WiP - October

  You know how when you make plans, everything always gets thrown off by some stupid little thing?

Yeah, mine's the weather, this month. I actually got a bunch of things done - but it's literally rained almost every single day, so it's nearly impossible to take finished pictures. It's raining right now, bringing October to a close with the highest rainfall total since 1880, so even these pictures are washed out with terrible flash. Sorry.



Woven Snowmen - with deep fog behind it.

RunDisney - yep, those are rain clouds back there.


And then the baseball t-shirt quilt is bound and ready for cleanup work.


Lori's Fortieth Birthday quilt {and my t-shirt quilt} are quilted, trimmed, and ready for binding.


My second-to-last t-shirt quilt of the year is cut and ready to piece. {I'm storing WiPs in pizza boxes now. It's awesome, and I'm not even joking.}


The only thing that really suffered was my leader/ender. I put together a bunch of parts of 4², but I just wasn't feeling the colors while the weather was so dreary. It felt like forced happiness. Is that a thing with fabric?

So I started fiddling around with my leftovers from Curious Dream by Angela Pingel - which is an awesome Alice in Wonderland line coming soon and I made the bunting for the Look Book. I've got some elongated flying geese. And I'm not sure where I'm going with them. But I'll keep making them until I get tired of them, I guess!

I also made a nifty little mini in a triangle workshop for my modern quilt guild - you can see it on Instagram. {Because I forgot to take a real picture.} And that's going to be my OMG Goal for November - I don't want minis sitting around when they're the easiest finishes ever!

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Woven Snowmen - a Finished Quilt!

Ah, so this quilt has a long history with me. I bought the fabric something like a million years ago - at least 2010 or 2011, and I don't remember which Basic Grey line it is...but all their Christmas lines do look pretty similar.


I made placemats for my mother from the layer cake, and the jelly roll sat around for a while until an idea popped into my head. And it was a GREAT IDEA. I did all the math and start piecing to test it, intending to submit it to Moda Bake Shop.


And after all the cutting and piecing and re-cutting, this post popped up in my feed. Yes, my wonderful design had been stolen. In a huff, I put everything away for quite a while, until eventually I realized that, um, Jess couldn't steal something that was in my head. Probably. And mine is strip-pieced and much smaller, since I kept the strips going across the rows.


It took me another long while to decide on borders - I was tired of just throwing on a great big print and calling it a day. This one was kind of a zipper effect that...makes me think I should stick with throwing on a great big print and calling it a day. It was a lot of fun to quilt, though - my usual loops but kind of custom.


The backing is Joann flannel that I bought somewhere in the middle of the process - so 2014 or so. It is exactly perfect for this quilt. And the binding is just red dot basic that I think I've used 5+ times now. Because it's a good binding!


And so it's done, after more than five years in process. I don't love it or hate it. I might sell it - if it washes without bleeding. {Not my typical experience with Moda, unfortunately.} Maybe I'll write out a tutorial like I intended from the beginning. Or maybe I'll just let that go. {Jess's is very nicely written, after all!}

58" square

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WiP - Minecraft-y

  This week was all about finishing at least one of those stupid Minecraft quilts - Christmas is coming and I've got to get one of them in the mail!

So I buckled down and pieced all the Enderdragon/Enderman blocks {the black ones} and the skeleton {the grey one}, then sashed up the nine-block version. And bless his dear little heart - the Dude spent over an hour searching Spoonflower and arguing with me about the difference between "stone" and "cobblestone" - he now says that the cobblestone looks really good.

His version is now eight blocks, of 16. {Okay, 7.75. Still haven't finished that cow.} And I took it all off the design wall after this photo because I just need a break from staring at it all the time. Seriously. The Enderman will not stop looking at me.

Instead, I started on my next commission/bonus me project. A friend asked for a bookshelf quilt in jewel tones, and I bought this berry-ish bundle at my local quilt show last month. I'm using 9" squares to make the quarter square triangles, and the leftover bits to start producing some books for the shelves. I need to pull some more blues and greens into hers, but I now have a lovely stack of squares to run through as leader/enders to make my design wall a little happier.

And obviously those book blocks will be cut skinnier and scattered around the quilt so it's not all the same height of book. It's just the start! There's book stacks and leaning books and cats and family photos planned for this thing. It's gonna be good.

Oh, and I also started binding the Frozen quilts.

And I made the decision to not rip out all my good work on the side borders on the Woven Snowmen. Really, the only issue I have with it is that it's only 60". And you know what? That's big enough. It's not huge, but whatever - it's fine for a holiday season lap quilt. So I snapped a pic, printed it out, and popped it in a page protector, and I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt it.

Oh, yeah, and I put binding on Not-Quite-Flower and finished that one up. It's about time to start getting some boxes together!

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WiP - Blocks and Borders

  Progress has been steady this week, as I finished up a t-shirt quilt top, prepped things for quilting, worked on blocks {so many HSTs!} and managed to find a few minutes to play with borders. I also spent a lot of time making binding, so be prepared for some finishes! Woo!

First up - Texas t-shirt quilt. Quilted in loops and flowers, ready for binding. I adore the backing. Wonderful jewel tones.

Also quilted - Olaf of the Frozen panel quilts. I was planning on doing loops, but ended up swirling my way like a frozen wind across the quilt. {See what I did there?}

Unpictured - I finished the 14 blocks that make up the Anna/Elsa panel borders {finally - 192 HSTs!} and started attaching them to the quilt. Two more borders to go and it'll be ready for quilting.

Blocks that I did take pictures of - the Minecraft quilts in progress. Steve, the gentleman who needs a shave, was added this week.

And since I had the brown all sliced up, I laid out the cow. Well, most of the cow. And this new design board is awesome - just a 5/8 yard piece of grid interfacing on a 20x30" foam core board. Perfect for laying out one Minecraft block and bringing it from cutting table to machine.

And finally, I've been working on this in bits and pieces when I've finished the "real" work I've assigned to myself each day. The side borders are kinda, sorta, maybe supposed to make a zipper effect. I'm not sure it's there yet. I'm adding bricks along the top and bottom to even out the dimensions...it might help even out the design?

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WiP - Steady Progress

  This week has mainly been about getting the next t-shirt quilt fully cut out and ready to sew - but I can't work on that exclusively, so I took some breaks to work on two other projects. And despite going to my local quilt show and buying an entirely new project, I managed to resist the temptation to start anything new. For now, at least. I can't promise that won't last past the end of this t-shirt quilt.

But here she is, hogging the design wall! I'm swapping out the blue swirl for something just a bit brighter. And I have to get together a Half Fanatic block to fill that empty hole. But really, only some steady stitching remains.

Now retired from the design wall is the Woven Snowmen. The inside is completely pieced - and a mere 48" square. {Why does it take three years to piece something that small??} I've added the first border, and I'm pretty sure I know what the next border will be. In due time.

And finally, I'm been trimming away at these HSTs to make these blocks. Slowly but surely, I guess. I have five more in progress, and then I can finally throw them into the borders of the second Frozen panel quilt.

So hopefully, if I keep my mind on the goals, I'll have three finished tops next week. As long as I keep my nose out of that fat quarter project book I got at the library today...

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