.

So as a thank you, I wanted to make her a quilt. And I chose the block, Road to Oklahoma, because at the time, we lived in Oklahoma and I really thought he'd be with us before we moved.

I scribbled out my own pattern - and I still can't decide if it would have looked better if I did a full half block out, with the four patches continuing as well as the star. But I do kind of like the four patches as rings.

The whole home-to-Oklahoma thing didn't happen, so I purchased the fabrics during the move. {Little place in Sun Valley - great customer service when you realize you added wrong and didn't have enough purple, months later.}

My mother-in-law actually picked out most of the fabrics - the blue is the same as the border in her Ripples and Reflections. Bold batiks and Kaffe Fassett are very far out of my comfort range, but these work amazingly well together. It's all based on a purse the foster mom has had with her whenever she visits the agency.

The backing is purple flannel - basic and cozy. The binding is more of the gold - when I added less on the purple, I added more on the gold, so there was just enough for binding. So it was totally planned!

The backing shows the quilting better than the front - a freehand swirl. I'm not great at it, but I can do it, and fill in the space consistently, and easily get out of an area after filling it. So it's progress.

I have the label ready to stitch down. Nothing on it yet - I want to find someone local who can write Korean. Because an English label doesn't help much in this case!

And at this point, my toes were frostbitten, so I snapped one last shot and hoped everything would come out, because I was NOT going back out there. We're well into the negatives with wind chill.

Oh, look - CC finally started using her bed! Maybe we can finally co-exist in the sewing room!

No, wait, never mind.

She may look sweet and innocent, but this is the stuff of horror movies. Sewing nicely along, then KAPOW! Claws out of nowhere! My arms look like they've been slashed by teeny tiny razor blades.

But anyway. Foster mom's quilt, check. Court date, check. Just need to make the Little Man's quilt and make it through the court process/embassy appointments, and we're finally done with this thing!



February Goals

I'm trying to decide if I should go big for February's goal, or be conservative since it's only 28 days. And I should spend some of those days cleaning out the Little Man's room.

But eh - I don't have a race until May 18, so I have all my training time to spend cleaning in the sewing room, so...

It's totally cheating, since it just needs binding, so it's pretty safe to say I'll get it done this month. Probably even this week.

I also want to get the binding on Four Patch Frenzy. But first I need to find the binding. Which I bought last week. And already vanished into the piles in my sewing room.

Which brings me to my next task - I want to spend 15 minutes every day organizing the sewing room. Because I lost the binding. And a table runner pattern, which I need for a class in March. And my list of stars for the FQS-Along - and I literally found it last week and lost it again. Aah!

Ahem. Anyway. That's about it for binding, unless I make headway in the pile of table runners.

I'd like to complete Cat Tails to a top, mainly so CC will stop attacking it. She finds fabric cats very offensive.

I want to make the top for the Little Man's quilt. I'm appliqueing a sock monkey, so I need to do some figuring and fabric ordering. The rest of the quilt is strip pieced.

I want to get as far along this project as I can - a friend sent me scraps from Vera Bradley, and I want to get the completed project back to her before we go to Korea in March. The grey {Kona Silver} is the background fabric.

And of course, keeping up with FQS, Celtic Solstice, Winter BOM, and Weekly Churn Dash - so excited this month is pink! I need to do some damage to my pink box. It's a little...overflowing. For starters, I want to frame these panel blocks for a wall hanging, and do a reverse heart quilt.


Weekly Progress - Tape(r)

Tape and taper contributed a lot to this week.

On my quilty finishes, I tried out batting tape. Usually I franken-batt with a zig zag stitch, but I wanted to try the tape to see if it was faster/better. Also because I just had to get that little triangle in place.

Verdict: eh. No faster. Feels like it's holding just as "strong." Kind of a pain to wrestle batting on the ironing board vs. through the sewing machine. {Note: I do have CC trying to claw her way up anything draped over the ironing board. YMMV.}

The taper led to an epic finish - knocking nearly ten minutes off my personal record.

And the taper also led to lots being done in the sewing room, since I was full of nervous energy and couldn't run it off.


Working on the binding!

{Those are bow ties...not butts.}

Don't even have binding for it yet. I took it to my long arm rental time as a backup, if-I-still-have-time thing. And then Flirt didn't happen, so I had time. Which makes me sad! Somehow I totally misjudged my backing for Flirt, so I couldn't quilt it. Planning on getting a new back and going back tomorrow! And maybe getting some binding for Frenzy. Eh.

Obviously I finished piecing Road to OK - that was a biggie.

After that was done, I worked on borders for Central Park Sudoku.

And a churn dash of the week - this leftover from Big Blue, my largest quilt ever, was an obvious finish for the month of dark blues.

And here's the four blues together!

{Don't mind the feet. The feet wouldn't move. Neither would CC.}
Then I pulled out another UFO, Cat Tails, pieced together the last few cats, and worked on the layout. It exceeds my design wall by a bit, but I think I have a plan worked out.

Weekly Progress - Finishing Machine

What do you do when you used to devote hours to running and now you're firmly in your taper?

A lot of sewing.

This coming week will be even more productive in the sewing room, with a whole three miles to run and no strength or cross training. Oh, and a measly little half marathon at the end of the week.


Pieced the inside and started on the borders. Are those borders? When you're continuing part of a design into the first border, does it really count?

These are my very oldest scraps - my mother made dresses out of this material when I was in middle school. Let's just go with over twenty years old. I wore the dress to a handbell concert in Washington DC, and fell off the stage at the Old Post Office. Ah, memories.

Fat Quarter Stars
It's hard to come back to a project like this when you can't remember where you're at. I don't remember if I'm done with the online quilt along, where my list of the 9" stars is, and...so I made this star. At some point before next month, I'll try to figure out where the heck I am with this project!

Quilt Doodle BOM
And then I started a new BOM. Technically, it's a row-of-the-month hosted by Quilt Doodle, but she said it's winter-themed, so I'm hoping to make one block a month for a January-ish wall hanging for my mother. The blocks are 10" and the wall hangings are supposed to be about 30x40", so it should work out.

Obviously Mr. Snowman will be getting button eyes.

And Celtic Solstice is still a leader/ender project. I went back and forth on turning the chevrons to make a star, and not piecing the second block until I was really sure. But after seeing other people post their various versions, I'm sure I want the star. So here it is!