For the Love of Wine - a Mini Finish

Welcome to Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday! If you're new here, I shared a tutorial on Wednesday on making a 16" heart quilt block, because I wanted to get rid of some of my novelty stash by turning them into pillows full of love. I kept the momentum going and quilted a few of them for this Friday's finish!

wine heart pillow3.jpg

These two heart pillows were the main reason I wanted to develop the pattern. When we moved this summer, the military made it awesomely easy by sending my husband home from deployment five days before the movers arrived - oh, and he still had to finish some testing and paperwork before he could actually move. (That of course couldn't be done on deployment.)

Since we (the family) wanted to be in Oklahoma before school started, not two weeks after, we moved, he flew back to Washington, and stayed with a friend for a bit while he finished his paperwork. Since that friend saved us hotels and dinners out, I've been meaning to make some sort of gift. 

wine heart pillow1.jpg

Said friend doesn't have children at home, so they have a whole room devoted to wine. Sigh. Someday, kids, that's what I'm doing to one of your bedrooms. The wine room has a little couch, so I knew I wanted to make pillows showing off that love and devotion.

wine heart pillow.jpg

And that's what I did! Better yet - this is the leftover backing from one of my t-shirt quilts, so I'm using up something that I didn't really need in my stash. (Never mind the fact that it's been chilling in the stash for three years. It's aged. Like a fine wine.)

It's a simple envelope style back, with overlocked seams inside so it can be washed.

wine heart pillow8.jpg

And let's talk about the quilting! I got my own longarm, Patricia, in November. When the technician set it up, he told me each handle had TWO buttons that could control different things. I laughed and said there was no way I could manage more than one button per hand.

wine heart pillow5.jpg

I was wroooooooooooong.

(I need to apologize to the tech if he's in the shop when I go to my new owners class.)

You see the ABCD on the bottom of my tablet? Those are the four settings - typically I use needle up (single stitch) on the right handle AB and start/stop on the left handle CD. For this quilting, I did horizontal and vertical lines, so I cautiously set the B to toggle my vertical (or horizontal) channel lock.

wine heart pillow6.jpg

HALLELUJAH IT WORKED! Since I marked my 1.5" grid in advance, I would just lock B, stitch down CD, needle up A, unlock B, move over, lock B, stitch up CD. All without taking my fingers off the handles! It took me twenty minutes to quilt both of these with absolutely accurate cross hatching, especially since I didn't even stop in between the horizontal lines. (And yes, there are two more blocks above them.)

This might not be a big deal to seasoned longarm owners, but for me it was amazing. Almost worth the price tag on this thing. Send me all the things you want cross hatched, because I want to do this some more!

wine heart pillow7.jpg

Continuing the leftovers theme, I used scrap batting. I'm doing a great job keeping that under control. /sarcasm/

wine heart pillow9.jpg

The original block was 16" finished, but I added 1" sashing all around. After seeing it in a pillow form, it was definitely the right decision to make the heart pop.

wine heart pillow2.jpg

WiP - March

  Apparently, March is what happens when the weather is still too nasty to have outside fun time, but nice enough that there's no snow days {still had a snow storm, of course.} I was stuck inside a lot and I got.stuff.done.

To be fair, a few things were done and/or mostly done in February. Like these four t-shirt quilts - one was done at the end of last month, but not blogged. Two were nearly done. {I think I quilted them on March 1?} So only one was really made in March.

Memoirs of an Undergrad / A Million Steps / Nevertheless She Persisted / Bloomsday #1

And in the mini-finishes - all of these were tops before March, and the stars were already quilted. So not hard to finish these up, either.

Flying Geese Mini 2 / Shivaun Place Pillow- my OMG Goal / Star Pillows

But then, on the other hand, I got a lot of other stuff in motion. Toy Story was quilted and bound and now I just need to do the clean up. My Flower mini using leftover pieces is ready to be quilted. I sorted my flannel scraps and pieced a strip quilt using backing pieces - it's basted and ready to be quilted.

Inspired by Instagram, I pulled out two charm packs and finally made the cracker block quilt I've been meaning to do for years. I added sashing and...yeah, it's a finished top already.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to take pictures, but I cleaned up all the blocks for my sister's wedding quilt, and started to plan out what I need to finish it. Mainly, um, for my mother and myself to write on our blocks.

Oh, and there was my BOMs and my next t-shirt quilt!

So, yeah, definitely a productive month. And April looks good, too, as I'm quilting right now. {Well, I don't actually know when you're reading this. So maybe.} Another t-shirt quilt and, finally, California Girl Hourglass!

Just, you know, don't ask how much housework I did in March.

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Star Pillows - a Mini Finish

  Well, you know how I have a massive amount of unfinished projects just sitting around? Including a whole box just of minis and leftovers from other projects? Turns out, some of them barely needed any work. Like, at all.

Say, for example, these pillows. Leftover blocks from my Fat Quarter Stars sampler, which I last worked on in October 2014. {Ugh. On the plus side, everything else in that post is now finished.} They were quilted a looooooong time ago - probably 2014, too. Look, one of them is even custom quilted! At this point, I don't even remember why I kicked them out of the sampler...poor things.

{Check out the matched pattern on the blue one! #winning}

I pulled out my box o' Stars and found two matching chunks of fabric for backings. Whipped together some nice envelope backs, serged the edges, and there we go - two finished pillows. It literally took me longer to order ribbon tags on Etsy to put on said pillows. Which I will NOT delay in doing so once they arrive. Hold me to that, folks.

And considering the actual quilt only needs the last round of borders, maybe it's time to finish that one up, too...

In further adventures of either 'CC is a jerkface' or 'CC thinks she's a model'... Every time I put down the board!

Fabric is Minick & Simpson's Charlevoix...long out of print, of course. They're about 12" square. Or approximately one half CC-size.

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WiP - August

Well, so much for getting things done over the summer. The Dude went back to school today {MIDDLE SCHOOL!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??} and the Little Man starts next week.

And honestly - though there wasn't much sewing, there was a lot of racing {one triathlon, one triathlon relay, and one open water swim race just in August} and a lot of Pokemon family time. Okay, really, Pokemon. But when you're spending time with your family at a park, does it really matter why?

But anyway, I did manage to finish off some things - which were pretty close to done already.


I pieced together this top in the first week of August....then let it sit until yesterday before putting on the borders. Sigh. But it's dropped off at the LQS to go to Quilts of Valor, so that brings me to three for the year and right on track with my goal of one per quarter.


And in things not-finished - I started working on this kit from our Alaska trip last summer. It was a pretty easy make, once I got a hang of the direction of the half-rectangle triangles. The, um, empty spots would be the ones I didn't get the hang of. Luckily it's batiks, so I think I just need to flip a few things around to fix those spots.

And yes - the center strip of dogs are running in the "wrong" direction on purpose.


The only other thing that I worked on was the quilt for Pulse - blocks donated by my local Modern Quilt Guild. I'm adding low volume strips to bring them to a common size before layout.

This will be my OMG goal for September - which is totally cheating because it's due to Orlando by mid-month, so I kind of have to finish it. But hey, the only other things I will get done this month will be two t-shirt quilts and Lori's fortieth birthday quilt, because it has to be delivered at the HALF IRONMAN I'M DOING AT THE END OF THE MONTH.

So, um, I need to go on a bike ride now.

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Unicorn Pillow - Finished!

A slightly random project - I bought a charm pack of Unicorns and Rainbows by Riley Blake because - seriously - it's unicorns and rainbows.


I whipped it into this Moving On Up pattern by Crazy Mom Quilts, which was probably a bit too big for a pillow, but way too small for a quilt. I ignored the doubt and decided the couch needed a huge squishy unicorn pillow. Because don't all couches need that?


The best part is - I made a pillow insert from an old sheet and all the useless batting scraps I've saved for far too many years - poly from when I first started quilting, pieces that had been pieced together more than twice, skinny bits, random shapes. I cleared out several bags from the sewing room! And since my boys basically use all pillows as a weapon, it'll be frequently pummeled fluffed back into pillow shape.

The backing is more leftovers - the same backing as Berrylicious Dinos behind it. And the neutral is Kona Bone - more leftovers!