WiP - Fall

  Ahh, fall. School. Cooler running weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. Cinnful Angry Orchard. Excuse me while I dig out my sweaters and tall boots - this is MY season.

And the best part? It's cool enough to have the windows open, but the breeze blowing through makes my people wrap up in quilts. I can't keep them folded up neatly on the couch anymore these days...and that's okay.

And so I have made some lists and I am tackling several projects in an attempt to cover more people in quilts. An admirable goal, I think.

I'm not good at working on one project until completion - but I broke down some projects into manageable steps, and try to finish a step before moving to the next step in the next project. It's working fairly well...although it's been a whooping two weeks.

So - Project One - finish something! Dr. Seuss Fresh Air - packed up and ready for the Christmas shipping pile.

Project Two - get the next thing ready for binding! Shivaun Place - trimmed and ready to go.

Project Three - piece the next gift quilt! Not-Quite-Flower is now a finished top and awaiting the next trip to the longarm rental.

Project Four - piece something for us! RSC Churn Dashes are moving right along with the sashing. And just generally making me happy to see them on the wall. That's the fun part of scrap quilts - these are a whole lot of some of my very favorite fabrics.

And finally, I made the next Minecraft block. I'm rapidly running out of ones I can make from my solids scrap bin - no brown is a severe limitation! So I'm making my list to order all the missing pieces. Anyway, this is a chicken. Only one because the Dude didn't order one for his quilt.

Now I am making up my list of steps/projects I want to accomplish this week - especially on Wednesday, my first child-free day in months! {I love you, fall.}

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The Rainbow Connection - a Finished Quilt!

  A long time ago, I worked in Disney World as part of their College Program. I roomed with five other young ladies, and we bonded hard for a summer, then fell out of touch when we went back to real life. Though the magic of Facebook, we've all reconnected by clicking "like" on all the pictures of our adorable kids.

Liz, who now has three adorable children, asked me to make a rainbow chevron quilt for her middle child. I enthusiastically made the top, then it sat for a while for various reasons, one of which being that I was afraid to quilt it.

I mean, boring echoing straight lines? I could do it, but...boring. Heavy duty custom stuff? Nope, can't do that. Plus, I wouldn't want to, given that it's a kid's quilt.

Then, when I "custom" quilted my niece's quilt with loops within the pattern lines, I realized I now had the confidence and plan I needed for the chevrons. So I dug it out and picked out an awesome backing {embrace the rainbow}, and got to work!

I love the quilting. Like, a lot. After doing all the loops in the neutral {which is Kona Bone. Or Parchment. Or whatever.} I asked my longarm rental ladies if I needed to add more. The consensus was the little loops in the colors, which I think is the perfect touch. And that's why I'm glad I still rent my longarm time - I love having immediate access to several people with lots more experience than me!

And of course, I had to make sure there was a touch of Mickey fabric in there.

I appliqued an E on it for her daughter's name. I wish I had found the binding fabric sooner, because it would have POPPED a lot more than this fabric does.

Oooh, an artful shot ruined by the fact that everything is dead and brown. Not much in the way of winter over here, but too early for spring.

The binding is a fabulous rainbow stripe from my hoarded Dr. Seuss fat quarters....which I finally broke into this month. And yes, I meant to make it a diagonal bias stripe, and even did the prep work, then proceeded to cut from the wrong side. Sigh.


Kona Bone and scraps (5.5" unfinished)

WiP - Finishes

  I've been doing a lot of binding this week, and true to my contrary nature, this just makes me want to start a new project. So what if I have three near-finishes? I want to be piecing!

I managed to cure that - slightly - by piecing my Jack's Chain nine patches for February and March. Seems like a good way to do these - two months at a time and only drag out the box once.

And I finished MY LAST TWO CHURN DASHES! That's right, that's all of them. RSC'14, complete! Well, once I sash 'em...and quilt 'em...and bind 'em...but hey - blocks are at least half the battle, right?

And onwards to the finishes and near-finishes. My #rainbowminiswap is quilted, bound, and ready for hand-stitching and cleanup.

Rainbow Chevron is bound and ready for hand-stitching and cleanup.

My t-shirt quilt has the back panel stitched back in, and by now, has been re-quilted and is ready for cleanup.

In other words, I need to be doing some cleanup work. However much I'd rather just start a new project.

Somewhere along the way, I finished off the top I started on the Quilts of Valor sew day. I screwed up the setting somehow - the white/red squares were supposed to run top left to bottom right. But it still works.

This is based off a pattern from McCall's Quilting magazine, modified to fit the QOV requirements and the fact that I had a bunch of 2.5" strips. It's been handed off to my QOV coordinator and I probably won't see it again until it's presented to a veteran.

And the color palette for the week...isn't the prettiest. But the theme is home, and this is the view from my backyard. Well, not exactly my backyard - I went to get a quick picture, and of course, it's clouded over Mount Spokane. But normally, I can sit on my back porch and look at my mountains. And it's the mountains I miss when we're not living in Spokane.

Once my husband comes home from this deployment, it's time for us to start making the "where next?" list, and there's not a lot of mountains at the places he's mentioned. So I intend to spend this summer in my backyard, soaking up all the mountain time I can get.

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WiP - Quilting & Unquilting

  I quilted and bound two quilts last week, so I was all set to have two finishes to check off my list. Until I stuck the t-shirt quit in the wash.

Yikes. Yep, that's the central t-shirt, a tie-dye shirt that apparently still had a lot of dye in it. I ended up ripping out all the quilting in that section, ripping out the t-shirt from the front, and washing it a few more times in hot water with color catchers. It finally stopped bleeding after SEVEN washes.

I tried a couple different stain removers for the back, but came to the conclusion that the easiest solution would be to cut this portion out and replace it. Luckily I have plenty of backing fabric...and shows on my DVR to watch as I hand-stitch everything back into place.

But hey - in the meantime, I finished off Five Spot! Renamed it "What Air Force Boys Are Made Of" and shipped it off to Germany.

In between ripping out stitches, I got to work on January's Ripples and Reflections step. I put it off because I knew it was assembly...and that means finding out how well I got all those pieces together. I only had to rip out and turn four little triangles! Okay, and all the blocks when I realized I put it together wrong...but at least they were only rows at the time, not this whole section.

The borders were the only new fabric, clocking in with 12 new pieces and 3.75 hours of ripping...I mean, work.

And I believe this entire section gets turned on point in the next step. Yikes!

And as a leader/ender, I got one whole Churn Dash together! Okay, not that impressive. But the last two are partially pieced and they should be done this week, which means I'll have all of them ready to become a quilt! Finally!

Oh, and speaking of rainbows, the second quilt I quilted (Five Spot was actually quilted a while ago) was my Rainbow Chevron. And man, it looks pretty awesome for my usual loops. I also busted into my Dr. Seuss stash for another Porch Swing Quilt pattern, and found these awesome rainbow FQs. Perfect binding!

And the color palette is "beautiful" - which was heavily purple for Jennie, which made me think of lavender. And now I kinda want to make a green and purple quilt. The final color, cut off for some reason, is Kona Ash. Perfect blender. Someone find me a pattern, I need this quilt!

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Weekly Progress - Finishing Machine

What do you do when you used to devote hours to running and now you're firmly in your taper?

A lot of sewing.

This coming week will be even more productive in the sewing room, with a whole three miles to run and no strength or cross training. Oh, and a measly little half marathon at the end of the week.


Pieced the inside and started on the borders. Are those borders? When you're continuing part of a design into the first border, does it really count?

These are my very oldest scraps - my mother made dresses out of this material when I was in middle school. Let's just go with over twenty years old. I wore the dress to a handbell concert in Washington DC, and fell off the stage at the Old Post Office. Ah, memories.

Fat Quarter Stars
It's hard to come back to a project like this when you can't remember where you're at. I don't remember if I'm done with the online quilt along, where my list of the 9" stars is, and...so I made this star. At some point before next month, I'll try to figure out where the heck I am with this project!

Quilt Doodle BOM
And then I started a new BOM. Technically, it's a row-of-the-month hosted by Quilt Doodle, but she said it's winter-themed, so I'm hoping to make one block a month for a January-ish wall hanging for my mother. The blocks are 10" and the wall hangings are supposed to be about 30x40", so it should work out.

Obviously Mr. Snowman will be getting button eyes.

And Celtic Solstice is still a leader/ender project. I went back and forth on turning the chevrons to make a star, and not piecing the second block until I was really sure. But after seeing other people post their various versions, I'm sure I want the star. So here it is!