Modern Maples Table Runner - a Finished Mini!

You guys! I actually finished something! Well, a basic table runner made in one afternoon, but whatever.


I put the last binding stitches in just an hour before the spouse social it was gifted at, so I had no time to wait for good lighting or proper photos. {Let's be honest, the photos wouldn't be much better if I had.}

The social was "Your Favorite Things" - like lip gloss, tea, etc. Well, my favorite things are fabric and thread. And cats, but my husband said I couldn't bring a kitten. So I made a Thanksgiving-ish table runner with four Modern Maple quilt blocks.


Used four pieces of fall fabric from my stash, leftover background from Shivaun Place, a big chunk of very old sunflower fabric for the back, and bound it in the fabric on the left-most leaf. It went home with the commander's wife, so I'm pleased.


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Halloween Hexagon - A Mini Finish!

Just another little finish - as I find things while unpacking, I've been putting binding on them. Shocking, really, how that moves projects along! I had this sitting by the couch and the first Harry Potter movie borrowed from the library, so binding was easy and fun.


It's the same fabric as the table runner, made from the leftover 60º wedges. It's not quite a true hexagon, as the top and bottom are somewhat longer than the sides, but it's still a cute table topper!


Same orange backing, same black binding, same loopy quilting.


Halloween Table Runner - a Mini Finish

On Monday, my mother texted me and asked if I had any holiday-ish things that she could buy as a hostess gift for next week. Of course! I have four {unfinished} Halloween table runners, two {unfinished} Halloween hexagons, a {unfinished} Christmas table runner, {actually finished!} Fourth of July pillows...


So she ordered a Halloween table runner, and I quickly stitched down binding while watching Tom, I mean, Kong Skull Island.

It was pieced over two years ago, I think, so I have no idea what the fabric might have been. The pattern is Triangle Frenzy. They are exceptionally easy to piece - hence why I have a whole bunch laying around in various stages of completion. 


The backing is just some orange-y stuff from Joann's. And I tried to take a better picture of my label, but it's shiny and the light was bouncing off it. I still have to find a good spot for pictures in the new house. At least I have a nice wooden fence for quilt backdrops!


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Fourth of July Hexagons - a Finished Mini

  This was an accidental finish! I made Mother's Day gifts and realized that I can't post about them before Mother's Day like I had scheduled. So I scrambled around looking for something to quick finish, because a Friday without a finish is sad! In my hanging rack of bits and pieces, I found these. Timely! Already quilted! Perfect!

I have no idea when I made or quilted these. I think I gave the long version to my mother for, um, last Mother's Day? Apparently I never blogged about it, so... Luckily I had plenty of time yesterday to stitch the binding down, as we raced from school to tennis match...and sat around...then to a district wide concert...and sat around...

Basic blue dots for the backing, a fake-bias stripe for the binding. And I used my new little labels! I ordered them from Tagtopia on Etsy. A wonderful shop to work with - I didn't really know what I needed, and she walked me through the whole process.

Of course, Miss CC was there for the photo shoot. Always helpful, that one.

Approximately 18" wide {from flat side to flat side, not point to do you measure a hexagon anyway?}

Pattern: Easy Striped Table Runner {the leftover pieces!}

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Bad Romance Table Runner - Finished!

  Ooh, so - look at this! A holiday thing done in time for the holiday!


If you ignore the fact that these are scraps from Bad Romance, which was finished in 2012. {Which, also, was started in January 2011...}


And it was quilted three years ago when I was just starting at the longarm....which definitely shows. {What was I thinking? This obviously should have been cross hatched!!}


But hey, I finally put on the binding, so... It's doing its job, covering up the spot on the table where the Little Man enthusiastically overshot the paper with markers. With holiday flair!