A Slice of Life - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

And now, a t-shirt quilt that’s been in the making since 1981! Okay, maybe not exactly that long, but that’s when the first Pizza My Heart restaurant opened in California. My client steadily collected the t-shirts from each location, and following the latest opening in April, sent them along to me.

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

It was so nice of the chain to have 24 stores - they fit perfectly into a 4x6 layout! She requested the checkerboard frame sashing, and we fiddled with the size of the shirts to make the overall quilt square. The only request was to keep Capitola, the first store, in the top left. Other than that, I tried to mix up all the Sans and Los-es and Santas.

I was looking forward to matching the Kona to the logo because I figured it would be fun names, like Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, and Emo Teenager. Instead I got boring old Red, White, and Black. What a missed opportunity there.

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The requested quilting was loops and hearts - get it? Pizza My Heart? Just wait - it gets worse. She wanted to go all in on the theme, and I am definitely the one to ask to do that. Themes are my favorite pizza topping. (actually, I’m strictly a cheese girl.)

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The restaurants’ theme is surfing so naturally the backing is surfboards. And red surfboards, of course, to go with the logo.

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Oh, and yeah - she found an embroidered patch of a PIZZA WITH HEART PEPPERONI. Can it go on the label? Of course it can! And it’s named a Slice of Life, because…obviously.

Pizza My Heart T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Treasures of Your Life - a Finished Quilt

The last quilt of the year, and it’s a gorgeous memory for a sibling! Not mine, but a friend of my parents’. I know the friends, but not the sibling. But after resizing 90+ family photos, I’m pretty sure I know the sibling pretty well by now!

Treasures of Your Life - a Memory Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The client contacted me fairly soon after I finished Worked for Success - when I learned to print documents and photos on Spoonflower fabric. So I was able to say YES immediately, because I knew how to do this!

Treasures of Your Life - a Memory Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

92 photos! I split them in folders, horizontal and vertical, and resized them so they would come out approximately 7” on the longest side. Then everything was set with a 1” strip in between and 2” sashing strips. I measured and added some wider strips on the tops and bottoms of some rows so they all came out the same length. That made it extra collage-y!

The vast majority of the pictures printed exceptionally well on fabric. The pinkish one on the lower right hand size was even a picture of a scrapbook page, and it came out great!

Treasures of Your Life - a Memory Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The backing is QT Harmony Crocus and the sashing/binding, which you’ve seen before, is Dance of the Dragonflies by Kanvas. And I ordered enough to use it in yet another set of quilts coming up, so I hope you like this purple! (The sibling does, obviously. I even ordered a hibiscus shade of quilting thread.)

Treasures of Your Life - a Memory Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts


This was a really fun memory quilt to be a part of - and just goes to show, not all memories are t-shirts!

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Soccer Snuggles - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt

Last t-shirt quilt of the year! And for a total change, it’s not running shirts! Actually, I just checked, and running t-shirt quilts were the minority this year. What’s up, my running friends? Spending all your money on race fees? (I say as I have three races planned by April 2019.)

Soccer Snuggles - a T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Anyway! This lovely set of soccer shirts!

My client asked for the shirts to kind of cascade from her middle school/club/high school soccer days to college. Which wasn’t too hard to design - everything just about worked out in the right spot, and I had some UCONN filler fabric for one spot. Which I already had on hand, because my sister is a UCONN grad. (What, you don’t have fabric from every college your siblings went to?)

Soccer Snuggles - a T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The layout worked up a bit smaller (darn you, youth shirts!) so we added a border to bring it up to couch snuggle size. Which is, of course, the most important size.

The borders are Anthology batik ferns - wide back! I highly recommend using wide back for borders. No piecing!

Soccer Snuggles - a T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts
Soccer Snuggles - a T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Zav - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt

Finally, the second of two t-shirt quilts I sent off to Italy last month!

T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

This one is for the daughter of the Hawaii running lady, using lots of baby clothes. It was pretty…interesting to get the layout just right - and that red dress had me pretty terrified for a while!

T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

But I was able to cut everything just about the way I wanted, preserving full onesie designs like the blue Cat in the Hat, smocked dress details, and even jeans pockets!

T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

The front uses Kona White as sashing. The backing and binding are Quilt Fleur in gray. The quilting is just loops so I could easily steer around the raised designs.

T-Shirt Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Just Run - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt!

Finally! This quilt and next week’s finish had a long journey to Italy (to an APO address!), so although they were finished in October, it’s now time to share them.


There’s over 50 shirts in this one, and the runner did her own layout with shirts every which way and lots of partial seams. And lots of shirts that say Aloha!


And as always, they keep pushing the boundaries of what can go in a t-shirt quilt. This Kaua’i block is actually a grocery bag. And there was a canvas bag, but at least canvas attempts to act like fabric and doesn’t melt when you touch it with an iron. (Lesson learned - always go with the silicone pressing sheet if you’re not sure!)


Most of the shirts were from Hawaii races when she lived there with the military. Fun fact - we were both stationed in Spokane, but not at the same time. She was there in between our two assignments there.

It’s also nice to have an inside source on Hawaii half marathons, because my 40th birthday is next summer and that’s what my goal is. I mean, if I can find a race that works in between the kids’ school schedule and a potential move. (How are we already talking about potential moves? Military life, sheesh!)


The backing and binding is this gorgeous herringbone from Robert Kaufman. Seriously, this double-napped flannel is amazing. I could rub it against my face all day. In fact, I might have enough leftover to make an infinity scarf so I can do just that.

There’s also a few bits of Kona grays stuck in here and there as filler fabrics. Luckily after three Minecraft quilts, I have an endless supply of bits of Kona grays!