WiP - Drifting Through Summer

  It seems like I worked on a large variety of projects this week, getting close to finished {or even finished} before just stalling out and losing my focus. I blame summer. I always blame summer.

Finished: Rachel's T-Shirt Quilt. Measured: shirts for the next two t-shirt quilts. Design? Eh.

Partially Bound: my friend's baby quilt that I quilted for her. But I didn't have any light purple thread to finish it. Finally got that today, so this will be finished up in short order.

Also Partially Bound: Angel Wallhanging. And that's as far as I got until I free up the binding clips. And find spare hand stitching time. You'd think the summer would have more of that free time, right?

And then I sewed up another series of blocks for my Halloween tester pattern. It's coming along well, but I decided to make it bigger, so I'm at a standstill until more of the cream fabric arrives.

After I finished up that stuff, I looked around for a top to finish up. Taffy! All the blocks were done, right? Until I started laying it out and discovered I had managed to screw up nearly every single block. TWO errors in this one. And the ones that were sewn together weren't orientated right. Some pattern tester I am.

So, knowing that I have a ton of seam ripping to get that into a top, I got right to work shoved it in a bag to ignore for a while.

And then, because I couldn't figure out what to do next, I cleaned up. I know. I should have laid down until the urge passed or something. I can see the top of my cutting table, the bottom of my scrap basket, and a whole lot more in between.

And during this, I found the fabric I bought to make the boys pillowcases for the end of the school year. Well, I'm a little late, but they're done and on the beds tonight! And a six year age gap leads to interesting fabric choices.

And now, maybe with a cleaner sewing room, I can get back to work with a little more focus. Or not. It is summer, after all!

WiP - New Normals

  I'm in a slight period of adjustment - the Little Man started at preschool last week, so I suddenly have free time to manage! This means quilting during the work week and enjoying weekends with the family instead, and getting outside for my workouts all but one day a week! Of course, by the time I've settled into a good routine, summer will be upon us. But it'll be nice while it lasts.

And maybe at some point during the whirlwind of cleaning on Mondays with no one making a mess behind me(!!!) I'll manage to remember to blog on the right day.

Until then - the progress!

T-shirt quilt - a flimsy! The backing is prepped and all is ready for quilting tomorrow. My little helper is keeping it from blowing away in the wind.

Shivaun Place - so close to completed blocks! Since there's only four large blocks, it's been easy to grab a set of things and do one step here and there throughout the week. There's no immediate gratification of finishing one block, but by the end of the week, my patience should pay off.

And then there's been a little work on Superman's cape...times six. They're for my cousins' kids, but I had to make a trial one for the Little Man, too. I'm still stitching down the applique at this point.

And of course, there's been boring stuff like prepping backs and prepping another t-shirt quilt for quilting, fixing the quilting on Fresh Air and starting the quilting on Ripples and Reflections and poor Taffy slowly moving along toward the leader/ender finish line...

And the color palette of the week is strawberries, and this is going to be a total shocker - but when I hear strawberries, I think chocolate covered strawberries. Mmm, chocolate.

WiP - Santa's Sweatshop

Ah, Christmas. The season of sewing. I actually did pretty well this year - I finished most of my tops a while ago, quilted a lot in advance, and only took on one last-minute t-shirt quilt order. That left me sitting relaxed three days before Christmas, catching up on the emails and blog posts. And plenty of time left for fun sewing! So what have I been sewing for everyone else for Christmas?

Charming Cardinals, for my father- and step-mother-in-law.

Gigi's Quilt, for my husband's grandmother.

A Princess Picnic, for my niece.

Alexander's T-shirt Quilt, which will be blogged...soon. It was a local t-shirt quilt order and handed off just in time for his mother to wrap it.

And then my own boys will each get a pillowcase - Minnie for the Little Man and airplanes for the Dude. The Dude is also getting a minky neck warmer, because scarves aren't cool. And by not cool, he means "it's not cool that I keep getting the scarf caught in my coat zipper."

And now that I finished all this for everyone, Santa best be bringing me some fabric store gift cards!

See what the rest of Santa's elves are up to at Porch Swing Quilts!

Weighted Blanket and Cover

A fairly quick project, once I got the concept. My niece has been pulling at her hair at night, so I suggested a weighted blanket to hopefully curb that tic.

{Someday I won't have moving boxes in the corner of my pictures. Someday.}

The weighted blanket tutorial is on Confessions of a Fabric Addict

I read it about twenty times before I understood that all those 4.5" folded strips were envelope pockets, not pocket pockets. I'm blonde.

I pieced together several of the 7" strips from leftovers of the 9" strips, because goodness knows I wouldn't want to waste one bit of a $2 estate sale sheet set. I also used the fitted sheet first, which made for a delightfully askew little blanket.

But that's okay, because the cover was done from a not-quite-grain-printed panel, so everything is just a smidge...slanted. {Not just my photography!}

The panel was "Close to my Heart" by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics. I assume the butterflies in the middle are the same, since they match. Brown dot from stash, pink side borders from Connecting Threads. Back is purple dot minkee.

Despite {or because of?} the wonkiness of the fabric, it all fits together well. I quilted the top of the cover, since it was pieced, with more of the purple sheet on the back.

And as a plus - since my mother had to carry it in her suitcase, I got out of having to fill baggies with polybeads! My sister is handling that fun part of the activity.

Oh, and total sidenote - the bridal shower I threw for my sister is featured on Hostess With the Mostess today!