Weekly Progress - To The Finish

I had a much better week last week - including a kick-ass long run on Friday. Yeah, I just described an eight mile run as awesome. The fresh air must be getting to me.

There's also been a ton of sewing - focused sewing - with several projects completed or nearing completion.

In full disclosure - the rest of my house is a disaster. I don't think I've folded laundry in three weeks.


Striped Spiral

Also, the Dude's Halloween costume is finished, but you'll have to wait until Halloween for pictures.

Nearly Finished:

LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - I just have the top and bottom border to add. And it's not due to the quilter until Nov. 15 - AND I already have the backing good to go!

Running T-Shirt Quilt #2 - all the blocks except for the hardest two are done! I just need to very carefully piece the shirts her husband made for her Ironman.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization

Monday - cleared the cutting table
Tuesday - folded fabric and cleared Necchi sewing machine table
Wednesday - cleared Singer sewing machine table
Thursday - nothing
Friday - cleared the treadle sewing machine
Saturday - cleaned off the bench the cats are supposed to sit on, although they only sit on fabric even when the bench is clear
Sunday - cleaned off the sewing table - and now all the flat surfaces are clear! {Okay, maybe not that exciting...but I don't think ALL the sewing machine tables have ever ALL been clear at the same time.}

Design Wall/UFO Busting
Since I finished off quilting of a UFO earlier in the week, and found some UFO blocks while cleaning, I decided to put them on the design wall and play around with them for my UFO day.

 Didn't actually sew them since I'm still playing... I have a total of 20 blocks. I like this frame...but I don't know what to fill it with. Plus I'll have leftover blocks.

I like it on point...could go two rows higher and one column wider... I think if I went with this one, I would slash the blocks instead of adding setting triangles before the border. Or maybe not.

It already looks totally different as I fiddle with the blocks every time I walk past it. And I prepped the last seven partial blocks to finish as leaders/enders throughout this week.


Striped Spiral - Finished!

I pulled this quilt off my treadmill hanging rack earlier this week when it became apparent that I would not finish Skorca in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival. {Which was when I threw Skorca in the corner and yelled, "I hate you!" like a teenage girl. Poor Skorca.}

This was an easier quilt to finish. But it still looks pretty good. {Kind of like the teenage girl's Homecoming dance back-up date/best guy friend who totally has a secret crush on her.}

I made most of the top while living in a hotel in Vegas in June. Which is not as glamorous as it sounds. After I finished the blocks I brought with me, I decided it needed to have a neutral block in each corner, so it was put aside until I got back to my stash.

I added another row and column, backed it with a light knit, and quilted it in the neutral with three blue/brown stripes.

It goes to a friend who was the first person to take me to the LQS here in Oklahoma. Her husband flies the same plane that my husband used to fly, and they're currently moving {with their baby, who the quilt is actually for!} to Washington state, our previous assignment. And I am so, so jealous. Especially in the fall - Washington rules apple picking season! I will be less jealous once the snow starts. ;)

Her only request was brown and Tiffany's blue. It's not quite the right blue...but I'm hoping to make it up to her if our team wins the Nike DC Half-Marathon lottery. It's amazing how many women you can convince to run a half with you when there's a little blue box at the end.

The stripe has been in my stash for five or so years; the neutral is Dimples. The binding is April Cornell's Nature's Notebook.

Size: 40x40"
Quilted: Me
Special Techniques: paying close attention to the direction of the stripes!

Sunday Stash Report - Week 25

Let's start with the finish!
I had zero floor space at the Vegas hotel, so you'll have to look at the stained glass effect I got from {haphazardly} pinning it to the curtains.
It's about 35" square. I'm debating adding another row to the top and side - that would make all the corners end with the neutral.
But of course, I didn't bring the fabric with me and I have no idea where I bought it in the first place, so till the end of the summer, it's done.
On the other hand, while in Vegas, I got to do a mini-shop-hop and visit Fabric Boutique and Quiltique.
And that's all I bought!
{Oh, the restrictions of luggage weight and another two weeks in a tiny hotel room.}
The pattern is Boardwalk by Fig Tree & Co {already have fabrics picked out at home}; the book is Schnibbles Times Two {only two years late on this whole Schnibble thing}; the fabric is Little Apples by Aneela Hoey {to bind my as-yet-unmade Walk in the Woods quilt.}
Used this Week: 1.17
Used Year to Date: 62.49
Added this Week: 0.62
Added Year to Date: 109.61
Net Used for 2012: (47.12) yards

WiP/FMC/DWM - Still in Vegas

You'd think Vegas would be exciting, right? We're pretty far from the Strip, and with no car and a seven year old, there's not much to do.

Except for the pool. I think the Dude is growing gills. We easily spend over three hours a day there. I've done a bit of hand stitching, but it's really too warm to have it draped all over me. Not to mention, the fear of the Dude splashing pool water on a 50 year old quilt!

{Did our tenth anniversary Ocean's Eleven-style, watching the fountains at the Bellagio.}

We did make it to the Strip a couple times, and saw KA, a Cirque Du Soliel show, last night. And I did manage to steal the car and visit a couple quilt stores one day when my husband was flying the night shift. By the way, Fabric Boutique and Quiltique - lovely. Just lovely.

We try to stay inside during the hottest part of the day, so I get some quiet time to sew. {In between rounds of Blink. Oh, so many rounds of Blink.}

I finished the Striped HST top. It was pretty easy once I had a "design wall" {flannel-ish back of a vinyl tablecloth} to keep track of the stripe direction.

Made nine-patches as my leaders/enders. They will be paired with snowballs.

And today, at the pool, I started the HST lines on the Spongebob blocks. I know, I make Vegas seem seriously exciting. Try to contain your jealousy.

Fat Quarter Stars (6/12 blocks)
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 (12/36 blocks) 
LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 (12/12 & center) 
Chunky Log Cabin (13/20 blocks)
St. Paul's Cross (2/42? blocks)
Big Blue (hand stitching binding)


Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - approved 5/12
USCIS paperwork - mailed 6/12
New Projects: 1
Completed Projects: 1
In Progress: 9

DWM - Stripey Triangles

Settled in and sewing!
And man, isn't the hotel lighting great??
I'm planning on getting a flannel-backed tablecloth for a real design wall, because the bed is not cutting it. And this layout, while easy, requires paying attention to the stripe direction, so I need to see where I'm going with it!
This is the little table I'm sharing with my husband's studying. It's a pretty tight fit - the "kitchen" and door are a chair's width from the table - but we're making it work. For now.