Wildflower Log Cabin - a Finished Quilt!

  It's been sort-of in progress for six years, and the Wildflower Log Cabin is finally finished! And I'm very pleased with it. Like, someone I adore better have a baby girl so I can gift this to her.

I started this quilt in 2011, near the beginning of my quilting life. My local quilt shop in Oklahoma had a free Saturday Sampler quilt - come to a demo every month about new products, get your block fabric free. I like free fabric, so off I went. Let's not talk about anything I may or may not have bought during the demos to get my "free fabric."

I finished the sampler in 2012. Which really isn't that slow in my world. Oh, the days when I thought having five UFOs was cumbersome! Anyway, the sampler blocks left me with tons of 1.5" strips...you know, a gallon Ziploc. Tons...? I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a log cabin with it, but I didn't get started until early 2015. I think there was a log cabin quilt along on Instagram?

{Look, my cherry tree is in bloom! Finally!}

I finished the top in June 2016, but since no one was having a baby girl, I didn't bother quilting it. It finally made it to the longarm a couple weeks ago when I was quilting a massive t-shirt quilt. I knew I would want something quick and easy to do as well!

The quilting is an allover stipple - there's a lot of seams that I just wanted to tack firmly down.

The fabric is Wildflower Rhapsody by A Wing and a Prayer Designs. Obviously, it's long sold out, but you can still find the pattern for the original sampler if you're inclined to do so.

I know you've all been waiting for my tulips! They finally bloomed...and they're so not the right colors for this quilt. Sigh. And my lilac bush is still stubbornly not acknowledging spring.

I loooooove the layout! It's a little more abstract since the star doesn't completely come together in the middle. And since I made blocks until I ran out of strips, I was forced to work with what I had. Hence the symmetrical-but-not layout.

The backing is Maywood Woolies. I bought a stack of them from a quilter's yard sale a couple years ago, and obviously brown and pink had to go with this one! I have never felt flannel this soft and cuddly. Seriously. This stuff is the best flannel in the universe.

The binding is from Joann's, the same as the backing for the massive t-shirt quilt. I managed it with only one seam, since the t-shirt backing was 118"!

42" square

And now there's only teeny tiny bits of these two quilts in the scrap bins. Woohoo!

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WiP - June

Ah, June. The wonderful month when the children and I try to work out how we will co-exist 24/7. I've got to hand it to you homeschoolers! We're finally getting into a schedule with plenty of library stops and plenty of Netflix. Wait, I mean, just the library. The Dude definitely isn't almost done watching every episode of Anamaniacs, ever.

Ahem, anyway! There was sewing! Two full finishes!


Casie's T-Shirt Quilt!

And then there were finished tops!


California Girl Hourglass! My OMG goal - and y'all...it almost didn't get done. I was about 1.25x20" short of the white fabric for the stop border. That's right - I considered quitting over a 1.25" strip of fabric.


Finally I noticed the white-on-white fabric I'm using for 4√2, and decided that no one would notice that tiny bit. Right? So it's a top! Finally! Only been in progress since 2012.


And then I finished the log cabin using the leftover fabrics from my Saturday Sampler 2011. Yikes. Talk about some old projects, here. Technically, this one was never started until last year - I just saved all the leftover bits and pieces since 2011.


And then I did some entirely new things! If you don't count the fact that Lori has been buying and sending me the fabric for this one since, um...you know, let's just not talk about that. And yes I worked so hard on the layout and still managed to get those aqua hula girls next to each other. Ugh.

Anyway, all the parts are assembled {this quilt combines vertical and horizontal pieces} and all I have left is sewing together some long sashing strips and big chunks.


And as a leader/ender, I'm sewing together a Floating Star for Quilts of Valor. Super easy - most of my squares are already paired or four-ed, and just waiting to become rows. And I swear, I've seen the tutorial somewhere online, but the kit didn't come with much info.


And I made four demonstration heart blocks for #quiltsforpulse, being organized by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. Our guild is making them in 5" and 10" sizes {tutorial here!} and I'll be working on the assembly at our sew day in July.

And that's it! I've also been doing a lot of cleaning, but who really wants to see the bags of batting that I separated into quilts or pillow stuffing?

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Weekly Progress - Doll Dresses

Quilter's Corner, a Connecticut quilt shop, is collecting pillowcases for the surviving children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton. The tube method is super easy and I know I'll be making a couple.

As for sewing this week, it's been doll dresses, all day, every day. {Next year, I swear, I'm making one a month! Seriously! Okay, not really.}

This is my new model, Vivienne.

Two Cinderella dresses. Lamé is lame. These still need their velcro so they will fit better, and headband.

 Purple party dress.

Pink party dress. I need to find my scraps and make a fabric flower from the pink to cover the seam in the bow.

I still have a blue dress cut out that I need to sew, and a cowboy skirt and vest to make, and a leotard and tutu. Hopefully will get all that done today so I can mail off Christmas tomorrow!


{Design Wall} No change, no new blocks.

Still insanely slacking on the UFO Challenge and Fifteen Minute Challenge. I've been doing a quick five minute clean-up every day before I start sewing, just to keep the cutting table semi-free of clutter, but that's it. 

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Saturday Sampler Quilt - Finished!

This might be my longest in-progress quilt! I don't really want to look to figure it out, so we'll call it that.

My local quilt store does two Saturday Sampler quilts every year - pieced and applique. Basically, you buy the pattern and get every block free as long as you show up for the monthly demonstration. I wasn't a big fan of the fabric, but I like free, so I signed up in January 2011.

Some of the blocks gave me headaches, but I learned super-accurate piecing with all the bits in each one!

I bought the panel with the fabric line instead of the finishing kit and made it my own, placing everything on point around the center medallion from the original pattern. {The cat also put his special stamp on it.}
I did not, ahem, intend for the words to face in and out on the medallion. I discovered the error too late to contemplate swapping it, though.
I adore all the cream. Obviously not appropriate for my house, with the kid and the black cat. But it's going to my mother-in-law so I think she can manage to keep it clean!

The binding is piped, via this method. I love how it looks...hate the process of making the piping...attaching it to the binding...all before the normal binding!

And now I have to figure out what to do with the scraps and leftovers! {I'm kidding. Tons of 1.5" strips in there. Obviously a log cabin!}

Size: 64" square
Fabric: Wildflower Rhapsody by Timeless Treasures
Pattern: BOM by Wing and a Prayer {and me!}
Quilted by Paula

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Weekly Progress - With Bling!

Oh, my shiny. I love you so.
I was aiming for a 2:30:00 finish, and I actually did a good job making it up all the hills in the first five miles without stopping. Then around mile 8, my IT band was all, "Remember those hills? I hate you."

Close - and there are so many more squats and lunges in my future.

Ahem. Sewing. Yes, that's what I do. 
So Friday, I couldn't run, couldn't do strength, and had a lot of pent up energy. I scrubbed the house. I wrapped Christmas presents. I shredded an entire box of paper in the office.

Finally took that energy to the sewing room. I'm awaiting my next set of t-shirts, so I was free to do anything. I should have basted and quilted something. Or at least put borders on the few quilts that need them. Or made some doll dresses or prepped binding or...

Yeah. You know what I did.

New project!

It's a Schnibble, which is typically done with a layer cake, but I used up some Olivia yardage and fat quarters.

Oh, list of to-be-quilted tops... You're never going down.

Design Wall/UFO Busting - Chunky Log Cabin

I think the layout is going to come down to this one {Streak of Lightning} or the Furrows from two weeks ago. And I swear, I'm making a decision and putting them together before next week!

Also, my cat is a jerk.


Running T-Shirt Quilt #2

Other sewing

First of several doll dresses. I really need a model.

Saturday Sampler 2011 is back from the longarm. Time to prep some binding!

Made the Dude a pillowcase for his sleepover while I was in Tulsa.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
3 out of 7 - I wrapped ribbon, picked up the sewing room floor, and refolded and organized my flannel scraps after making the pillowcase.
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