WiP - New Blog

Actually, it's more of a new website than a new blog. I'm still working on updating the followers' links - I think Bloglovin' has successfully transferred, but not Feedly. And let's not go poking around in the website-y portion just yet. I'm getting there. This is the first post I'm writing in Wordpress, so if it's all funky...I blame Wordpress, not me. There will be a giveaway to reward you for sticking around!

{And don't even get me started on getting comments emailed to me for response. I'll get there. I promise.}

Anyway, there was some sewing around here this week, too. Most of it you got a sneak peek of yesterday, but here's a quick summary.

I made a cat mug rug-ish thing for Barbara of Cat Patches - we visited her in her camper and totally exhausted her with the enthusiasm of the kids. The cat is based on Oh Fransson's Catvent and the scraps were courtesy of Lori.

And I finally finished stitching the binding and declared Christmas Stars done! Well, minus stitching the hanging sleeve in place, but obviously I'm not going to do that until the night I want to hang it.

And I made four blocks for Step Three of Ripples and Reflections. And they were the WORST. Three hours and forty minutes of cutting, stitching, unstitching, restitching... But they are done! And I have two weeks before I need to tackle another step...thank goodness.

And I assembled Spin Cycle! So glad I went with no cornerstones - I love how it looks with solid sashing. Now I'm pulling together my order of Miss Kate for the borders. {And my Weekender via Jennie. And...some other things. Was that a giveaway hint? Yes, yes it was.}

Once I was done with those, I looked around the sewing room for something to do next...and came up with nothing. My husband's deployment was extended, so now I'm back to not being able to long-arm for the foreseeable future. Which means I couldn't focus on what to do next, since it won't be finished any time soon anyway.

It was so bad that I cleaned the kitchen. Really.

Eventually I decided to work on my not-yet-born-nephew's quilt. {My sister objects to me calling him fetus-nephew, but refuses to tell me what his name will be.} That took all of one day.

So I decided to trim the HSTs leftover from my Layer Cake Snowballs and start fiddling with layouts. Because it's obvious that I don't have enough Kate Spain Christmas stuff. Must.add.pillows!

I think I lean toward star layouts, huh? And yeah...I lost one at some point. Crud. That's not helping my funk.

Well, maybe the palette of the week will help! Theme: Disney. Oh, that's an easy one. I think I saw the Lion King four times in the theater when it first came out. And I forced the Dude to go with me when it was re-released in 3-D. And we saw the Broadway show on tour. Hands down, best Disney movie ever. Don't even argue.

And I have a secret reason for choosing this particular palette - I joined an Instagram mini swap, and my partner's favorite colors is one of the above. And it's not a color I use, so I didn't know what to put with it. Now I have a plan!

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March - Big Events for My Boys Month

I haven't posted in two and a half weeks...gosh, I wonder where I might have been! ;)

If you need a hint, "Eolmana ma?" is how you say "how much for a yard?" at a Korean fabric market. Sort of.

And this is what 15 yards for $45 looks like.

And that other thing we went to Korea for...I think that went well. Honestly, I'm not going to breathe again until we get initial approval. But, we met the Little Man and he flopped right down on the quilt I made for his foster mother and hugged it, so I like him already.


Both long-time UFOs, so good to knock those off the list.

Some smaller projects...

...a table runner for a friend...

...a pillowcase for the Dude...

...and a birthday table runner. For my NINE YEAR OLD.


Central Park Sudoku / Reverse Hearts - Hearts is now bound but not all the threads are buried. CPS is waiting for binding.


Spin Cycle - adding a few blocks every week. By the way, who bet on 2.5 months before Little Miss Fluffy Tail ripped the design wall down?

Bedtime Monkey {my NewFO} - done to the applique. I can't decide if the monkey ought to have shoulders. He looks a bit weird without them.

Striped Tablerunners - I took a class on these at the beginning of the month and whipped together a few more. Only the birthday ones have been quilted so far.

Weekly Churn Dash - quickly polished off the last two {bottom row} this weekend. The darker teal is from Boardwalk, and the other is, of course, my most favorite fabric ever, the Lovely from my Celtic Solstice. {Does it count as a scrap if you're not done with the quilt yet?}

And speaking of Solstice, I didn't do any sewing on it this month. In fact, I unsewed. I decided the pinwheel centers in Block B were too distracting, so I used the 12+ hour plane rides to rip some seams, and the down time in Seoul to sketch out a plan.

And I dug out Toy Story 1 and discovered it was a whole six seams from finished. So now it's a top.


Weekly Progress - #economyblockalong

I know, I know - I'm not a cool kid on Instagram. In fact, I can't even be if I wanted to, since someone {not naming any names but it starts with C and ends with...C} knocked my phone to the tile floor. Buh-bye, fancy phone. Hello, old phone.

Anyway, the owner of the Vera Bradley fabrics and I had many discussions over the best use of the fabric. Eventually she came up with this picture.

And I laughed, because of the super trendy Economy blocks. And then I laughed some more when I realized I owned the book with the pattern. So with a bit of fiddling to make it work with the sizes I had, I came out with this:

That was the biggest project of the week, though I managed to put the binding on this:

And as a leader/ender, put together this:

The panel pieces were already cut out, so I just paired them up with some 1.5" strips and whipped through to a finished project. Two, actually - the second one needs to be quilted and bound.

I also went though my pink bin and cut out my pieces for the weekly churn dash - sadly, no Sandy Gervais Valentine's! Mostly because I use them so much that only the smallest of scraps remain.

This one is Chez Moi, and ended up in Twinkle and Frolicking Pinwheels.

And I started cutting down scraps into 4" and 3.5" squares for a reverse heart quilt. It will be...very pink. I hope my eyes can handle it.

Weekly Progress - Some Little Projects

So, this past week was the first time since November that I wasn't devoting 1-2 hours a day to running.

I think it shows.


Central Park Sudoku - added the borders, finally. I was going to quilt it if I had time after the Flirt session, but it was snowing, so I went to the grocery store for my bread, milk, and eggs instead. The backing is already pinned to the zippers, so it'll get done soon-ish.

After my mother-in-law's marathon Christmas PJ pants sessions, my ironing board was looking sad. It already had the rips, but since my poor old iron leaks, I never use water in it. She didn't know that, so there were lots of water stains added. And the poor old iron gave up.

So I made a fresh new cover and got a fresh new iron. The cover is duck cloth, 54" wide. I left the selvages on and sewed some old double fold binding along the edges, popped in some elastic, and voila! Easy peasy way to brighten up the sewing room.

I moved the Dude's dress up bin to the other side of the play room and set the ironing board in front of the window so I could spy on the neighbors keep an eye out for the school bus. 

And notice the cat bed right underneath? And notice where CC is? Sigh.

I mustache you where you plan on keeping your allowance. {A wallet for the Dude.}


Cat Tails - ran out of Dimples. More horrifying - no store around here carries Dimples! Everything is pieced except the rows that can't be, and I'm working on an online order.

Weekly Churn Dash - this was another obvious pick. The backing of Bad Romance and one of my favorites in the pink bin!

I pieced together the jumbled mess of Celtic Solstice pieces from last week. Now let's play "Spot the Error!"

The owner of these fabrics and I worked out a great plan for them. So off I go to piece!

I also cleaned in the sewing room enough to find my list of Fat Quarter Stars - yay! Still can't find the binding for FPF or the table runner pattern. Sigh.


Hearts Table Runner - Finished!

I got a little tired of not having a finish, so I...went ahead and finished something. Genius, I tell you.

I pieced this table runner mumblety-something years ago. Right before Christmas, I pulled out all the various table runners and pillows and other little things I've been avoiding quilting for no good reason, slapped them all on a big piece of muslin, and quilted away.

Quilted with loops and butts hearts.

FINALLY, this week, I cut them apart and set about binding.

I used this tutorial on single fold binding, although I cut my binding to 1.5", which is a more useful size for scraps.

I used this tutorial on binding the non-90º angles. It came out...well, it looks good from the front. Not quite on the back. But it's a table runner, so...

CC helped bind.

A lot.

Yes, she is a demon spawn who is after her pound of flesh. OW. She's lucky she's cute.

And now to get a picture of it on the kitchen table Halo battlefield? Sigh.


scraps and white Kona

I'm not sure what pattern I used, since it was mumblety-something years ago, but this one is pretty close.