WiP - Some Gifts

  Once the t-shirt quilt was out the door last week, I went through my checklist and started pulling out some gifts I have planned for the rest of the year. Might as well get them done before I start yet another UFO, right?

And so, the binding was attached to Sail Around the World, and she went off to live with our former commander.

A decision was made about Spin Cycle, and she went off to live with a dear friend who had a stillborn baby the same week the quilt was damaged.

And with my personal quilts finished and mailed off, I pulled together a top for Quilts of Valor. This was a kit, so I didn't make the blocks {although I did make several disappearing hourglass blocks that are in someone else's kits, somewhere.}

And then I started on my nephew's birthday present. He's a baseball player. Don't know if you could have guessed that one! I think this will be a pillow rather than a wall-mini.

And through all the finishing, I used Taffy as a leader/ender. Which didn't even lead to a single finished block. But all the HSTs are created, so the blocks should go together quickly now as L/E.

Oh, and I finished and mailed my Nerds mini swap, but it went to England so it'll be a while before the reveal.

And then I busted into my next t-shirt quilt box and sketched up a plan. With a Disney focal section in the middle. Love! Time to get cutting!

And the color palette is May the Fourth, because Jennie loves nerds. Although I agree with her husband - TESB is the best movie of the trilogy. Best lines, best action, best ending, no Ewoks... Yeah, I'm wearing my Star Wars skirt proudly today.

Sail Around the World - a Finished Quilt

  So, you saw all the scrappy trip around the world quilts that were so popular about a year ago, right? Two years, maybe? Did you ever see them and think, "that's nice, but they're not really TATW quilts. I would do a classic TATW. Scrappy."

This is a terrible plan. I'm still convinced there's an error in here somewhere. But if anyone spots it - don't tell me. I don't want to know.

I started with strip sets, which ended up being a confusing mess of keeping color order and seams pressed in the right direction. In the end, I made up a document {which you can get right here if you're crazy enough to try this} and just sewed long rows. It wasn't worth the effort of trying to keep the same fabrics from touching.

The quilting is a big, loose, ribbon-y swirl. I don't really know how to describe it - I just kind of went with the flow. I want to do something similar, with flowers, on Ripples and Reflections, so I figured I should get in some practice. And for fun, I used a RWB variegated thread.

This did a good job of emptying my darker blue scrap bins. I'm slowly replacing it with more brighter blues - like the pearl bracelets and crosshatch. RWB can be modern!

This quilt is going to one of my husband's former commanders, a Navy guy recently promoted to Captain. Or Commander. Navy guys have their own weird rank system. His wife is the most enthusiastic and giving person I know, and a huge inspiration to me - both in military life and running. She ran Boston last year and will be running NYC this fall. The front is sailor stuff for him, but I snuck some floral in the back for her.

The binding is more red dots. Yes, I did buy pretty much every single dot fabric in the Korean fabric market. Why do you ask?

I used 3" unfinished squares, and a 25x29 layout, for a 63x73" final size.

WiP - Rounding Up the Finishes

  Well, after "suffering" through spring break and actually suffering through a week of illness, I was more than ready to get back into the swing of things in my sewing room. I checked some major stuff off the list for once!

I finished a t-shirt quilt - full reveal will be after the customer has received it.

And I finished the Ripples and Reflections top! Whew, that was a biggie. It only took two hours to cut, assemble, and add on the last border pieces - the four corners, turning the whole thing on point. Of course, it only added 12 pieces...but they're long ones!

I have to go back and double check my math, but so far, it clocks in at 12 hours of cutting, 28 hours of piecing, and 1181 pieces. And that's before quilting! Which I'm just not going to think about for a week. Just need to bask in the glory of the finished flimsy.

And in other work, I quilted Fresh Air alongside the t-shirt quilt, only to roll back the first line and find this rats' nest. It's only about 10" to pick out, and I got to see how to rethread the longarm, so it was a learning experience. The rest of the quilt went well, so it won't take long to fix it. This is what happens when you try to do Christmas things in April!

I finished piecing and quilting my next mini - the Nerd one. It will be bound with the same silver crosshatch, and sent off to its new home this week! So, as usual - full reveal soon.

And while I was on a roll with binding, I put the same red dot from the t-shirt quilt onto Sail Around the World. Just have to stitch it down, and it will be off to its new owner.

And then, since I was overloading on finishes, I grabbed the Quilts of Valor kit that I've had a bit too long, cut out the sashing and borders, trimmed all the remaining blocks, and got that ready to sew. So there should be another finish this coming week. {Especially since I just have to assemble the top.}

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WiP - Snippets

  It's the end of the month crush, with a t-shirt quilt and two swap minis needing to be packed up and mailed by tomorrow. So, while that's mostly what I've been working on this past week, you're only going to get to see snippets until the reveal posts.

So...t-shirt quilt snippet! Isn't that backing fantastic? My kind of girl.

Mini quilt snippet! Those "toes" finish at 1/2". Tiny and adorable, much like...well, not CC. She's hardly tiny. She weighs in at 13 pounds now, while poor Tycho dropped down to eight. We switched his diet food again, and he likes this stuff much better, so hopefully he'll be back up to fighting weight soon.

And Ripples and Reflections! Not really a snippet, but not much to see - I made eight economy block border units. Took three hours, twenty minutes, and added 220 pieces. I think that's the most pieces added in one step, so I'm not feeling so bad about the time now.

And lastly, I finally finished off the piecing of Sail Around the World just in time to quilt it along with the t-shirt quilt this weekend. It has no deadline {the recipient has no idea she's getting it} so there's less rush to bind it.

And Jennie's palette of the week is...movie posters! Summer movie I'm most looking forward to is....duh. Notice how my boyfriend Cap got the front spot over Ironman? Who's got the more successful {recent} stand-alone, hmm? One month to go!

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WiP - Adult-ing

  Whew. This past week was filled with taxes and other business stuff that made me feel like an adult. {I have business cards in the mail - business cards!!} Which meant a little less sewing time. But now that I'm caught up on being an adult, I feel a little more organized for this coming business year. Which is a nice feeling. And should be rewarded with Starbucks.

Anyway, when I did sew, it was a t-shirt quilt...

...which is waiting for its utterly fantastic backing to come in the mail. The binding is made, quilting is scheduled...shipping is slow.

And I made these lovely blocks for Jennie's latest pattern release, Fresh Air.

And I finished off the top for the Cat Mini Swap. Those paw prints are only 2x2.5" finished! Next is embellishing a bit before quilting. Oh, and I have no idea how to quilt it.

I got a couple more strips together for Sail Around the World, and organized everything else so hopefully the final pieces come together quickly.

And finally, I started working on the second to last step of Ripples and Reflections. All the economy blocks are done - I just need to get them in the right color order and assembled with the right triangles. Wish me luck on that one.

And the color palette is...spring! It feels like spring here - warm and rainy - but it doesn't look blossomy yet. I'm ready to see growing things!

See also: Oh Scrap @ Quilting is More Fun Than HouseworkBoMs Away at What a Hoot.