Some Little Finishes

I just spent a couple days in Seattle with the boys, celebrating my birthday, where I learned that the Dude is now dangerous in quilt stores. He no longer complains about being there. No, he's in the shelves, picking fabric, and confidently ordering a quarter yard and three quarter yard.

Yup, he's addicted to pillowcases. This is Robert Kaufman's The Last Frontier and Stargazers. And I don't want fabric marinating in the sewing room anymore, so I whipped them together this morning.

I also made a stack of burp clothes for my sister - Army ones for her husband...

...and UConn ones for her!

And the last of the small finishes - I pulled this out of the "quilted" pile, put an envelope style back on it, and declared it done. The quilt {Sunkissed Jewel Box} was finished in 2013 - these were the four blocks that didn't make it in. They make a great little pillow, even though I don't think I planned to save two greens and two greys.

The backing is a bit more Sunkissed by Sweetwater, and I did just so happen to cut the pieces of a churn dash before putting the rest in the green bin.

Sunkissed Jewel Box - Finished!

Another long-finished top, now a quilt!

This was based off two Moda Bake Shop tutorials - I used two charm packs and some yardage to create the Jewel Box block, and laid it out in a Barn Raising setting.

{What the heck was I thinking with this camera angle?}

I wish I had taken time to plan better - I really, really like how the squares make rings of each color, but since I didn't plan it that way, I ran out of the darker shades in each color, and didn't have enough orange/green to do a full ring.

{I should really rake the leaves...since it's January.}

I adore the backing/binding. It was an impulse - saw it in the store and guessed that it was the right colors. I love it when that works out!

Fabric: Sunkissed by Sweetwater, yellow tone-on-tone
Backing/Binding: Bukhara by Dear Stella
Size: 48" square
Block Pattern: Jewel Box / Jewel Box
Quilted - straight echo by me

Quilt will be for sale on my Facebook Page once I get it over there.


Weekly Progress - Goodbye 2012

Ah, the end of another year. 2012...wasn't a bad year, but with my husband deployed or away in training for deployment for nine months of it, it wasn't a great one. It was more of a waiting year.

Some highlights:
15 finished quilts - four of which were commissioned

2013 will be the opposite, and I'm looking forward to everything that has managed to cram itself into the coming year. It'll be crazy!

In progress this week
I complained about my sister wanting her book back last week. My mother should play poker, because she let me rush through some blocks without letting on that my sister got me the book for Christmas. Back on the back burner!

{UFO Challenge} After Christmas was cleaned up and the guests went home, I finished up some projects just so I could claim I finished some UFOs this year. Blue Bowties is done!

Sunkissed Jewel Box is done! But as it's snowing raining, it will have to wait for better light for pictures and a post.

{Design Wall} No change. Seriously. The wreath is even still there.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} In a quest to start cleaning instead of just organizing what I have, I sorted through the scraps leftover from my t-shirt quilts. Let's face it - I'm not going to use them.

One of our local charities takes stained/ripped clothes for rags, so they're getting two garbage bags full. I saved a small rainbow in case I need to make running shirt logo/costume.

Sunday Stash Report - Week 39

Ooh, report's going down today!
 I got Mom's Tennessee Waltz back from Paula and got the binding on it.
And then I finished sewing together the Sunkissed Jewel Box rows. It's 48" square and I don't think I'm going to put borders on it.
And in saving-my-stash-report-by-not-buying... I still haven't decided on a back for the Halloween Hexagons. I tried a minkee back, but the stitches totally disappeared, and I really want them to stand out. So there's black flannel, or Kona, or...has anyone ever used poly-satin? I think it would be too slippery, but it comes in 60" so I wouldn't have to piece it.
Used this Week: 8.93
Used Year to Date: 109.78
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date: 145.12
Net Used for 2011: (35.34) yards

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Design Wall Monday - Week 37

Still Sunkissed Jewels...
Poor thing got relegated to leaders/enders for a while. The top three rows are completely done. I should get it together soon, though I'm going to spend the next couple of days cutting for a retreat, and I'm not taking something as big as this for retreat leaders/enders.
Of course, it's hard to work on anything when your cutting table looks like this...
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