Goodnight Monkey - Finished!

Well, since our adoption was finalized in Korea last week, it made sense to finish off the Little Man's quilt this week!

Unfortunately, final doesn't mean done. Due to holidays and random "system upgrades," we can't travel to get him {well, his visa} for a little bit longer.

But whatever - his quilt is done! And ready to go! Just as soon as we can! And I will make it through another week. Maybe.

Goodnight Monkey was inspired by a quilt I saw on Moda Bake Shop. I had a jelly roll of this line, and a friend gave us a blue sock monkey for the Little Man, so I decided to strip-piece the bottom and put the monkey on the top like a real bed.

I think the design was mostly like what I saw in my head. Close enough, at least! I still can't decide if I should have done shoulders! Probably...but...

The quilting is loose loops in a blue and yellow variegated thread on the stripped portion, and white thread on the "bedsheet." I thought about doing something in each strip, but decided on an allover design to soften the quilt up.

The back is slightly more random than I usually do! I had the panel that I wanted to use up. And a yard of the brown sock monkey texture from the applique. And some leftover strips from the front. And the extra blue dots from the pillow. So...there they all are.

Honestly, the panel is supposed to be a fabric book, so it's a little out of order here...the end is right next to the start! But I didn't want to take it apart and rearranging it, so...I think he'll still get the point of the story - which is, of course, totally jump on the bed.

I saved all the texture strips from the jelly roll to use in the applique and binding. I love it as binding - the texture just looks great!

In gratuitous kitten pictures, CC had this lovely little habit of curling around my machine, under my stand. As you can see here, she is quickly becoming too big to fit properly and ended up pulling the stand away from the machine to shove herself under it. Made strip-piecing lots of fun with the wiggling!

Snuggled up with the inspiration sock monkey.

And I'd love to show a great shot of it draped over the crib, but we had to leave something for my dad to do during the day when the Dude is at school. ;-)

Quilt Details
Fabric: mostly Goodnight Monkey jelly roll {a line from about 2009}
Backing: Monkey panel, sock monkey texture, blue dots that I can't find the selvage
Binding: jelly roll strips
Size: 40x60"
Pattern: similar to Moda Bake Shop


Weekly Progress - Airplane Germs

Well, it was inevitable with 24+ hours in airplanes. I came down with a head cold of sorts and spent the last week sleeping it off and drinking tea. So not that much got done in the sewing room.

Spin Cycle - added one more block...of course, the one that Bad Kitty is sitting on.

At that block, I ran out of square-in-a-square pieces, so it was time to start chain piecing some more. Woohoo.

Weekly Churn Dash - this was from one of my very first projects, a purse that I put together totally wrong and never fixed. It's a good reminder of how far I've come!

And I stitched down the applique on Goodnight Monkey, and started prepping the back. I'm using a panel and the leftover pieces from the front.

And, very exciting for the Dude - we're spending Spring Break cleaning and organizing closets, which includes swapping out some of my sewing room shelving. So far, his room is looking a lot better...and the rest of the house is looking a lot worse.


March - Big Events for My Boys Month

I haven't posted in two and a half weeks...gosh, I wonder where I might have been! ;)

If you need a hint, "Eolmana ma?" is how you say "how much for a yard?" at a Korean fabric market. Sort of.

And this is what 15 yards for $45 looks like.

And that other thing we went to Korea for...I think that went well. Honestly, I'm not going to breathe again until we get initial approval. But, we met the Little Man and he flopped right down on the quilt I made for his foster mother and hugged it, so I like him already.


Both long-time UFOs, so good to knock those off the list.

Some smaller projects...

...a table runner for a friend...

...a pillowcase for the Dude...

...and a birthday table runner. For my NINE YEAR OLD.


Central Park Sudoku / Reverse Hearts - Hearts is now bound but not all the threads are buried. CPS is waiting for binding.


Spin Cycle - adding a few blocks every week. By the way, who bet on 2.5 months before Little Miss Fluffy Tail ripped the design wall down?

Bedtime Monkey {my NewFO} - done to the applique. I can't decide if the monkey ought to have shoulders. He looks a bit weird without them.

Striped Tablerunners - I took a class on these at the beginning of the month and whipped together a few more. Only the birthday ones have been quilted so far.

Weekly Churn Dash - quickly polished off the last two {bottom row} this weekend. The darker teal is from Boardwalk, and the other is, of course, my most favorite fabric ever, the Lovely from my Celtic Solstice. {Does it count as a scrap if you're not done with the quilt yet?}

And speaking of Solstice, I didn't do any sewing on it this month. In fact, I unsewed. I decided the pinwheel centers in Block B were too distracting, so I used the 12+ hour plane rides to rip some seams, and the down time in Seoul to sketch out a plan.

And I dug out Toy Story 1 and discovered it was a whole six seams from finished. So now it's a top.


Weekly Progress - Still Moving Along

Still doing a pretty good job knocking things off the UFO/to-do list. It helps that I have so much stuff allllllllllllmost done, plus nervous energy to spare. 

And I know this is the home stretch - in less than a month, the Little Man should be home with us, and my sewing time will be severely limited. Since I've been waiting, oh, almost two years for this, I plan on enjoying the break.

Skorca! - and after promising it to the Dude for two years, it was a good finish to knock off the list!

{Oh, and there's a giveaway on that post. You might want to check it out.}


Chunky Log Cabin and Central Park Sudoku - Chunky just needed the borders, and CPS was pinned to my zippers, so it got ahead of Reverse Hearts. I do have binding for Chunky, but not CPS, so it'll still be a while before CPS becomes a finish.


Okay, it's not quite piecing, but I cut out the letters for the growth chart that went with the H is for Henry quilt panel. That meant the teal leftovers were finally free to...

...become a Weekly Churn Dash. Henry was my first ever long arm finish, so of course one of his teals would make it into the churn dashes.

I started a table runner based on my Hearts and Cabin, for a friend. One more heart and it's into the quilting box!

More Spin Cycle blocks, slowly moving along here. Really wish I could get a good shot, but we've got some rainy, dreary weather out here.

And I strip-pieced the main body of the Monkey quilt. It's supposed to be a "bed," with the white as a sheet and the blue dots as a pillow. I can't decide if the monkey applique is too small - it's only about 10" on a 44" quilt body. But the monkey will also have paws and a tail appliqued onto the "sheet," so... I don't know. It seems like a lot of white space for a kid's quilt!

And gratuitous kitten pic. What, were you USING this?


February Goals

I'm trying to decide if I should go big for February's goal, or be conservative since it's only 28 days. And I should spend some of those days cleaning out the Little Man's room.

But eh - I don't have a race until May 18, so I have all my training time to spend cleaning in the sewing room, so...

It's totally cheating, since it just needs binding, so it's pretty safe to say I'll get it done this month. Probably even this week.

I also want to get the binding on Four Patch Frenzy. But first I need to find the binding. Which I bought last week. And already vanished into the piles in my sewing room.

Which brings me to my next task - I want to spend 15 minutes every day organizing the sewing room. Because I lost the binding. And a table runner pattern, which I need for a class in March. And my list of stars for the FQS-Along - and I literally found it last week and lost it again. Aah!

Ahem. Anyway. That's about it for binding, unless I make headway in the pile of table runners.

I'd like to complete Cat Tails to a top, mainly so CC will stop attacking it. She finds fabric cats very offensive.

I want to make the top for the Little Man's quilt. I'm appliqueing a sock monkey, so I need to do some figuring and fabric ordering. The rest of the quilt is strip pieced.

I want to get as far along this project as I can - a friend sent me scraps from Vera Bradley, and I want to get the completed project back to her before we go to Korea in March. The grey {Kona Silver} is the background fabric.

And of course, keeping up with FQS, Celtic Solstice, Winter BOM, and Weekly Churn Dash - so excited this month is pink! I need to do some damage to my pink box. It's a little...overflowing. For starters, I want to frame these panel blocks for a wall hanging, and do a reverse heart quilt.