Weekly Progress - Cataloging the Stuff

A day late and a dollar short.


Wedge was admitted to OSU's Small Animal Clinic yesterday. After four years, I finally picked the Oklahoma team I'll cheer for, as they got him to eat for the first time in a week. At the cost of my fabric budget for, oh, the next year or two.

Anyway, this week, most of the progress was on the house. Or rather, removing things from the house. Luckily, a lot of it went out in trash bags or donation bags {or was left on the neighbors' doorsteps in the middle of the night...}

But there's still a lot of STUFF.

Especially in the sewing room.

This is STUFF that's in progress, or planned to the point that {obviously} I have the fabric. Over twenty projects. {So maybe I don't really need that fabric budget.} And I still have several shelves to go, plus all the shoe boxes.

Kate pointed out last week that at least all this organization will make it easier to set up the new place. And I really hope that removing all the projects {literally, I have to go through four traffic lights to get to the storage unit...so not worth it!} will make it easier to focus on one or two projects at a time.

My meager sewing time this week was focused on a t-shirt quilt for a friend. No picture because, face it, interfacing t-shirts isn't the funnest thing to look at.
I managed to sneak in a few minutes for my own stuff, namely...

Boardwalk, still on the design wall.

Blocks in progress.

Cat Tails - pieced the last three tail blocks. Next I need to finish off the cats that go with them, and work on the layout.

RSC - so far behind, still making orange leaders/enders and haven't even cut green. I did start cutting yellow in preparation for the scraps to go to storage, since yellow and orange share a box. {Watch, yellow won't even be a choice in May/June/July. I wonder if it's cheating to ask the colors in advance?}

I've also been cutting squares for a chevron quilt before the scraps/stash go to storage.

And I covered a piece of corkboard so the boy could have a board for his spelling words and other important things. {The fish isn't missing. He likes to sit in the mouth of the shark. No one in my family is normal.}

Weekly Progress - Giveway Winner!

Last week was busier than normal, for no real reason. Just a lot of other stuff that kept me from the sewing room. So not much progress in there.

But first, a winner!

Which is SewCindy! Congrats, I shot you an email!

{BOM/Design Wall} No change on Saturday Sampler. I have a good sketch and hopefully good math on the layout, and another 3.5 yards of the black to start setting it. Once I double check my math again.

{Cat Tails} Block #7!

{Boardwalk} The centers of the three pink blocks are done.

{Starburst Quilt Along} Block is finished, backing is prepped, and I've even decided how I'm going to quilt it!

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} Now this I actually have been working on daily! I decided to tackle the Christmas scrap box, so it could be fully organized and packed up for our house sale. And it is taking the full fifteen minutes every day. Please, no one let me buy any Christmas fabric this year. I don't care how cute Sandy Gervais' line is going to be.

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Weekly Progress - Super Bowl Style

Or lazy Super Bowl style. Didn't care about the teams this year, so we put very little effort into the food {more free time!}, went to a party at someone else's house {no cleaning!} and I spent half the game hand-stitching my hanging sleeve on Two of Hearts.

Oh, and I pulled together a giveaway. You might want to check it out. You know, if you like free stuff.

{Finished} The Olivia Schnibble - went with fast quilting and completed it in less than an afternoon.

{BOM} Finished the last three for Saturday Sampler!

{Design Wall} And here they all are! I need 16 on point, so I'm starting by picking one from each colorway. I also worked on the math for the setting during the Super Bowl.

{Starburst Quilt Along} Laid out my block to start sewing...hmmm... I appear to have miscalculated something.

{Triple Zip Along} Bought my three zippers. Still being a complete chicken about putting it together.

{Cat Tails} Sorted out the colors I have and counted. I had to cut out one more red block, but this will leave me with eight blocks to make and 13 total.

{Boardwalk} I decided to use the remaining pink fat quarters for the setting triangles, so I cut those and used the leftovers to prep a couple blocks.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge/Rainbow Scrap Challenge} I slacked off in the beginning of the week, but when the RSC turned purple, I grabbed the box and got to sorting. Friday/Saturday was sorting, Sunday I cut the pieces for the RSC. All ready to be leaders/enders this month!

End of Month Report - January

I am ridiculously far behind on blogging. But, that's because I had a ridiculously busy month!
Family: the husband is back from deployment and we are adjusting without any issues. It helps that we've done this ten times. Weekly spelling tests continue to be an issue, no matter how many times we've done them.
Running: I'm still not used to full marathon training. I don't know how people do this - I'm seriously TIRED by 7 p.m. every day. Less than 4.5 weeks till Half #1, and then I ease down to half training.

Adoption: Our I-600a was approved! Which was nerve-wracking. It's a government form that requires fingerprints within six months of the home study. Ever try getting fingerprints in Afghanistan? I've heard it's not so easy. Now we're just waiting to see how the new Korean regulations will delay things.

Wedding: I tried on bridesmaid dresses and am campaigning for the one that my sister said made me look "stupid skinny." I'm still not sure that's a compliment. My sister also found her dress.

Sewing: a couple of projects finished - one UFO, two new.

Fally-gyle - yes, I still need to post about this! To be fair, we've had crap weather and no sunshine for days.

And I made a Creeper pillow. Because I'm an awesome mom.

I planned to make 3 of the 9 remaining blocks for Saturday Sampler. I made all nine!

Wanted to finish off the ten blocks I had cut for Boardwalk. Done! Now I need to decide how many I want to have overall {the pattern is 27 blocks} and plan the cutting of the remaining fat quarters. {What? Plan?}

{NewFO} Cat Tails - Made steady progress of one set of cats per week.

{Rainbow Scrap Challenge} I can't find a name or a pattern for the calendar quilt, but it looks fairly simple. I'm not mitering my blocks, and I decided to go with a single fabric per block, with the same neutral in their centers and the sashing. Ten or so each month {okay, six this month...I'll catch up!}

The other thing I had planned was quilting Olivia. I did piece the back, but my knees yelled at me every time I thought about basting it. I finally did it today and it should be finished this weekend.

As for February...
1. Quilt Star Wall Hanging and Layer Cake Snowballs.
2. Pick 16 Saturday Sampler blocks to set on point and do that.

3. Figure out what I'm doing with Boardwalk and make at least ten blocks.

4. Keep up with one Cat Tail block each week.

Weekly Progress - Now With Husband!

And man, husbands slow down progress... Still, it's good to have him back. For one thing, I've been getting up at 6 am to run, so then I have the entire day to do other things! Like sit on the couch and complain about how much running hurts.

I did manage two finishes this week. Though both were nearly done last week, so it's not all that impressive that I managed to put binding on in the course of a week. Posts coming...soon. Along with a giveaway for 100 followers. I promise.

In other spurts of productiveness...

{Triple-Zip-Along} I cut out the main body fabric, making use of my newly-created string box. All the zipper pulls will be the same Dear Stella as the main body, because I had 2.5" strips leftover from binding, and this is a use-what-you-have project.
Still haven't decided if I'm using muslin or something else for the lining. And I need to buy zippers because I don't keep any on hand.

{Starburst Quilt Along} Flying geese made!

{Cat Tails} Block #4 is done, a bit late.

{Boardwalk} Catching up on the couple of blocks left for January. The little pieces on the strips of white a directional, so I chain piece them instead of leaving them as leaders/enders. Otherwise I forget which way they go!

{Saturday Sampler} First of the last three! Two and three are cut and well on their way to done.

{Design Wall} Sometimes I give up waiting for the right light.

I'm about to the point where I need to calculate the needed yardage to set the blocks on point and get this thing finished up!

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} Totally slacked this week. I shoved all the boxes back on the shelves with no organization, so that there was no fabric covering the bed when my husband got home. I swear I'm getting back to it this week!