Central Park Sudoku - Finished!

Yet another quilt that languished in several spots along the process journey. It was just waiting for the right pieces, I guess?

It started when I fell in love with Central Park by Kate Spain. But not the animals. So when this Sudoku kit came across my path, I snatched it up. And I showed my mom and she said, "that looks like the horrible stuff we had in the 70s." Woo, modern fabrics!

I adore Sudoku, but keeping it in place throughout a quilt isn't that easy. You'd think it would be, but there was a lot of double checking.

The top was pieced over the summer of 2012.
I bought the borders back in Oklahoma...probably at least 18 months ago? Finally put them on in February. I'm still not positive the dark purple was the right decision. But clearly it's staying. They're both Good Fortune by Kate Spain.

It was quilted with loopy flowers back in March, and then it waited until I would not be able to quilt but still needed a finish. ;)


I had no binding in mind until I was out picking up my machine from its spa vacation at Bear Paw Quilting in May. A tiny skinny end bolt of Good Fortune was in their clearance. I grabbed it and hoped it was enough...and it was!


Photobombing overwhelmed my shoot. 

The Dude took off with it and declared that it was his. All that pink and purple? "Mom. It's minkee." Well.

I thought the size was a bit off - too big for a baby, too small for a lap. Apparently the right size for a boy.

And complimentary colors for the cat.


WiP - Diversity

I'm still bouncing all over the place this week, but at least I have some finishes to show for it! And some new skills to boot.

I quilted and bound my sister's Christmas tree skirt, and bound Central Park Sudoku. Making bias binding wasn't a new thing, but attaching it in a circle was. And it wasn't that hard!

Then I practiced a mitered border on a little panel piece from my husband's grandmother's stash. It worked okay...

...so I went ahead and put the mitered border on my Wee Wander quilt. I'm so glad I learned the technique, because this is perfect. Straight borders wouldn't have cut it with this amazing border print.

I finally - finally - finished cutting my MIL's Ripples and Reflections, and made the first block. I'm keeping track - 1 hour to sew, 41 pieces.
And since working with Christmas, modern fabrics, 80s fabric, novelty fabric, and batiks wasn't enough for one week, I started one with homespun-style flannels.
When digging through Grandma's stash, I found two pillowcases with a design and her name and her husband's. And then I felt immense guilt because I've had the denim from her husband's jeans for three years and haven't made her a quilt yet. What kind of person puts off Grandma's quilt??
So I whipped together a plan, dug out these flannels from a kit, and got started!

And in between all this, I cut another neutral jelly roll for my vacation sewing. This is a new one to me - Plaster of Paris - that's very Grunge-like. The real jelly roll is California Girl, bought during my husband's last deployment. Fitting that I should work on it during this one!

Oh, yeah, and my Weekly Churn Dash. This is just a Joann's print, nothing special, but I love the pattern of the white dots and the random blue flowers.

And the design palette of the week! Orange, and I love the matching Kona names. {Photo courtesy of the EPA. Really!}

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Weekly Progress - Still Moving Along

Still doing a pretty good job knocking things off the UFO/to-do list. It helps that I have so much stuff allllllllllllmost done, plus nervous energy to spare. 

And I know this is the home stretch - in less than a month, the Little Man should be home with us, and my sewing time will be severely limited. Since I've been waiting, oh, almost two years for this, I plan on enjoying the break.

Skorca! - and after promising it to the Dude for two years, it was a good finish to knock off the list!

{Oh, and there's a giveaway on that post. You might want to check it out.}


Chunky Log Cabin and Central Park Sudoku - Chunky just needed the borders, and CPS was pinned to my zippers, so it got ahead of Reverse Hearts. I do have binding for Chunky, but not CPS, so it'll still be a while before CPS becomes a finish.


Okay, it's not quite piecing, but I cut out the letters for the growth chart that went with the H is for Henry quilt panel. That meant the teal leftovers were finally free to...

...become a Weekly Churn Dash. Henry was my first ever long arm finish, so of course one of his teals would make it into the churn dashes.

I started a table runner based on my Hearts and Cabin, for a friend. One more heart and it's into the quilting box!

More Spin Cycle blocks, slowly moving along here. Really wish I could get a good shot, but we've got some rainy, dreary weather out here.

And I strip-pieced the main body of the Monkey quilt. It's supposed to be a "bed," with the white as a sheet and the blue dots as a pillow. I can't decide if the monkey applique is too small - it's only about 10" on a 44" quilt body. But the monkey will also have paws and a tail appliqued onto the "sheet," so... I don't know. It seems like a lot of white space for a kid's quilt!

And gratuitous kitten pic. What, were you USING this?


Weekly Progress - Some Little Projects

So, this past week was the first time since November that I wasn't devoting 1-2 hours a day to running.

I think it shows.


Central Park Sudoku - added the borders, finally. I was going to quilt it if I had time after the Flirt session, but it was snowing, so I went to the grocery store for my bread, milk, and eggs instead. The backing is already pinned to the zippers, so it'll get done soon-ish.

After my mother-in-law's marathon Christmas PJ pants sessions, my ironing board was looking sad. It already had the rips, but since my poor old iron leaks, I never use water in it. She didn't know that, so there were lots of water stains added. And the poor old iron gave up.

So I made a fresh new cover and got a fresh new iron. The cover is duck cloth, 54" wide. I left the selvages on and sewed some old double fold binding along the edges, popped in some elastic, and voila! Easy peasy way to brighten up the sewing room.

I moved the Dude's dress up bin to the other side of the play room and set the ironing board in front of the window so I could spy on the neighbors keep an eye out for the school bus. 

And notice the cat bed right underneath? And notice where CC is? Sigh.

I mustache you where you plan on keeping your allowance. {A wallet for the Dude.}


Cat Tails - ran out of Dimples. More horrifying - no store around here carries Dimples! Everything is pieced except the rows that can't be, and I'm working on an online order.

Weekly Churn Dash - this was another obvious pick. The backing of Bad Romance and one of my favorites in the pink bin!

I pieced together the jumbled mess of Celtic Solstice pieces from last week. Now let's play "Spot the Error!"

The owner of these fabrics and I worked out a great plan for them. So off I go to piece!

I also cleaned in the sewing room enough to find my list of Fat Quarter Stars - yay! Still can't find the binding for FPF or the table runner pattern. Sigh.


Weekly Progress - Tape(r)

Tape and taper contributed a lot to this week.

On my quilty finishes, I tried out batting tape. Usually I franken-batt with a zig zag stitch, but I wanted to try the tape to see if it was faster/better. Also because I just had to get that little triangle in place.

Verdict: eh. No faster. Feels like it's holding just as "strong." Kind of a pain to wrestle batting on the ironing board vs. through the sewing machine. {Note: I do have CC trying to claw her way up anything draped over the ironing board. YMMV.}

The taper led to an epic finish - knocking nearly ten minutes off my personal record.

And the taper also led to lots being done in the sewing room, since I was full of nervous energy and couldn't run it off.


Working on the binding!

{Those are bow ties...not butts.}

Don't even have binding for it yet. I took it to my long arm rental time as a backup, if-I-still-have-time thing. And then Flirt didn't happen, so I had time. Which makes me sad! Somehow I totally misjudged my backing for Flirt, so I couldn't quilt it. Planning on getting a new back and going back tomorrow! And maybe getting some binding for Frenzy. Eh.

Obviously I finished piecing Road to OK - that was a biggie.

After that was done, I worked on borders for Central Park Sudoku.

And a churn dash of the week - this leftover from Big Blue, my largest quilt ever, was an obvious finish for the month of dark blues.

And here's the four blues together!

{Don't mind the feet. The feet wouldn't move. Neither would CC.}
Then I pulled out another UFO, Cat Tails, pieced together the last few cats, and worked on the layout. It exceeds my design wall by a bit, but I think I have a plan worked out.