Shivaun Place Pillow - a Mini Finish

  So way back in September 2015, I finished a quilt for my sister-in-law. It was a Sassafras Lane design, and I loved it, except there were a couple of places that used stitch-and-flip and left me with bonus triangles. Which I generally hate, because I feel obliged to save them, but I never use them.


But the Sassafras ladies were prepared and included a bonus mini pattern! So it may have taken a while, but I did get the block together in February, then quilted and envelope-pillow-ed it this weekend. I didn't use their design exactly - it was pinwheels with the border fabric, and why make pinwheels when you can make Shooflys? So mine ended up a bit bigger with the added skinny strips. Like, 28" big. Which has exceeded its use as a decorative couch pillow and become more of a giant floor pillow.


I backed it in the same flannel as the quilt back, envelope style. I used four pieces to get it the right size, but I think the fabric is so busy you don't really notice. I zig zagged all the inner seams so it can be washed, because she has kids.

The quilting is just a grid and crosshatch, following the lines of the pattern. I thought about doing more, but all the major seams were secured, so...

At 28" square, I worried that I wouldn't be able to find an insert for it, but Amazon always has my back. Now to get it in the mail so that she might get the insert and the cover on the same day!

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WiP - February

Ah, finally February - no one was sick! There was a few more snow days than I would have liked, but we mostly survived them. And I got back into the routine of sewing, which led to lots actually getting done for once.


Like my brother-in-law's Army uniform quilt - a Christmas present finally received!


And my own table runner, finished before Valentine's Day! {Give or take five years.}


I also finished another t-shirt quilt - I'm waiting for my friend to receive it before I post about it.


Made three sets of BOMs Away - two Tic Tac Toe blocks for an Instagram friend and four Jack's Chain blocks.


And the second Eternal Bloom block, which was...not the easiest. But done!


I pulled out a mini-project, which turned out to not be quite that mini. It's the leftover pieces from Shivaun Place - the pattern contained a mini pattern for the half- and quarter-square triangle cutoffs. I changed it a bit to echo the design of the quilt, and it ended up about 30" square. It was supposed to be a pillow for my sister-in-law...I suppose everyone needs a giant pillow? Anyway, finishing it is my OMG goal for March.


In addition to the other t-shirt quilt, I made three more t-shirt quilt tops, and I'm working on piecing the back for one of them. She asked for her Half Fanatics number as the backing - those letters are 20" high! Should be an awesome back.


And I pieced a random little top! I dragged the Little Man around the quilt show last October, so he got a reward at the end - these pilot bears panel and a fat quarter. I was going to fold them up and put them in a box while cleaning, but...I had some time, so I threw the top together. So it's a little closer to being an actual quilt!


And for my leader/ender, I worked hard on getting this QOV nearer to being an actual quilt. I'm down to the last four patches to get it all together - whew! I feel like I've been making four patches foreeeeeeever.

So that's February! I've got a good bit of stuff to quilt in March, so hopefully the snow tapers off so I can get to the rental place more often. Seriously, now - it's currently snowing and I'm scheduled for Wednesday...

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WiP - Block by Block

  Ah, finally. Both kids are in school, and for two days a week, I have complete go to the grocery store without getting the car cart. And to sew! I'm still working my way though several projects, one step at a time, and trying to resist the urge to start something new.

First up, the lovely Shivaun Place is a finished quilt, ready to be gifted to my sister-in-law for Christmas.

I made sure all the RSC'14 churn dashes had sashing, then I started sewing "four patches" of them together. I'm trying to make sure each four patch has a dark block so they will be evenly spaced in the end quilt.

Then I made the binding for the Halloween scrap quilt. It still needs to come off the zippers and get trimmed up, but it's moving along, so I'm happy.

I made a sheep for the Minecraft quilts. But only one, because I'm officially out of brown. I've reached the point where I need to put together an order to fill in the gaps in my solid stash.

And finally, I made the first of three blocks for my Lori Holt mini quilt swap. I'm doing fruits in mason jars. This is 3x6" - a lot of little pieces in a little block!

I'm hoping I can finish a lot of these projects up this week - I'm itching to start something new {from the to-be-finished-by-Christmas list, of course} - but I'm trying to be good.

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Shivaun Place - a Finished Quilt!

  So, many years ago, I made a quilt for my nephew. Last Christmas, I made a quilt for my niece. I knew it wouldn't be long before I heard from my sister-in-law...and sure enough, this summer, my mother-in-law mentioned that maybe, if she bought the fabric, would I possibly...

Well, c'mon, she had me at "If I buy the fabric." And then she took me to Mary Jo's, the Fabric Mecca of North Carolina, and we bought the fabric. Allllllll the fabric. I think my MIL was a little scared to see the process in action.

We started with the border/accent fabric and moved out from there - without a pattern in mind. Not the best method, but... It mostly worked? {And check out the "matching" backing from Joann's! They copy know a good thing when they see it, amiright?}

Okay, the white print didn't really work. It's a great print - and it looks good up close - but in the overall quilt, it's washed out. I don't think pairing it with any of the other prints would have helped. Just look at it up close. It's very pretty fabric up close.

The pattern is Shivaun Place by Sassafras Lane Designs. I've had a massive crush on them since the 2013 Buggy Barn Quilt Show. And for good reason - the pattern was well written and went together very quickly. I did get grumpy at one instruction, as it would leave me with waste triangles...only to find out they included a bonus pillow pattern for using up those bits! High five, designers!

{Have I made the pillow yet? No, no I haven't. But I am, because it would be rude not to.}

Is it wrong to have a favorite block? Because it's totally this one.

Also, you can see a bit of the quilting - loops and flowers. I used, um, Surefine{??} thread for the first time, and it was...harder than I thought. I ended up doubling over lines a couple times because they were so darn hard to see. It looks good on the quilt - nearly invisible - but I'm just not sure I'm ready for it.

Goodness gracious, I love a perfect corner set. And that border. And the cozy flannel on the back. Do I have to send it to my SIL? Maybe no one would notice if I forgot to mail it... {Wait, my MIL reads my blog!}

Fabrics: Riding Hood, Geometric Bliss, Safari Moon, Nouvelle, Franklin, Urban Blooms, It's A Party, and an unknown Lila Tueller

70" square

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WiP - Fall

  Ahh, fall. School. Cooler running weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. Cinnful Angry Orchard. Excuse me while I dig out my sweaters and tall boots - this is MY season.

And the best part? It's cool enough to have the windows open, but the breeze blowing through makes my people wrap up in quilts. I can't keep them folded up neatly on the couch anymore these days...and that's okay.

And so I have made some lists and I am tackling several projects in an attempt to cover more people in quilts. An admirable goal, I think.

I'm not good at working on one project until completion - but I broke down some projects into manageable steps, and try to finish a step before moving to the next step in the next project. It's working fairly well...although it's been a whooping two weeks.

So - Project One - finish something! Dr. Seuss Fresh Air - packed up and ready for the Christmas shipping pile.

Project Two - get the next thing ready for binding! Shivaun Place - trimmed and ready to go.

Project Three - piece the next gift quilt! Not-Quite-Flower is now a finished top and awaiting the next trip to the longarm rental.

Project Four - piece something for us! RSC Churn Dashes are moving right along with the sashing. And just generally making me happy to see them on the wall. That's the fun part of scrap quilts - these are a whole lot of some of my very favorite fabrics.

And finally, I made the next Minecraft block. I'm rapidly running out of ones I can make from my solids scrap bin - no brown is a severe limitation! So I'm making my list to order all the missing pieces. Anyway, this is a chicken. Only one because the Dude didn't order one for his quilt.

Now I am making up my list of steps/projects I want to accomplish this week - especially on Wednesday, my first child-free day in months! {I love you, fall.}

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