Rainbow Churn Dash - A Finished Quilt

  This, my friends, is it. The only quilt I will finish this year that's for me. And it is a doozy - big, bright, beautiful, and full of my favorite fabrics.

I like scrap quilts that incorporate lots of fabrics, like Skorca and Make It Do - but there's just something awesome about a single block where I can point to my favorites, over and over.

{That brown in the bottom left? Scraps from my epic Swoon quilt. The block next to it - the fantastic morning glories of my eighth grade graduation dress. The green sunflowers on the left is the first fabric I bought after my marriage to make a bed quilt. {And didn't. You're welcome, husband.} The green right above it is the border from the quilt I made for the Little Man's foster family.}

{Unfortunately, the wind really didn't want to cooperate with the photo session.}

This quilt was made during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2014 - four blocks a month of the chosen color {minus black} and an additional eight blocks to bring it up to a 7x8 layout.

I debated the sashing for a while, and ended up with a "dancing sashing" from Quiltville. I love it - adds just the right amount of movement, and the Priory Square fabric blends perfectly.

{That blue is my oldest fabric - I believe my mother made us dresses from it when I was in sixth grade or so. The pink plain is my backing from Bad Romance, my first quilt-along. The red - the only actually scrappy block - is some of the very last scraps I have of my adored Punctuation.}

The quilting is a very lazy clamshell - I planned to go back and add the second layer to make it an orange peel, but let's just say, without rulers, that looks terrible. I went back at home and added nearly invisible stitch-in-the-ditch along the sashing to stabilize it.

I realized that I rarely quilt anything big at home anymore, so CC does not have the joy of being completely in the way. Poor baby.

The wind was nice enough to give me a backing shot! It's a vintage sheet I bought in Oklahoma. Perfect size. It's never going to match anything, really, so I decided to just go for it.

And then the wind said, "Nope! We're done here!"

{That aqua is the focal fabric in my unfinished Celtic Solstice. The red to its right is a fabric both the Dude and I picked in an Oklahoma shop hop. The rainbow chevron is a scrap from a dear friend - the green below it is leftover from the quilt I made her daughter.}

And I, of course, don't have a bedroom worth staging in. Sigh.

{The top blue is from the border of the Punctuation quilt. The stripe below it is from one of my very first sewing projects, a horribly executed purse. The red is a Sandy Gervais Valentine's line.}

I bound it in the same Priory Square as the sashing - I considered something bolder, but in the end, soft won out. It looks amazing against the backing. I wonder if fabric designers ever look around for projects using their lines, and nod to themselves at the perfection. Because this quilt is perfection.


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WiP - Block by Block

  Ah, finally. Both kids are in school, and for two days a week, I have complete freedom...to go to the grocery store without getting the car cart. And to sew! I'm still working my way though several projects, one step at a time, and trying to resist the urge to start something new.

First up, the lovely Shivaun Place is a finished quilt, ready to be gifted to my sister-in-law for Christmas.

I made sure all the RSC'14 churn dashes had sashing, then I started sewing "four patches" of them together. I'm trying to make sure each four patch has a dark block so they will be evenly spaced in the end quilt.

Then I made the binding for the Halloween scrap quilt. It still needs to come off the zippers and get trimmed up, but it's moving along, so I'm happy.

I made a sheep for the Minecraft quilts. But only one, because I'm officially out of brown. I've reached the point where I need to put together an order to fill in the gaps in my solid stash.

And finally, I made the first of three blocks for my Lori Holt mini quilt swap. I'm doing fruits in mason jars. This is 3x6" - a lot of little pieces in a little block!

I'm hoping I can finish a lot of these projects up this week - I'm itching to start something new {from the to-be-finished-by-Christmas list, of course} - but I'm trying to be good.

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WiP - One More Day

  Just a few short more hours until school starts. For one, at least. The Little Man doesn't go back until next week - which is going to be fun when Brother goes off tomorrow and he doesn't. I'm sure I'll miss them eventually, but right now I just want to shove them out the door.

My productivity was up this week as I started to pull my brain out of the summer haze and do serious work on a project before flitting off to the next one. Don't worry - there's still way too many projects going on at once - I just made sure I finished one major step on each one before working on another.

The finish, of course, was this month's t-shirt quilt. Delivered, blogged, totally on schedule!

Then I made all the Not-Quite-Flower blocks and threw them on the design wall for a stewing period. They first went up the with strong reds on the outsides, but after moving this one here and that one there, I think I like this layout better. But not enough to commit and sash them up quite yet. Maybe a design wall isn't that helpful...

Then I pulled out my scrap solid bin and started the long process of piecing two Minecraft quilts. I'm approaching this one as a Block of the Week - I need 12 for the commission quilt and 16 for the Dude's quilt, with some block overlap. {Both want creepers. Obviously.} I'll tackle everything I can from the scrap bin before I have to order the rest of the fabric.

And finally on the piecing side, I decided on the dancing sashing for my churn dashes, so I slowly started them as leader/enders. It'll be interesting to see how it looks - it's not a setting I've ever done before.

My final project was getting this little doll quilt quilted and partially bound. My husband might be going to visit family this month, so I want to get some of the birthday and Christmas presents done to send with him. Saving shipping! Which means my binding list will finally be knocked down!

This little piece was made from the leftover cuttings from A Princess Picnic. Every princess needs a matching quilt for her dolly, right?

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WiP - T-shirts and UFOs

  Sewing work was a bit slow last week, as we had VBS in the mornings, and several afternoons I was just too darn tired to do anything else. I think our church holds VBS this "late" in the season to remind us what teachers are about to go through, and to be nicer to them. I know I will be.

One more week until school is in session around here, and I will have two days of complete freedom! You know, to go to the grocery store without having to get the car cart.

So stitching last week was limited to the t-shirt quilt, which was finished up for quilting on Saturday.

And now the binding is all prepped and it will be a finished quilt by Friday! The client wanted it to be a surprise, so no pictures lingering about the internet, just in case.

A photo posted by Kate (@katiemaequilts) on

I also quilted the Halloween scrap quilt, continuing the very subtle theme with pumpkins. Pumpkins are fun to quilt.

Then I worked on my Not-Quite-Flower blocks, not getting terribly far because some of the pieces I needed were buried in the debris from the great sewing room move. I finally unearthed the yardage and the last three should be finished up this week.

And then finally, during the move, I made stacks and stacks and stacks of UFOs. Once things were fairly settled {sort of}, I grabbed one - the RSC'14 - and got to work. The original plan for sashing and cornerstones involved extensive piecing - similar to the nine patch cornerstones about halfway down this page.

But that meant I had to cut a billion or so 1.5" strips from my scraps, and I kept putting it off. Plus, really, 3" sashing on 9" blocks is a little much, and there's so much color from the churn dashes anyway. So I scrapped the first plan and decided to go with plain old sashing - especially since I adore the sashing fabric anyway.

Of course, now, I'm debating the "dancing sashing" from Bonnie Hunter. Then I don't have to match up the short sashing seams across the looooooong sashing seams. And I don't have to cut long sashing, and pin long sashing, and basically, deal with long sashing. And it gives the churn dashes a bit more movement.

I don't have to make the decision for a few days - I've still got plenty of short sashing to sew - but if you have an opinion, feel free to share. Unless it's the extensive piecing sashing. Then your opinion doesn't count.

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WiP - Finishes

  I've been doing a lot of binding this week, and true to my contrary nature, this just makes me want to start a new project. So what if I have three near-finishes? I want to be piecing!

I managed to cure that - slightly - by piecing my Jack's Chain nine patches for February and March. Seems like a good way to do these - two months at a time and only drag out the box once.

And I finished MY LAST TWO CHURN DASHES! That's right, that's all of them. RSC'14, complete! Well, once I sash 'em...and quilt 'em...and bind 'em...but hey - blocks are at least half the battle, right?

And onwards to the finishes and near-finishes. My #rainbowminiswap is quilted, bound, and ready for hand-stitching and cleanup.

Rainbow Chevron is bound and ready for hand-stitching and cleanup.

My t-shirt quilt has the back panel stitched back in, and by now, has been re-quilted and is ready for cleanup.

In other words, I need to be doing some cleanup work. However much I'd rather just start a new project.

Somewhere along the way, I finished off the top I started on the Quilts of Valor sew day. I screwed up the setting somehow - the white/red squares were supposed to run top left to bottom right. But it still works.

This is based off a pattern from McCall's Quilting magazine, modified to fit the QOV requirements and the fact that I had a bunch of 2.5" strips. It's been handed off to my QOV coordinator and I probably won't see it again until it's presented to a veteran.

And the color palette for the week...isn't the prettiest. But the theme is home, and this is the view from my backyard. Well, not exactly my backyard - I went to get a quick picture, and of course, it's clouded over Mount Spokane. But normally, I can sit on my back porch and look at my mountains. And it's the mountains I miss when we're not living in Spokane.

Once my husband comes home from this deployment, it's time for us to start making the "where next?" list, and there's not a lot of mountains at the places he's mentioned. So I intend to spend this summer in my backyard, soaking up all the mountain time I can get.

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