SWOKQG Sampler - a Finished Quilt

Well, that doesn’t sound like a very exciting title, does it? Luckily this one doesn’t need a name on the label, so I can be as boring as I want. Or uncreative. Or, well - it’s my quilt guild’s block of the month from 2018. What more of a name do you need?

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

So the quilt! Obviously, block of the month. One of the members gave out instructions for a 12” block, with a couple using the Tri-Recs rulers. I love my Tri-Recs and I try to be involved in guild things, even though I hate samplers. So I made my blocks in red/white/blue, knowing it would be donated to Quilts of Valor. Win-win!

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

This is the block I added, since my layout needed a lucky number 13. See the Tri-Recs? I adore it and I want to build a pattern around it. You know, if I can figure out how to make templates. And come up with a pattern. And have time to make it.

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

My other favorite block is the churn dash, of course. And I like my alternate blocks and the layout - but it doesn’t fully work in this quilt. I think it’s a little weird on the blocks that touch the edges (unlike the churn dash.) It works much better on the blocks that float (like the churn dash.) So, something to keep in mind for the future!

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

My two favorite things from Quilts of Valor! The label is from Spoonflower - and yes, it will be completely filled out before it’s presented. But I’m not putting all that info out there online. And the star on the block is from a flag that was imperfect, so the manufacturer won’t use it. They send us the stars, we stitch them onto the quilts. It’s a neat little detail.

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

The background fabric is the supremely shiny Maywood Pearl Essence, the alternate block and binding fabric is Kanvas All American, and the backing is Timeless Treasures Spin Dot. It’s actually the same backing as Honor, Courage, Commitment - I had to order 5 yards minimum. So there will be some borders of that red in the future, and perhaps some binding. It’s the backing that keeps on giving!

The blocks are obviously scraps - some of my favorite RWB that are starting to dwindle. It’s nice to give them one more place to shine. The quilting is loops and stars. So many loops and stars in the past week!

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts


And wait till the next BOMs Away! You can see all the other quilts I prepped for the Quilts of Valor ceremony this weekend.

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BOMs Away! - SWOK Sampler

When we moved to Oklahoma, one of the first things I did was join the local quilt guild. Well, it was by accident - I was looking for information about the Boy Scout troop that met at the church, and found out the quilt guild was there right then! So they pulled me in and wouldn't let me leave till I joined.

The yearly Block of the Month sampler started at the October meeting, and even though I reeeeeeeally don't need another project, I don't want to be that new girl who doesn't participate. They're already slightly suspicious of my modern roots! {I tried to explain modern traditionalism to them.}


So I decided to do the blocks in RWB, and make it one of my Quilts of Valor donations for next year. I'm not a huge fan of samplers, so this will allow me to participate, but keep the quilt moving out the door. 

The first block is this star, using the Tri-Recs ruler. Which, I love any chance to use my Tri-Recs, so yay! Hopefully there will be more Tri-Recs, and more stars.

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or, um, start a new BOM? Link up here or at What a Hoot!